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Morgana Macabre paced back and forth in her living room she was so upset that she didn't realize that the divan, low table, and several of the comfortable overstuffed stools as well as the other furniture in the room was moving rapidly from one side of the room to the other to avoid being in her path. Archie crooned to her in the hopes that he could calm her a bit but other than caressing him absently as he crouched at the neckline of her bodice, she didn't seem to notice his efforts at all. Her control was slipping but since she was exhausted there wasn't a lot of evidence of her troubles outside the house which Archie had decided to count as a blessing of sorts.

Usually, her temper would manifest in unnatural displays of weather or the need to lash out and scream at whatever had upset her so…but this was situation not anything remotely ordinary and Morgana was struggling to cope and so were her familiars. There was a strident knock on the front door and the unexpected noise made her start in surprise and since she was already tired, a little dizzy and off balance from pacing restlessly all morning she lost her balance.

She DID keep Squeek and Archie safely cradled in her arms and Eek fluttered anxiously from her hair so none of the familiars were endangered by the fall, but that left Morgana with no way to catch herself. Eek did try to grab at her dress to try and keep her upright but it was a losing batter for the poor bat.

Fortunately the divan was able to scuttle forward and catch her as she fell but what really scared her and her familiars wasn't her near fall, it was the fact that none of the house's defenses had warned them that someone was approaching the front door. Just then the knocker's distinctive voice sounded in the room saying, 'I regret having to keep the door shut Elder Mintaka truly. The Mistress is most distressed but I am sure she will let you in now that she knows you are here.'

The smooth, cultured voice of Mintaka answered, "My dear guardian…I am well aware of the situation. The ether here is boiling over with chaotic energy patterns; Grimm and I are quite willing to be patient."

Grimm was crouched beside his chosen and added privately to the senior mage, 'We should be grateful for small blessings chosen. If Morgana had a little more energy we would be seeing a micro storm and most likely be soaked as well as having to dodge lightning and deal with gale force winds. Morgana never does anything by halves.'

Mintaka agreed with this assessment but honestly, knowing that Morgana was still so spent and unanchored bothered him far more than the thought of having to expend some of his energy to avoid a soaking. Morgana gave a gasp and swiftly gestured so that the doorknocker would let Mintaka in. She tried to get up off the divan to greet him properly, but she was so frazzled that she couldn't get her balance in time to rise from the divan. Grimm and Mintaka stepped inside and Grimm slid under her arm to steady her purring reassuringly.

Mintaka spoke gently, "Calmly Morgana, just breathe and everything else will fall into place."

Mintaka was very concerned at the imbalance in the energy levels of her aura but physically at least she seemed fine, although her concentration was spotty at best. Grimm quietly siphoned off a little of her nerves and fed some energy to Eek, Squeek and Archie without mentioning anything to them. Being separated from Drake was very challenging for them, and Grimm figured the least he could do was lend morale support and a mental pat on the back as well as a helping paw.

The senior familiar figured that as long as he was subtle, and Archie, Eek and Squeek didn't mind; his help wouldn't count as being too meddlesome; particularly since he and Mintaka were not planning on leaving the youngsters alone for the next few days. Lucidia was also planning to take them in hand for a bit but the situation held more than just Morgana and Drake so they were dividing the problems into manageable bits.

The last thing Morgana's familiars needed was to lose confidence and Mossie was right as usual, until Drake and Morgana were formally joined and living together this whole situation was a tricky balancing act especially given the intense pressure they were all under. Grimm reflected gratefully that at least Mintaka and Lucidia were sensible about sharing their energy and problems as well as their triumphs. He concentrated for a moment and sent a message to the tea set in Morgana's kitchen so there would be a hot drink ready, then all Mintaka would have to do is summon the tea and have the china serve.

Taking her hand Mintaka added with a wink, "hopefully without your falling again as well…."

