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"Bumblebee!" Mikaela cried out, reaching out to him but he couldn't move. He couldn't save her. Sam matched his howl of anguish as Barricade slipped the last claw directly through her heart. Her body shuddered violently for a moment as if it couldn't believe it was dying and fell still.

"You monster!" Sam hollered, "Fucking bastard!"

Barricade gave an amused chuckle and lifted the dead girl's body, impaled on his claws, and brought her up against Sam, the blood staining the boy's clothes as it slithered slowly on to his skin, still warm.

"What's wrong, fleshling? She's right here," he asked with a smirk and Sam couldn't hold it in any longer as he turned away and vomited everything his stomach held. Even once he had puked everything, his body still heaved as if his own organs wanted to flee his body from the horrid sight.

"Leave him alone!" Bumblebee yelled, kicking out, trying to make contact on the 'Con, but Barricade wasn't close enough to feel the breeze of the movements.

"Oh, I'm not done yet," Barricade said, smiling as he gave his hand a light shake and sent Mikaela flying so her body hit the floor with a disgusting plop at the yellow mech's feet.

Sam groaned and stared, completely lost, as his girlfriend lay motionless, broken on the floor, her eyes still open and pleading to be saved.

"Now, it's your turn."

Bumblebee froze. No, it couldn't be. Sam, the boy who defeated Megatron, the one who now housed the All Spark, the human who brought Optimus back to life, the last hope for their future, was now at Barricade's mercy.

"Barricade! Stop!" he shouted.

The Decepticon paused and waited. He always enjoyed listening to the various pleads his captives would shriek out to him before their ultimate demise.

"Don't do this. Let him go! He's the only future of our race. Without him we will die out and be no more." Barricade looked back at Sam, regarding him for a moment at the guardian's words.

"Really? So it was true, you absorbed the energy from the All Spark," he asked but Sam didn't seem to notice any thing any more, his eyes locked onto the still form of Mikaela. He realized he couldn't save her. The one person who would be there for him forever and in turn he swore to protect her till his dying breath, yet she was dead. He had failed her. Nothing mattered anymore.

"If you kill Sam you condemn not only the Autobots but the Decepticons as well. We'll have no more past our generation," Bumblebee said, desperate to spare Sam from a horrible fate at Barricade's wicked claws.

"A shame," the 'Con shrugged as if none of it affect him, "Orders are orders and they don't change till Megatron comes over here and tells me personally to stop."

"Are you really so sparkless you would kill us all?"

"Yes," he said simply and poked the tip of one claw just against Sam's stomach.

"Bee…" Sam gasped, trying to pull away from his death. The fear was evident in the human's face but Bumblebee couldn't look away. He couldn't abandon the boy in his last moments.

"Sam, don't give up!" he said, pulling at his bonds that were tightening and tearing the wiring in his wrists and arms. He knew it was hopeless but he had to try, he had to do something.

"Bee!" Sam screamed as Barricade slowly forced his razor sharp claw deeper into the human's frail body.

A few hours earlier…

Cars and landscape alike rushed by in multicolored blurs to the two human passengers inside the beautiful yellow camero. The teenagers held the best of smiles upon their faces as the stereo pumped out loud music, nearly high enough to deafen them. What was odd, to any that might of some how seen in that flash of a second as the Camero raced past them, was that the driver didn't seem to be touching the steering wheel. This was because there was more to the Camero than the average person on the street could point out. The yellow 2009 Camero was in fact not a car, no, this camero was different; this camero was an Autobot.

Autobot, a few years back the teenagers enjoying their wild ride would have never guessed there was a race of sentient beings in the universe in the form of alien robots that possessed the abilities to copy the specs of their modern vehicles and take the form of the machines such as the Camero they were in. Nope, not one clue, and thanks to the government, the majority of Earth's population had no clue either, even after the unfortunate events in Shanghi and Egypt.

