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The Play's the Thing

Chapter 13 – The End?


Dean smiled as he watched Sam surged up to face the other demons. The demon blade was pulled from its hiding spot as the youngest Winchester glared at the remaining demons while they advanced.

"Come on Cas, time to join the fun!" Dean whispered as he hurried towards his brother.


Sam wiped a hand across his forehead to remove the sweat beading there as he watched the demons continue to surround him. The one Bobby had hit slowly rose to his feet and approached him. He kept his injured arm close to him as he turned to face the rest of his attackers. He could see his brother and Cas moving quickly towards the fray. All he had to do was hold it together for a few more minutes. Planting his feet more firmly he raised the knife and prepared to defend himself.

"You think you can kill all of us with that little knife?" One of the demons taunted.

"No, but then I only need to kill the ones left standing after my brother gets done with you!" Sam ground out as he leapt forward and jammed the blade into the nearest demon's heart. Dean's face broke into a grin as he managed to impale the demon closest to him with the angel blade while Cas grabbed a third and placed his hand over the man's face. A moment later a loud scream filled the air as the demon was ripped from his meat suit.

That left three more to go. The young hunter heard the sound of Bobby's shotgun being pumped before it discharged once again into the demon that had first attacked. "Gotcha you son of a bitch!" Bobby yelled from his vantage point on the porch.

Sam smiled at his old friend. Bobby Singer might be paralyzed but he was still a force to be reckoned with. He glanced back as he saw the fallen demon begin to struggle towards his feet once more. Without thinking, the hunter pulled the blade from the demon he'd killed and now used it to kill the demon Bobby shot. But before he could get the knife from the second downed man, another demon managed to grab him from behind. "My master will be coming for you!"

The young hunter grunted in pain as his body was forced back against the demon. He felt the pressure on his throat increase until he thought for sure his neck was going to be snapped in two. Just as he felt himself begin to black out, the pressure was released and a loud scream erupted from the demon. He fell to his knees gasping for air while trying to ride out the pain in his shoulder and stomach. As his vision cleared he felt a hand on his shoulder. He glanced back to see his brother pulling the angel's blade from the demon. Cas had managed to capture the final demon before it could flee. He pulled the hapless creature over in front of the boys.

"Give Lucifer a message for me." Sam said as he stood with help from his brother. He walked closer and glared at the struggling demon. "Tell him the answer will always be no! He can just find himself another person to try to possess because me and my brother are going to kill him."

The demon grinned at Sam. "You cannot avoid your destiny human. You were chosen to be the true vessel, it is only a matter of time…"

"Well if you're master is waiting for me to say yes, he'll have a long wait." Sam said as he nodded towards Cas.

Sam felt no pleasure or relief as he watched Cas expel the demon from the host. Once again a loud scream filled the night as the demon was dispatched. However Sam knew this was just the beginning. He didn't want to say yes and he would resist with everything he had, but down deep inside he couldn't shake the feeling that he'd fail again.

He saw Dean shake his head as he looked at the six dead bodies laying in the front yard. "Man, someone's gotta dig six holes and bury these guys…so Cas, did you heal all of Sam's wounds cause I think it's time my brother got a little dirty."

"No Dean, I could only remove the infection—since I was brought back, my power has been—limited. I can no longer heal as before…" Cas said as he moved forward and took the angel blade from Dean. There was a flash of regret in the angel's eyes as he glanced up at the man on the porch. Sam figured he was lucky their friend had managed as much as he had. He could see it had taken a lot out of the heavenly creature.

Sam sighed as he watched his brother begin to gather the bodies together. He knew his brother was kidding about him helping. In fact, he was surprised he hadn't been dragged back to the house and put under orders not to move. He glanced back at the place they now thought of as home. While a part of him still wanted to just go lock himself up in the panic room until this was over, he couldn't do that to Dean. Instead he pasted a smile on his face and tried not to give in to his body's demand to just fall where he stood. "Dean, how about I make you a deal. I'll dig the holes but you have to salt, burn and then fill the holes when I'm done." Sam said as he wiped the blade covered in demon blood on the grass.

Dean acted surprised as he took a better look at his brother. For a moment Sam thought Dean was going to argue but instead he shrugged. "Okay, I'll get you a shovel."

The young hunter was stunned—he was sure his brother would argue or tell him to go back into the house and rest. However, not to be outdone the young hunter nodded and moved towards the side of Bobby's house. "That's okay Dean, I've got it covered."

Sam disappeared only to return driving a backhoe. He couldn't help the smile that appeared on his face as he saw the look on his brother's face. Some times being the younger brother had its perks. Especially when he managed to get one up on his older brother. His smile grew as he heard Bobby's laugh fill the air followed by Dean's grumbled response. "Sure, I knew it was there. I just went along because I didn't want you to hurt your shoulder or your ribs…"

A short time later Sam watched as Dean shoveled the last bit of dirt into the hole Sam had dug. The smell of burning flesh still filled the air and yet Sam felt better than he had since they had returned from the chapel. "Enjoying the view there Sammy?" Dean asked as wiped his hands on his jeans.

Sam began to reply when suddenly he felt the world begin to tilt slightly. Now that the adrenalin rush was over, his body was ready for some much needed rest. "No I—I—Dean?" He felt strong arms grab him before his knees finally gave out.

