Hello ^O^ Im AkatsukiMemberWoolfy (sort of figured .) … Anyway, I wanted to do a new fan fiction story. There gonna be more than one chapter ^-^ The plot- Deidara is sent to a special school for people with disorders and odd things eg- Deidara's hand mouths

Anyway all the characters are 17-19 years old

Disclaimer- I do not own the characters of Naruto, If I did Akatsuki would rule the world, Sasori would kill Sakura and Deidara would kill Sasuke then there would be a smut scene . Yeah…Read on if you want.


"Iwa Deidara?"

The blonde boy stood up from the seat and walked to the front desk.

"I'm Deidara, un."

"You're in room 5 section A. You have to wear this cloak to specify what section your in." the lady behind the register held up a black cloak with red and white clouds on, a room key sitting on top of it. Deidara took the uniform and slipped it over his usual clothes, dropping the key into one of the two inside pockets. He didn't say thank you or even ask for directions to his section of the dorms. He was at a new school. Not a normal school. It was more like an institution for the freaks of nature. His parents had dumped him there this morning, even his parents didn't want a freak with mouths on their hands. It was the kind of school where you get arranged into dorms. He was in the A section which had a cloud as a logo. The other sections were K, which had a leaf symbol, S which had a Gourd as a symbol, L which had a lightning bolt as a symbol, G which had grass as a symbol, and so on.

Deidara walked around the white painted hallways. There was the odd person here and there but they all wore different cloaks than him, which meant they were from different house groups. Some of them whispered amongst their friends when they saw what cloak Deidara was wearing, making the blonde blush a bit at their devious smiles, as if they knew something he didn't.

"Excuse me?" Deidara turned around, there stood a girl with blonde hair and a K section cloak.

"What room number are you in?"

"Room 5, section A." The girl giggled and ran off to her friend with pink hair. Deidara saw them whisper, giggle and look at him. Deidara heard them say the name "Sasori" before he left the hallway. The hallway he had entered was empty. He walked down the corridor, looking out at the large window as he did. He saw a door which opened onto a large balcony. Deidara stopped. On the balcony stood someone wearing the same cloak as himself. That meant they were in A section!! Deidara opened the door leading to the balcony, the person turning to face him as he did so. It was a guy with red hair which waved in the wind. A trail of smoke lead from a cigarette in his hand as he stared at the blonde with Emotionless eyes.

Sasori's POV

Sasori stared at the new comer, examining the blonde and the cloak the blonde wore as he did so. He put the cigarette down into the ash tray. So, this boy was going to be his new room mate? Sasori had said several times that he didn't want to share a room, but they kept bringing in new people. The last person they sent in was probably still in the hospital.

"Ah, sorry to bother you, sempai, I was wondering if you could show me the A block dorms, un?"

Did the boy just call him Sempai? And what was with the un? Sasori chuckled in his mind. This boy wasn't going to last a week. Sasori smirked at the blonde and circled him to get a better look.

"So, they are accepting transvestites now?" He chuckled at the blondes flushed face.


"Really?" Sasori stopped circling and looked closely at the blondes face, making the blonde in turn step back a bit.

"So what makes you a freak of nature like the rest of us?"

The blonde's face turned and the next thing Sasori knew there was a hand right in front of his face. Sasori bought his head back a bit to get a closer look at the hand. He was somewhat surprised when a tongue poked out through a hole in the centre of the palm.

"You have a mouth on your hand?"

Deidara POV

"I have one on both…" Deidara waited to be slapped, to be pushed off the balcony, to be called a freak. None of those things happened to the blonde's surprise.

"That's all?" Deidara blinked and looked at the red head.

"That's all? I'm a freak…"

"True, but I've seen a lot worse around here." Deidara bought his hand away from the red heads face and held it out to shake hands.

"I'm Deidara, un." The red head shook the blonde's hand in turn.

"I'm Akasuna Sasori, but just call me Sasori." Deidara's eyes widened a bit. Sasori? Wasn't that what those girls had whispered just a few minutes ago?

"Anyway, you wanted to find A section?" Deidara nodded.

"I will show you to your room, just stop staring at me." Deidara blinked, not realising he had been staring at Sasori's brown muddy eyes.

"Sorry sempai, un." He scratched the back of my head.

"Don't call me sempai either." The red head walked past him back into the hallway. Deidara followed after him, not knowing what to expect. Sasori lead him down the hallway, left turn, straight ahead, right turn, another left turn and then right turn. Deidara was greeted by a pair of large doors with a red cloud sitting above them. Sasori swung the doors open, revealing a black hallway with red clouds everywhere. Deidara gasped as he looked around, the hallway was both sinister and beautiful at the same time. There were no windows but little lights on the right wall that illuminated the hallway just enough to see. They must have been florescent lights because the red clouds glowed; even the ones on his cloak began to glow as well. On the left hand side of the room were 5 doors. Sasori pointed out each one as they went by.

"Pein and Konans room, Itachi and Kisames room, Tobi and Zetsus room, Hidan and Kakuzus room."

Deidara nodded as the red head pointed to the doors belonging to each pair.

"And this is your room." Sasori stopped at the last door. Deidara smiled at Sasori.

"Thanks Sasori, un." He pulled out his key and unlocked the door. He flicked on the light and walked in. Deidara saw that there was a bunk bed, the top one was neatly made and the bottom one had its sheets folded at the very end of it. Guess he had the bottom bunk then. He put his bag on the bottom bed and sat on it, looking around. There were two desks; one was cluttered with tools and a few small puppets while the other was bare except for a lamp and a laptop.

"So do you know who my room mate is, un?" Sasori walked into the room and leaned against a wall.

"Yeah, I guess you could say I know the guy." He said this with a shrug and a smirk.

"Who is he?"

"Me." Sasori followed this with a chuckle.

Deidara was stunned. Of course you idiot!! He never pointed out his room in the hallway!!

"Cool." Well what else was Deidara supposed to say? At least he knew the guy already.

"Come on, I'll introduce you to the rest of the Akatsuki students as well."


"Yeah, we were sick of calling ourselves just A. Every house has a name. K is called Konoha, S is called Suna…I used to be in Suna, but I was moved into here after I beat up this kid." Deidara gulped. "Don't worry; I don't beat anyone up unless they really piss me off." Was that supposed to make Deidara feel better!?!

"Come on, the rest of the Akatsuki are probably in the lunch room by this time."

Deidara nodded and stood up, exiting the room behind Sasori.

If there is something weird about everyone here, then what's wrong with Sasori? He seems normal to me…Deidara thought to himself as he followed the red head out of the dark, luminous hall way.


End of chapter one =3


No smut yet ^-^ … What? Its only chapter one!! They just met!! I get back to you on next chapter when I feel like it .