Faster, faster, he needed to go faster as the demon nipped at his heels, that cold laugh echoing in his spark, seeping into every inch of his frame, but it wasn't fast enough. He was still there, so close, too close. Engine screaming at the effort he kicked himself to go even faster despite the warning his systems were bombarding him with as he tore through the darkness not knowing where to go, just to get away. Far away. It was too close, he couldn't get away, he couldn't run to freedom. The demon was still there, that laugh mocking him, teasing him, torturing him. Then it suddenly stopped as quickly as it started and he found himself staring at the ceiling of the med bay.

Gasping, he rolled over and purged, right into a waiting waste container. For a moment he stayed there, hunched over the side of the berth, chest heaving and tanks lurching madly threatening to rebel once more but eventually they settled and he rolled back onto the berth looking up at the ceiling again.

"Bee," a voice called and he looked over to see Ratchet walk back in after his talk with Prime, or whatever mech he went to tell, about his traitorous deed. Not bothering to respond, the young mech turned away unaware that he was still shaking.

"Frag. Did you just purge?" he asked, noticing the new mess that was thankfully in the container and not the ground. Nodding Bumblebee rolled back over as his tanks churned and purged again.

"Easy Bee," Ratchet said quietly as he ran a quick scan over the youngling, "frag this would be easier if I had Barricade's spark signature. I can't get a full scan since it is no longer completely your spark."

Groaning at the mention of the demon's name Bumblebee pulled back and slipped off the opposite side of the berth onto unsteady legs.

"And where the frag do you think you're going youngling?" he asked, wrench already making its appearance looking as if it had been there all along.

"Can't…can't stay here…" he whispered, backing away from Ratchet.

"Why not?"

"No…nonono…can't. He's here…"

"You're alone Bee, he can't get to you here."

"Not safe, never will be," he whimpered, optics darting around checking the shadows waiting for the tormentor to appear, "he's here Ratchet, he'll always find me and I can always FEEL him."

"You really believe that Ironhide and Prime would let the slagger anywhere NEAR here let alone with in a hundred miles of this base! Even IF the fragged up glitch got into MY med bay you can bet he'll get a happy welcome greeting with my wrench being shoved so far up his fraggin aft that if I were to wiggle my servo I could move his slaggin mouth as if he were no better than some SLAGGIN PIT-SPAWNED INSIGNIFICANT HUMAN VENTRILOQUIST DUMMY!" the medic growled, his rant managing a small fraction of success at putting the youngling to ease when Bumblebee realized any Decepticon would be hard pressed to get past their pissed off CMO, "as for 'feeling' the slag-sucking fragger, I came to teach you how to block the bond."

The small mech paused and studied the medic for a moment, "you can teach me that?"

"Of course I can. Just who do you think you're asking youngling?" he snorted, "now zip it and listen."


"Now push! Push against him with all the strength you have," Ratchet instructed watching Bumblebee closely hoping this simpler method of blocking would succeed and give the smaller mech a chance at keeping his sanity intact despite the Con's influences.

Clenching his jaw tight, Bumblebee felt the black presence within him and began to push it down. He fought and he screamed within, struggling to force his other half into submission and finally be free. Yet, the darkness pulsed strongly back at him refusing to be so easily controlled by a youngling but Bumblebee was stubborn and not going to give in easily. Barricade may have violated him, Barricade may have taken half of his spark, but Barricade would NOT control HIS life too and in the end the young Autobot's determination was victorious as the darkness surrounding his spark suddenly gave way and fell back allowing, for the time being, to be suppressed.

"There, you're done," the CMO said once he noticed the small mech's frame suddenly relax while the fearful look Ratchet thought would permanently remain etched on Bumblebee's faceplates instead quickly subsided and before vanishing completely. True the youngling wasn't back to his original carefree self, but it was a huge improvement and now the spy wasn't in danger of being taken control of or harming himself through fear.

"Right, can I try and recharge now?" Bumblebee asked truly exhausted from the internal battle but certain he wouldn't be plagued with nightmares again.

"You fraggin better recharge so I can fix those slaggin holes in you properly tomorrow."

With a nod the small mech slipped off into recharge and this time rested, undisturbed by hellish visions.

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