"I've gotcha…" Dean said softly as Sam felt himself being led back towards Bobby's house. As he was lowered to the sofa, he couldn't help the groan that left his lips. His body really did hurt. He almost missed Dean's question to Cas.

"So you think Lucifer will leave him alone for now?" Sam felt a soft blanket pulled over his worn out body. He could feel his eyes trying to close, but he needed to hear the answer.

"I don't think he will give up, no. But as long as your brother remains strong in his resolve, he will not be able to succeed."

"Well then, he'll never get what he wants 'cause I know my brother—he won't give up that easily." Sam smiled at the conviction he heard in his brother's voice. As he slid into darkness, a small part of his soul smiled. Dean was right, he wouldn't make it easy for the son of a bitch.

Dean grabbed a cup of coffee and sat at the old kitchen table. It had been almost a week since they had faced the demons and still there was no sign of any more. He glanced over at Bobby who was busy reading an old text while he ate his own breakfast. "So did you find anything out about how we can kill Lucy?"

Bobby shook his head. "I've only started researching boy. Do you know how many books have been written about him?"

"Ah no, and I don't plan on sticking around to count them either. I'm sure you've got them all someplace in this dump." Dean stood and looked out the window.

"Watch your mouth boy…" Bobby growled without any heat. "He's outside, probably in his favorite spot."

Dean smiled at his old friend. It was scary sometimes how well the old man read him. "I think it's time for us to move on, find a new hunt and keep busy until we can figure this thing out."

"Well it's not like I need babysitters…" Bobby paused and looked at Dean. "…and the more time you give him to think about it, the worse it's gonna get. I still can't get my head around what you two boys are facing but I want you to know I'll do everything I can to help. You're not in this alone Dean."

"I know Bobby and thanks. I couldn't ask for a better person to have my back." Dean placed his empty cup in the sink. "But enough with the Hallmark moment, I think I'll go find Sam."

"You do that boy, I'll pack a lunch for you idjits while you're out collecting your brother."

Sam sat on the old rusted Ford and gazed over the fence into the fields beyond Bobby's yard. He often came to this spot to think and to get away from the overprotective watchdogs back at the house. His arm was still stiff and his body ached but for the most part he was in good shape. At least he was well enough to hunt. The question was, did Dean think he was ready?

He thought back on the fight with the demons and while he was in the heat of the battle, his problem didn't seem to raise its ugly head. He couldn't deny that when he cleaned the blade, there had been a moment when he felt the pull to take just a taste. He'd resisted but could he do it for much longer? Part of him wanted to believe he'd beaten his addiction and yet part of him knew he would always be susceptible to it.

The young hunter glanced back towards the house. It wasn't fair to place all this on Dean's shoulders. His brother deserved so much more than to be saddled with a screw up like himself. But he also knew Dean didn't see it that way. So the best he could do was be there to back up whatever play his brother came up with. He'd follow Dean's lead and do what he should have done from the beginning. He would trust his brother's instincts on what was right and wrong.

Sam jumped as he heard footsteps coming closer. He reached for the demon blade that he always carried with him now. But stopped as he heard a familiar chuckle. "Glad to see you're on alert little brother."

"Hey Dean…" Sam said as he carefully climbed off the hood of the car. He turned and watched as Dean came closer.

"So, you ready to blow this popsicle stand? I think we've worn out our welcome at Motel Singer for now…" Dean stopped and leaned against a rusted car, his legs crossed casually in front of him.

"Well maybe if you stopped pushing his buttons…" Sam smiled as he saw the mischievous glint in his brother's eyes.

"And what would be the fun in that? Besides, the man needs someone to keep his blood flowing."

"Somehow I don't thinking rising his blood pressure is a good thing. But you're right Dean; I think we need to get back on the road. We need to start hunting down the Colt." Sam saw his brother bite down on his lip for a moment before he responded.

"Okay Sam, so where do we start looking?" Sam was shocked for a moment. He watched as Dean walked forward and looked out over the junk yard. "I know we need to find it Sam and believe me Bobby is doing all he can to get us a lead, hell even Cas is looking. So what do you say about us doing what we do best while we're looking?"

"Have you found a new hunt?" Sam asked as he joined his brother.

"Not really, but I figure we hit the road and take what comes our way. If we get a lead on the Colt or on a way to kill the son of bitch, then we act. But until then, I think we should just keep hunting. The apocalypse isn't going anywhere but there are a few more people we can save along the way too." Sam watched as Dean turned back to him. It was clear his brother was waiting for his answer. For a moment it felt like before, just him and his brother heading out to fight the uglies in the world. He could almost forget what was ahead as he admitted to himself that his brother was once again right. As long as they did it together, he would be fine with it.

"Okay Dean." Sam turned to follow his brother back towards the house. As they climbed the steps Sam stopped and looked back at his brother. "Say Dean?"

"Yeah Sammy?"

"Whatever happened to Tamara's ring?"

Dean clapped Sam on the shoulder as he moved passed him. "Don't worry little brother, it came out all right in the end—she was glad to get it back."

Sam stopped and screwed up his face. "Please tell me you washed it…"

"My lips are sealed Sammy. Now get a move on before I leave your ass behind." Sam shook his head as his brother laughed.

"Fine, but I'm not shaking your hand ever again—that's just gross Dude!" Sam called after his brother's retreating back. Things might be screwed, but for now hearing his brother's laughter was all that he needed. As long as they were together, he somehow felt everything would work out fine.

The End

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