He swept his cloak off his shoulders and wrapped Morgana in it's folds while he summoned the tea Grim had prepared. "We will not leave Drake or the children bereft, Granny and Nero have even decided to house sit for you while we stay in Duckburg until after the Normals finish prosecuting that creature."

He sighed a little and the distaste on his beak was all too evident as he said encouragingly, "From what Grimm and I can gather, this whole legal process should be over very soon and that is a good thing."

Patting Morgana's hand and offering the teacup he added in a fatherly manner, "We would have been far swifter of course, but we have to respect their ideas of justice what with the principals involved being Normals and all. Since they don't have the same senses that we do it's vital to them to prove things their own way; especially since we are just adjusting to their culture and learning how to blend in enough to be accepted now."

Feeling much better, Morgana started to ask about the restoration project but Mintaka didn't give her the chance to get worked up again by thinking of those things. Instead he made sure she was drinking her tea and as she calmed down; the house and it's surrounding lot settled back down magically as well.

Pleased at this, Mintaka continued speaking briskly, "Now then, Lucidia and I have looked over Drake's home and I have to agree with you. There is no way we can let Drake, Launchpad or little Gosalyn move back into their house with THAT sort of aura in the place. I'll be sure and include the Muddlefoot's house in our cleansing too so you don't have to worry about spending any of your energy on that."

Grimm grumbled deep in his chest and added quietly to Eek, Squeek and Archie, 'And the creature that disrupted their house didn't just corrupt the aura and violate their sense of security and safety. He ruined most of their clothes and personal items too. The Muddlefoot's house and possessions are in even worse shape, but there isn't a whole lot we can do about their possessions just now….'

Archie agreed, 'The Muddlefoot's are all in a bad way. But Honker has Fenrick and Drake had shouldered the responsibility of the adults fairly well."

Squeek added anxiously, 'he has even offered to help with the older boy. But that youngster has so much anger inside, and he resents that his parents couldn't protect them and that Honker's confession triggered all this…."

The large, vaguely lynx shaped Kin growled with outrage in the mindscape and finished, 'I know, but there is little we can do for him. The youngest Muddlefoot is NOT to blame for any of this but…the older boy must have SOMEONE to blame and Honker has always filled that role far too well.'

Archie added quietly, 'according to what Morgana told Lucidia, the adults are hoping that sports and school will offer outlets for all the children once they are rid of the burden of that creature and begin to heal.'

Grimm sighed and finished their conversation on as positive a note as he could, 'Mintaka and I have finished the outfits for Drake, Gosalyn and little Honker, we made sure that the clothes look perfectly Normal so that they will be comfortable and no one will look twice at them because of their appearance. We also bartered one of the glass decanters we create to get a new jacket enchanted for Launchpad. It looks like his other one that he wears all the time but the special added enhancements will protect him from far more than cold and wind.'

Encouraged, despite Morgana's distress; all three of her Kin crooned gratefully to Grim who turned his attention a little more outward to catch the rest of Mintaka's attempt at soothing Morgana. The trial had been particularly stressful so far for everyone concerned and Morgana and Drake were having a great deal of difficulty coping since Honker's mother had collapsed after hearing the testimony from Tank and Honker and understood that this wasn't a one time occurrence.

Even the lawyer that was representing the accused creature that had attacked the Muddlefoot's appeared to be feeling the strain. He had nearly lost his composure at Frank Muddlefoot's courtroom statements about wanting to 'provide' for his nephews and particularly their mother once Herb finished dying and that had been the final straw for Mrs. Muddlefoot.

Binkie Muddlefoot's collapse yesterday had in fact been the reason the judge had cleared the courtroom of all the observers and media and since the victims were minors he had put a gag order in place before the trial had even commenced. But the boys had needed the emotional support of Drake and Launchpad so they had stayed while Morgana had taken Gosalyn out for some air. She hadn't wanted to leave her best friend, but Gosalyn was smart enough to understand that causing a scene by objecting would cause the judge to bar her from the room completely.

