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The Lonely One


~ `He walked along the desolate wasteland. Harsh sandy winds blowing across his features as he treked on, the light of hope of finding another living soul in this lonely place was still bright. Raising his eyes momentarily to the sky, a sigh ecaped his lips as he watched the dark clouds tumble and jump in a ballet of darkness. Staring at the way ahead of him once more, he continued on.' ~

Seifer Almasy was tired.... His body crying out for rest as his worn boots scraped against the cracked dusty ground.

But he wouldn't give up. It just wasn't in him to quit...... not yet anyway. Wiping his forehead on his sleeve, he stumbled and fell to one knee. He'd been walking for hours, and had nothing ot show for it but sweat and dirt covering his brow. He had gotten swallowed up in Time Compression..... but unlike the others, he did not know his way home. So without any other options, he travelled deeper into the desert.

".... Dammit...." he muttered as he tried to stand up. After struggling for a few moments, he finally suceeded. Though he was obviously too worn down to continue on, he concluded that he must.... So pulling his fraying and worn trenchcoat around his body tighter, he walked.

He was lost.

Lost in the deep expanses of time.

Shaking his head ,he pulled his coat tighter, refusing to let the thought sink in. He would find his way, even if it meant wandering 'til his heart stopped. Trying to take his mind off of his current situation he, began to wonder about what had become of everyone else.

(Are they trapped here too? No...... If they were, I probably would have seen them by now.....)

He chuckled slightly at the thought of possibly finding Zell on the ground crying like a little girl.

(Wouldn't be far from the truth for someone like Chickenwuss.)

His legs shaking, he took cautious steps as to prevent himself from stumbling. Inhaling and exhaling deeply to calm his nerves, he looked around himself. The scenery was bland and unchanging, which did not help his spirits much.
Last thing he remembered before falling into this Hell, was laying face down in Esthar desert. He had fallen from Lunatic Pandora after Squall and the others had been swallowed up.
He had cheated death once, but he knew he wouldn't be so lucky this time...... Maybe wandering here was his punishment for his grievous actions. He had killed hundreds... many of whom he had known since he had first started at Garden......

Balamb Garden......

He wanted to be in the training center right now.... He missed the times with his Disiplinary Commitee..... He missed taunting Puberty Boy and the others...
He missed everything....
Even the bossy Instructor........

But it was over... He'd never get out of here. He would spend the rest of his days, however few they would be, in this God forsaken land.

The depression and direness of the situation finally taking its toll, he collapsed to the ground. Turning his gaze to the stomy sky, he allowed his body to fall back into the dust, and his mind to be consumed by darkness.

The tiny light of hope had faded.

With a struggled breath he opened his mouth one last time, the words coming out as a hushed whisper...

"....I quit....."




The owner of the voice shook his shoulder..

(Just let me die in peace......)

"Seifer....!! Wake up....!"

He willed his tired eyes open slightly. There was silhouette of someone hovering over him. Hair of gold cascading down, tickling his neck. He reached up to the person, a slight smile playing on his features...

"...... Quistis...?"

His vision blurred... then black..


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