Greece frustrates me a bit. I watched him for quite sometime from Egypt's window. He stood outside, just behind the range of the patio roof, in the rain.

"Greece!" I shouted down at him. The Greek didn't respond right away. When I shouted again, he finally looked up. I could see him frown, wondering why I was in Egypt's room. I didn't even really know.

"'Yer gonna catch a cold!" I shouted at him. His expression set into a glare. What? I was just looking out for his health. It wasn't my fault he was easily irritated. I pushed away from the window and set out to go downstairs.

By the time I was down there, Greece had settled back into staring at the sky again. He was singing, voice changing in tune with the raindrops that hit the ground. What was so utterly fascinating about the rain that he had to stand out there and make himself sick with it? He was sitting by that time, paying no attention to me as I crept up behind him. I was mildly surprised he was still there- it had taken me sometime to work my way down to ground level. He simply sat there, singing. It was an interesting tune, I would admit. He was singing in Greek, so I didn't even try to pretend I knew what was being said. When I got close, I noticed he didn't even have his eyes open, just allowing the wet drops to slip down his face. I knew he'd get a cold at that rate. Then he'd be even more useless than he was. Was he stupid?

I finally broke from the interest in his singing and slipped closer to the Greek. I ran my fingers along his cheek and jaw, and finally pressing a kiss to just under his ear. He finally stopped singing, and those aquamarine eyes locked onto me. I couldn't quite guess what he was thinking. It looked like a mix of annoyance and something else I couldn't quite pin. He didn't say anything, but just got up, and walked off. Then, I was the one left in the rain, probably to earn myself a cold as the water soaked through my robes.

AN: Makes more sense if you read 'Lullaby' by Aeronaut-Dreamer on DeviantArt. It's supposed to be a reply.