Unfortunately the overeager reporters and the peculiar subspecies called paparazzi had ruined her only dress when they had cornered her and Morgana in the park. Several S.H.U.S.H. agent's had broken cover and rescued the reporters and completely confiscated all their equipment and them. Morgana HAD changed them back almost immediately once First Agent Grizzlikof had insisted that they were going to be much more vigilant from now on but…the whole incident had taken a toll on everyone.

In honesty, Grimm was of the opinion that actually seeing a powerful Mage-born wielding power had actually been a good thing for the agents and Grizzlikof had actually been pleased at finally seeing something he referred to as a 'pudding incident' first hand. But having to restore the reporters had embarrassed Morgana and she had seized the opportunity to return to her home in St. Canard instead of remaining in Duckburg with the Mallard family and the Muddlefoot children.

Morgana always kept a little of the restorative that Lucidia regularly made in a pocket of her dress, but the tiny vial had only held enough of a dose to revive the now frighteningly delicate housewife for a few minutes after Binkie had fainted in the courtroom. Morgana had intended to return immediately with a little more of the potion in hopes that another small dose would enable Binkie to hold up under the strain since the poor woman wanted to stay with her children.

However, the mage-born sorceress had fallen prey to her own brand of weakness and so had been forced to remain in her home in St. Canard until another Mage-born could help her rebalance her energy and settle her nerves since Drake was stuck in Duckburg. The Macabre's would have come en masse but that might have cased Morgana more distress than it eased which was why Mintaka had come here while Lucidia continued to work out the other aspects of the situation.

He and Lucidia were by now fairly comfortable with traveling to and from St. Canard, since they had been doing so regularly since Council-head Bellarmine had opened formal, clandestine relations with the Normal government here. They were also very like parent figures to both Morgana and to a lesser extent Drake which made them far better suited than most of the other Macabre's as far as being authority figures for both of them and getting them all to take care of their needs; at least that was the plan.

Mintaka and Lucidia also knew how to act and react to keep the Normal's comfortable even when they had to use their magic. This being the case, they had acted swiftly to help Morgana when word of her problems reached them through their Kin. The two older mage-born had been coming and going to the Normal Realm and the Monster Realm unobtrusively for weeks ever since the end of May and were acting as contacts between Council-head Bellarmine and S.H.U.S.H. on behalf of both ruling bodies ever since that whole Dark Adept mess had been wrapped up.

Lucidia had remained on Avian Way to finish setting up the first round of cleansing spells; mostly because she had already decided to take on Drake and the rest of the stubborn Normals in Duckburg once Mintaka got Morgana settled back there and she wanted to save all the objecting and arguing for then so as to deal with it all at once. But as usual that didn't mean she had left anything to chance, Mintaka pulled a clean beaker out of the kitchen and materialized it just above his hand. After catching the cup, he poured a generous measure of Lucidia's dark red, and cloyingly sweet, energizing syrup into the container and made Morgana drink it before allowing her to get up.

In his considered opinion, Morgana had been pushing herself far too much particularly in the past several days. He knew that Mrs. Muddlefoot had been forbidden from attending anymore of the trial and taken away by the team of doctors led by Sarah Bellum from S.H.U.S.H. and Morgana had been trying to do as much as possible to help especially with things like trying to gather up enough outfits and personal items for the Mallards and the Muddlefoots since most of their stuff was destroyed or confiscated as evidence.

Old Scrooge McDuck had opened his home to the extended family of Mallard and Muddlefoot but he hadn't really been prepared for the nuts and bolts of adding so many to his household for more than a day or two and the Billionaire's frugal nature meant that it hadn't been a seamless transition even after the shortfalls had been figured out. Drake in particular had felt the strain of having to accept so much from Mr. McDuck and even though little Webbigail had been unflaggingly generous in offering Gosalyn her clothes; the two young girl ducks weren't exactly interchangeable as far as size and definitely had major differences as far as taste in styles.