Strange to have their world in the middle of a war that was not their own and be completely oblivious. However, the teenagers couldn't blame the government for covering it up. Their own reactions were complete shock as those four vehicles came rumbling up the alley and changed into robots before their very eyes, and just before that they had witnessed the very yellow Camero they were sitting in transform into a sixteen foot tall fighting machine against a Selene Mustang police car. No, some times it was good for the government to intervene. Now, however, they held no fear as the Camero darted expertly through traffic, never slowing or jerking too hard. While the two inside where enjoying the ride, internally, their chaffier was allowing himself a moment to think.

Bumblebee, the guardian of Samuel Witwicky and friend of Mikaela Banes, was a transformer and part of the faction labeled as the "good guys", but he couldn't disagree. Autobots were the ones who found it their role to uphold the good and fair justice throughout the universe unlike those they fought against, the Decepticons.

So far, things had been calm. NEST hadn't been sent out within the last six months and there hadn't been any hint to Decepticon activity any where on Earth. This gave Bumblebee the clearance to take Sam and Mikaela off base for a much-needed joy ride away from the smothering command of military rules and restrictions. Yep, the day had started off without a hitch and as they flew down the highway Bumblebee knew it was a good day, and he was sure it couldn't get any better. It was an hour later he would learn he was devastatingly wrong.

The Autobot guardian and humans had only been given a three-hour clearance and two of them had already been spent. Not letting it worry him, Bumblebee easily slid off the highway onto rough ground to take a personal short cut only transformers could achieve since the durability and traction of their tires were superior to human technology and had no problem with switching onto different surfaces such as pavement to rocky, hot desert. The 'short cut' would take them on a direct path straight for Area 51 and effectively cut the usual traveling time to an hour, but they never made it that far.

As soon as Bumblebee was out of visual range for any chance at civilian glimpse, Barricade was hot on his tail. Naturally, a chance ensued yet the guardian had no idea the 'Con had been waiting for this opportunity for some time and had planned ahead just as Bumblebee found himself falling into a huge hole.

"Whoops, I guess I forgot to fill it back up," Barricade laughed as he looked down on his prey, optics flashing with glee at the thought of carrying out his orders.

"Bee?" Sam whispered, gripping Mikaela close to his body, "What do we do? Can you call Optimus for help?"

"No, he's jamming all communication lines. We don't have much of a choice. Go with him or he'll just kill us right here in the hole."

Sam and Mikaela shared a brief look and shared a short but bittersweet kiss before climbing out of the Camero so he could transform and take them out of the hole.

"Easy does it. Hand the humans to me," Barricade said, reaching down to take them.

"No slaggin way," Bumblebee cursed, tucking the children close to his chest, fearful of what the 'Con would do to them.

"There's no way you're gonna get out with them occupying one hand. Just hand them up. I promise to not leave without you."

"Why should I trust a fragger like you? You're a Decepticon, a thing bred for lying," Bumblebee snarled.

The 'Con laughed lightly as if enjoying a small joke, "Suit yourself. Starscream and Megatron are already on their way to pick you up personally if you refuse. We can discuss more detail then."

"Bee, come on. I rather handle Barricade than Megatron any day," Sam told his guardian, shuddering as his memories of having his brain probed during the last encounter played over in his mind.

"That's because you don't know this one. He's the worst of the worst. Barricade is the scum on the feet of the Decepticons. Trust me, we can't deal with him," he told Sam softly.

"You've fought him before, and won! I trust you Bumblebee, come on."

With a heavy sigh, the yellow Autobot gave up. "Barricade," he called.

"Ah, a change of spark I see," he said, coming back into view, "Ready to come up now?"

Bumblebee grumbled quietly but slowly lifted his hands to present the two humans to the Decepticon. As soon as Barricade took them he began scrambling up to try and get them back but by the time he got out, the Selene police car was in the place of the Decepticon and the two humans locked in the back looking out the back window in terror.

'I don't know how much time I have to spare so I'm going. You stay and the humans die once you're out of my communications scrambler,' was the only warning the 'Con gave before shooting off in the opposite direction of Bumblebee's earlier destination.

The Autobot gave one helpless look back towards Area 51 where hope and help awaited then back at the shrinking form of the patrol car headed the wrong way. Forcing down a helpless cry of rage that was directed more towards the impossible situation he was in than at Barricade, Bumblebee quickly transformed and was soon tearing down the desert after the Decepticon and the two human captives.


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