A/N: Thanks for the rather nice reviews on my first Klaus/Ben story, and hell, my first UA fic ever, 'Can't Hear Me!' The reviews actually prompted me to write this one, which will be multichaptered.

The entire fic is pretty much based on the theory that Ben and Klaus were really close as kids.

I always wondered when the kids got their real names. Sometime after the whole Eiffel tower thing, I like to think. Unless I missed something, which is possible.


The Umbrella Academy

Back Lawn.

1:16 PM.

As far as 00.04 was concerned, as he made his way across the large lawn of the mansion, the day had been going perfectly.

The fact that it was the day he and his adopted siblings turned thirteen counted for barely anything, as usually they celebrated their previous birthdays by nearly getting killed on some stupid save-the-world mission.

No, what truly marked this occasion was the fact that Mom had gotten Hargreeves to let them actually celebrate. Mostly due to the fact that she had a present for each of them. 00.04 had never gotten a real present before, since the crayon drawing 00.06 and 00.07 had drawn for him last year didn't really count in his opinion.

Admittedly, the presents were not of any real substance, but 00.04 figured they had all waited long enough to receive actual human names.

00.04 finished setting up his favorite ouija board in the cool grass. It was made of polished stained-black wood, the words on it written in beautiful cursive french, indented and gold-leafed. The planchette was made of the same smooth dark wood, and the glass in the middle was perfectly clear and polished.

Needless to say, it was not the same old ouija board he used whenever he needed to contact the deceased in the middle of a battle. This one was practically his baby.

00.04 was not trying to contact the dead, however. Instead, he gently placed his hands on the planchette, guiding it to each letter himself.


"Klaus..." 00.04 let the name roll around in his mouth a bit, testing the waters. Well, it wasn't awful. He actually kind of liked it. Mom had good taste in names and knew her "children" well, apparently, as none of the others had expressed dislike of their names. 00.04 made a mental note to ask them what their names were later. He couldn't be bothered right now.

"Four? Four, you out here?" It was 00.06s voice. 00.04 could tell by the uncertain waver and the slight crack at the end. He turned his head to see the pale teenager standing at the large double doors, scanning the lawn for his friend.

"Over here." 00.04 called, waving him over. 00.06 brightened, practically skipping across the lawn towards him. And the last moment, he stumbled over his own feet, (a very 00.06 thing to do,) and went tumbling towards 00.04 and his ouija board.

"No!" He cried, snapping his mind out and stopping the klutz midair, dangling above his precious board.

00.06 blinked in confusion. "Oh... oh! I'm so sorry!" He scrambled around as 00.04 set him back on the ground, opposite of him on the board. "Are you alright? Is it alright? Are you alright?"

00.04 sighed in relief. "Yeah." He replied vaguely. For some reason, ever since they were kids, 00.06 has inexplicably attached himself to the medium. He had no idea why, it wasn't like he was a pleasant person to be around.

"Sooo?" 00.06 prompted, rocking back and forth in excitement.

"So what?" 00.04 didn't even look up.

"Sooo, what's your name?" He burst out loudly, startling 00.04 out of his calm state.

He brushed his overly long auburn bangs out of his face, glancing warily at the tentacled boy. "You tell me yours first."

"Mmkay." 00.06 agreed without missing a beat, "My name is Ben!" He announced happily, his extra arms worming their way out from under his shirt and quivering with excitement.

00.04 considered this. It fit him. Ben was a friendly name for a friendly guy, and sounded very... round. Which was appropriate, as Ben had not yet completely lost the slight roundness of youth. Whereas 00.04 was all skin and bones and angles, and the name Klaus sounded the same.

Ben looked worried at his friends lack of response, and his tentacles fidgeted. "What? What is it? Is it a stupid name? Oh no, Mom wasn't making fun of me, was she? Oooh no!"

00.04 snapped his head up, eyes wide. "Oh! Oh, no, it's a nice name... Ben." He smiled, and Ben smiled back, relieved.

"So, what's yours?"

"It's Klaus."

"That is the coolest name ever." Ben said with absolute certainty.

Klaus (he supposed he'd have to start referring to himself as such,) smiled coyly, looking back down at his beautiful ouija board. Suddenly he didn't feel like primping and polishing the board as he had originally come outside to do. "Hey, Ben, want to help me get onto the roof and throw things at One?"