This was one of the reason's why Mintaka had decided to interfere with more than just mage matters. He had gotten quite an earful from Grimm just after the group had moved temporarily to a hotel in Duckburg and then been moved to the McDuck estate when the media had become a security problem. It seemed that he and Grimm had finished their textile work just in time, now all they had to do was get Morgana settled and reunite her with Drake. Lucidia was planning on taking over the lead in their personal affairs least for a bit; while Mintaka kept an eye on the media.

He and Grimm had more experience with Normal's media technology and personnel than Lucidia or her familiars. They had also learned to recognize the types of people who fed off the frenzy the photos and other memorabilia associated with this sort of thing created; so they had come up with a few ideas to control some of the likely outcomes to protect their people.

Keeping this in mind, Mintaka continued soothingly, "Lucidia has the suit Drake needs and an outfit for Honker and I have Gosalyn's new outfit all ready so don't fret yourself dear. You go freshen up and then we'll meet them in Duckburg."

Morgana managed an embarrassed nod and went to get ready. She had managed to portal back here last night but her energy had fluctuated dangerously and she hadn't gotten any sleep or even rest since she had been stuck here away from Drake and the others. Eek had kept them all balanced and Archie had insisted that Drake and Gosalyn were fine back in Duckburg; but that had been small comfort to the distraught Morgana.

Squeek HAD tried to keep a mirror connection open so that Morgana could reassure Drake, and they had indeed exchanged a few words before Squeek had been forced to let the connection go. He had been very weak afterward and Morgana had placed an emergency call to her Aunt just before the Spell Chain at her throat had tingled vigorously and she had collapsed. Aunt Lucidia had arrived almost immediately, and had closely monitored the healing spell and the rest of the Chain's workings while keeping watch at Morgana's bedside along with Envy and Mintaka.

Once Morgana had awakened, Lucidia had observed Morgana's emotional state and promptly decided that she wasn't to be left alone OR build any portal spells on her own until after this whole mess was taken care of. Envy had returned to the Monster Realm to inform the family and Monoculo had retreated to the Family Haven.

Mintaka had rallied the rest of the castle residents and then gone to his workroom to finish young Gosalyn's surprise gift, this was a tunic style dress with a folded turtleneck collar in a soft lilac purple to replace her semi-formal pink dress that had been ruined by her run in with the reporters.

Gosalyn DID have a black dress that actually looked quite fetching, and she had worn it to the courtroom yesterday but after Mrs. Muddlefoot's collapse; and Honkers tearful reaction she hadn't been comfortable in it. Grizzlikof had quietly explained that such attire was usually reserved for funerals and other solemn occasions and so Mintaka had decided that a more positive color would be good for everyone who saw her as well as lifting Gosalyn's spirits.

Lucidia had nearly had a fit about Monoculo's behavior, Morgana needed the support of her clan and kin at a time like this! Morgana needed to stay with Drake, but…since that strange incident where those reporters had tried to force an interview with Gosalyn and overrun the court ordered security surrounding the hospital where Binkie had been sequestered, the rest of the Normals involved needed looking after too. Lucidia wasn't the only Macabre to have decided that they were taking no more unnecessary chances with Morgana and her loved ones but until Lord Macabre came out of the family haven…that was going to have to wait.

Lucidia was scheduled to have a little 'chat' with her dear brother and Mintaka admitted to himself, very quietly; that as much as he loved his mate he wouldn't want to be in Monoculo's shoes for anything when that happened…. Putting that issue aside for now, Mintaka waited until Morgana finished the restorative and then handed her another cup of tea. Just as they finished their tea, both Mintaka and Morgana felt a portal spell activate.

Then the distinctive cackle of Granny Macabre sounded through the house as she demanded, "Nero, put down that sandwich and set up my cauldron in the potion pantry!"

