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Dean continued to sick further and further into the addiction for a number of months, until late one night or maybe it was day, Dean couldn't really tell anymore, at the end of the laneway he was lying in, dean saw his dead brother, it wasn't the first time, but this time was different, slowly Sam moved towards him, a strange glow surrounding him.

"You're not here, you can't be real." Dean murmured as he looked up at his brother's form. "You died."

"I am here and I am very real, Dean. I am sorry that I left you alone, I couldn't just leave that guy there to be beaten to death, but just because I am gone, it doesn't mean that you should be trying to kill yourself with drugs, I died so that you could live, so that you could save lives. I haven't really left you Dean, you just haven't been looking, Dean, please just stop this, stop hurting yourself, trying to kill yourself. Please get your life back, for me."

Dean was silent for a long while before he said. "Okay, Sam. I'll stop using, for you."

Sam offered Dean a peaceful smile, before turning back towards the entrance he had come from.

"Hey wait! You're leaving?! You can't leave, I need you." Dean called out disbelievingly.

Sam turned back towards Dean. "I am not leaving you, I will never leave you. No matter what, I will be here for you, just out of sight sometimes."

Suddenly Sam was gone, and Dean was back in the backseat of the impala. What the hell?! Dean thought, he must have been hallucinating.

But then Sam was there again. "I am still here and you aren't hallucinating, Dean. I will always be here for you."

Three months later Dean walked out of rehab, clean and sober, to where John was waiting for him, sitting on the hood of the impala.

Seeing his son, John quickly went to greet him, and as he reached Dean, he embraced warmly in a fatherly way. "I'm proud of you, son."

"You too, Dad." Dean said genuinely, and he meant it, John was going on sixty days sober, and with Sam's spirit guiding him all the way, and Dean too, they were determined and on their way to getting their lives back together, for Sam.

The End.

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