Hurrying from the hallway with the portal doors Granny rushed into the living room and said, "Now then Morgana don't you concern yourself with the house OR your father. The clan is behind you, those poor children need you AND your young duck. Normal born or not it makes no difference to us, now."

She tucked a hanky in Morgana's hand that was wrapped around what felt like something that was bouncing trying to escape the confines of the cloth. Proudly Granny admitted, "My last batch of jumping beans came out just fine and I thought that you might need something to distract the children with while you spend some quality time with that young Drake or Dark or whatever you call him."

Granny turned a gimlet stare on Mintaka as his beak dropped open and demanded, "Well!? What are you waiting for? Yule? The portal is already energized; Clyde and Blobby insisted on helping and if you don't get Morgana back where she belongs they will bring Sigmund with them and I'll make YOU mop up after him.".

She snorted and muttered as she hurried them along, "Men have no sense of timing…hasn't Lucidia taught you anything?"

Grimm snickered in his chosen's head as they were all hurried along the hallway and Granny opened the door next to the one that usually led to Castle Macabre. Granny gathered herself and opened the door and there in the arch was the estate of Scrooge McDuck. Surrounding the gate was a large contingent of people all yelling and shoving rudely as large water filled balloons soared over the fence and hit various reporters soaking them and their equipment.

Seeing them Granny snorted and said, "You'll have to adjust this closer Mintaka, I haven't the familiarity or the permission to violate his property and I don't want any of those busybodies to interfere with Morgana."

Morgana gasped, "Drake," and gestured to the door and all three of her familiars hummed while the image in the doorway changed to show a well appointed bedroom and Drake Mallard looking at himself in a large mirror. He was dressed in a shirt, tie and suit jacket that he had borrowed from Fenton Crackshell. It was far too long and hung awkwardly on her handsome mallard.

The fact that it was a bit worn and wrinkled did nothing for it's appearance either and they heard Fenton's voice saying doubtfully, "I donno Drake maybe you'd be better off borrowing a formal tartan and kilt from Mr. McDuck after all. My old suit hangs on you almost as badly as Gyro's did and with all those reporters butting in; you don't want to appear as though you can't afford to take care of Honker. Judges notice things like that and I STILL say you should let me get you my new suit."

Drake shook his head stubbornly and objected, "I appreciate all that you and Gyro have done Fenton. And I am already accepting too much from Mr. Scrooge. I really need to try and get my investigation back on track for him too. His deadline isn't until September but I've barely scratched the surface in breaking down the false corporations and I AM NOT taking your good suit. You need that for the dress rehearsal and meeting with the wedding planners and…."

Their discussion was cut short as Mintaka, Grimm, Morgana and her familiars stepped out of the closet accompanied by a wild and eerie laugh that sent chills down their spines and made Launchpad slam the door shut with a wince. The lanky pilot was dressed in his usual aviators outfit minis his jacket and was carrying what looked like a pile of plaid cloth over his arm.

Launchpad saw Morgana and her group and his expression lightened as a slight grin graced his bill and his expressive eyes warmed with gladness upon seeing them, "It looks like we'd better make ourselves scarce Fenton. Morgana will have Drake straightened out soon enough. Drake that lawyer Mr. Tweeter needs you downstairs once you get yourselves organized. He says he needs to go over the paperwork with you and Morgana before we go to the courthouse today."

Both Fenton and Launchpad left, Launchpad leaving the pile of clothing heaped on the bed as Mintaka started to say something to the pilot who paused courteously to listen. "Launchpad,"

Mintaka offered, "I know you usually wear a jacket and yours was damaged in the confusion yesterday so I took the liberty of getting you another one."

Mintaka smiled reassuringly at Drake who was clearly gathering himself to say something as the Senior mage calmly pulled Drake's new clothes out of the closet, as well as the leather pilot's jacket along with the dress for Gosalyn and the little suit for Honker.

Mintaka continued briskly, giving none of the others a chance to object as he hurried Launchpad and Fenton from the room, "Here you are Drake, just try this on for size right behind that changing screen and Morgana dear, you just help him adjust the fit of the tie and button the shirt properly and I'll have a nice visit with Launchpad and the children until you are done with…Mr. Tweeter wasn't it Launchpad?"

Launchpad managed a dazed nod as he slipped an arm into the jacket and Fenton was gently ushered along out into the hallway by Grimm. Drake was already preening Morgana's feathers under her bill and whispering endearments while Squeek crooned from his place in the sling. Drake had completely forgotten about his conversation with Fenton and Morgana for her part felt whole again as she and Drake connected mentally as well as physically. There were too many demands on their time and resources for them to indulge too long, but a few minutes were better than none.

Eek fluttered around them and Archie wound several yards of webbing around them to keep them together. The threesome of familiars was already recovering their equilibrium but they were taking no chances with Drake and Morgana this time. Morgana's reaction to all this emotional turmoil was a little more severe than they had anticipated, but it was Drake's emotional overload after Morgana and Gosalyn had been cornered in the park that had triggered the crisis and the familiars were determined to head off another episode before it could start.

A little while later Drake Mallard entered the downstairs study and found Scrooge McDuck at his desk speaking to Mr. Tweeter from the legal department of S.H.U.S.H.. Scrooge didn't comment on the dark blue suit with it's contrasting sky blue shirt that Drake now wore. Nor did he raise an eyebrow at the matching patterned silk tie that Drake was clearly having to make an effort not to fiddle with self-consciously. Scrooge knew workmanship and he understood that someone with serious resources had decided that Drake needed looking after and outfitting.

That suit was far more expensive than anything Drake had agreed to try on until now and Scrooge was betting that those relatives of Morgana's were behind it since he hadn't made any real headway with Drake. Seeing the results of their meddling, Scrooge had to admit that he was glad of the results. The suit was custom made and tailored, but it wasn't ostentatious and it somehow fitted the nervous mallard in it without drawing attention to his suddenly upgraded wardrobe.

Instead of making Drake even more uncomfortable than he obviously was, Scrooge jumped out of his seat and offered graciously, "Morgana lass…why don't you have a seat and I'll ring for Duckworth to bring you a little something while Drake finishes looking over those papers?"

Scrooge gestured to a small table and two armchairs by the fireplace and then said to Drake, "I'm glad to see that you found something suitable lad. I'll go check on me boys and little Webby and you can use the buzzer on the edge of my desk to signal Duckworth once you three are finished with the refreshments."

Just then Duckworth came in wheeling a serving tray and Mr. Tweeter took the opportunity to ready his presentation and waited while the Billionaire and Duckworth left. He was gratified to see that nether of the ducks in front of him bothered with the refreshments, instead they both sat in the armchairs and listened attentively as Tweeter began, "I have here several papers that were filed with a colleague of mine in St. Canard. These are powers of attorney and living will documents turning legal guardianship of Honker Muddlefoot over to you Drake. They have also named you as a potential caregiver Miss Macabre and should anything happen to either of you then Mr. Launchpad McQuack is listed as next in line. They have also mentioned that you have control over their money and expenses and I have drawn up several papers I need you both to initial that will cover paying the mortgage on their house and car as well as handling the purchase of some personal items for Honker."

Drake felt his bill drop open as Tweeter continued doggedly, "Tank is to be given over to Binkie's Mother and her husband. And a small allowance is provided for him as well as covering some of the expense involved in transferring the boys to their new homes. Unfortunately, from what I have been allowed to see of the finances; Mr. Muddlefoot doesn't carry a large balance in his accounts but there is a trust fund whose interest can be accessed in accordance with this addendum that was drawn up and witnessed today."

"As soon as they can be reached Joanna and Artimus Spoonbill will be brought up to speed and you are authorized to inform them as little or as much as you wish. According to this, If they or a Trudy Webfoot are unavailable; The Muddlefoot's asked if you would consider taking their older son in as well."

Mr. Tweeter shuffled the documents and indicated where they were to be signed and initialed and continued sympathetically, "They Do seem to have grasped the hardship it would be to take on Tank with your, well…other obligations Drake. My counterpart Mr. Johnson was a bit muddled by their obscure references to your night job and such when he drew up these papers. But the meaning is clear, evidently they address your work quite succinctly without actually stating anything Mr. Mallard. And in the event that you are unable to take Tank in they leave his care to your discretion. As well as giving you deciding vote on their health care."

Clearing his throat and observing the now stunned look on Drake's face Mr. Tweeter decided to finish as much of the briefing as he could before Drake interrupted and continued, "Of course this was all prior to their knowing about their other available resources but still we should present these to the judge as soon as he opens court so he can look over everything before the weekend. I should mention that the trust fund should only be accessed as a last resort since it is intended for educational purposes and it's main income at the moment is derived from a combination of your Watchdog software and a diverse portfolio of investments that I cannot divulge until after Honker has been in your care for at least twelve months."

Drake asked numbly, "When were those papers from the Muddlefoots drawn up?"

Glancing at the beginning of the sheaf of paperwork, since that wasn't actually what Mr. Tweeter had expected to be the first question Drake asked. He replied gently, "Almost seven months ago. They appear to have had all this ready since just before Christmas of this year."

Drake winced and said, "they knew, all this time and I never thought that…."

Morgana kissed him and offered, "they understand why you didn't admit things to them Drake."

Just them there was a large crash and Scrooge McDuck's distinct Scottish accent was heard as the slap of webbed feet and the thunder young ducks up to mischief and running from the trouble reverberated through the stout door.

"Now then Lads, I expect better from you than that. Those reporters are an annoyance but…."

All three of Scrooge's nephews burst into the study followed by their great uncle who looked a little winded but by no means finished with his scolding. Huey, Dewy and Louie were all carrying large model sling shots and quickly hid them behind their backs upon realizing that the other adults were in the room. Drake shook himself out of his daze and silently held out a hand and sheepishly all three nephews surrendered their weapons.

Drake handed them to Scrooge and asked, "Dare I hope that soaking the reporters outside the fence wasn't Gosalyn's idea?"

Huey looked mutinous and said, "We aren't stool pigeons Mr. Mallard."

Louie admitted carefully as Scrooge looked ready to begin his tirade anew, "It was our idea to try and make them back off. Every time we get Gos or Honker to lighten up a little they but in yelling and trying to take pictures. And Gos…"

Dewy flushed angrily and added," She's in the kitchen with Mrs. Beakley and she won't even try and convince Honker to come out of the library. He hasn't turned a page of that encyclopedia for at least ten minutes and …."

At this Drake interrupted, "I appreciate the thought fellas, really."

Morgana offered, "Honker doesn't know about all this Drake. I'll go to him and you see to Gosalyn and we'll go together to the courtroom. Hopefully this will be finished soon."


Franklin Muddlefoot stared out the tiny window of the armored transport as it took him from the courtroom in Duckburg to his new home in the tri-state maximum security prison. He had expected that slimy Beagle to handle things better than this, the judge had sentenced him to two life sentences without parole for trafficking in pornographic materials with minors as content and for the assault of Francis Jr. and Honker.

He snorted in disgust and tried in vain to adjust the manacles chaining his wrists to his waist. That wasn't even taking into account the charges against him for poisoning that fool Herb who hadn't even had the decency to up and DIE from it. That trial was to be held in St. Canard and Barrister had been confident that that trial was going to be easier to control. He had also promised to set appeals in motion for him to apply for parole eventually but that wasn't the point! As soon as he had been sentenced, Frank had set his insurance policy in motion and now he was just going to have to be patient. Fortunately he was used to being taking the long view….


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