When Noel Vermillion arrived to the Student Government office that morning, she was a bit taken aback. She could hear Jin Kisaragi, their vice president, laughing rather loudly in their office-- it certainly sounded far sinister than normal laughter (although, she supposed, Jin did do things rather sinisterly), but more than that, Jin was laughing. Today was not a regular day at all.

Noel bit her lip and knocked on the door briefly before opening it.

Jin took in a deep breath as he looked at her, and smiled. Dear God, Noel thought, something is seriously wrong.

"Historian Vermillion!" Jin said, and he sounded almost delighted that she was there.

She gulped, stiffening, "Y-Yes, Vice President!"

"I want this day to be immortalized, as the day that Ragna the Bloodedge transferred to our school!" It was an odd request, but Noel had heard things about this last week (supposedly everyone was on the edge due to the inevitable battle between Jin and Ragna).

She wasn't exactly sure what he was due to the numerous description floating around. She'd heard that he was a high school delinquent who had a long rivalry with Jin since middle school, or an assassin hired by the remnants of Ikaruga High school, or even an undercover police officer determined to uncover the VP's alleged illegal activities. All the rumors did put him at odds with their vice president for some reason, and the way that Jin was acting seemed to support that they did know each other somehow. Jin was looking at her with a raised eyebrow, she stood up straight, "I'll get right on it!"

Oh man, Jin was even scarier like this! She opened their laptop and began to type up a brief news article. Her eyes strayed to the hits for their school newsletter and sighed. Only 5000 for this month... the school's tabloid newspaper was the one that got all the attention! It was fine, she supposed, trying to flush that indignity down (she had needed their help every now and then, and they had been very cooperative for an exclusive!), since their newsletter was far more factual, and the students preferred gossip.

"Nii-sama, you shouldn't get in another fight in the middle of school, alright?"

"P-president, when did you get here!" Noel asked, startled to hear Tsubaki's voice when she swore the door didn't even open.

Tsubaki smiled at her, "I've been in my office," said office was an adjacent closet sized room with a desk, window, computer, etc. "But Nii-sama, you heard what I said, didn't you?"

Jin rolled his eyes, "President, I'm not going to get into any fights during school hours. Fear not."

Tsubaki seemed pleased at that answer, and told him, "The transfer student is set to arrive at roughly 6:45 for an early meeting with the vice principal and his official class assignment." Most school-affiliated clubs met at 6:00 to 6:30 in the morning until class began at 7:20; Jin was out the door before Tsubaki even finished her sentence.

Noel looked at the empty spot where Jin had been standing and then up at their School President. "Erm, wasn't that a little counter-productive?"

She smiled, and said, "If they do end up fighting, they'll have at least half an hour until class starts. That should be enough to curb them during the school day. Besides, all the students are rather concerned about the situation, so it might be good to get everything out in the open to take the students' minds off of it."

"Eh? Wouldn't it be better to have it at the end of the school day then?" she asked, "When all the students are around?"

Tsubaki shook her head, "Well, we don't want to interfere with the afternoon clubs. And I have to admit that I sort of, made an announcement," she reached in her bag and searched for a moment, coming out with a newspaper, the tabloid, Sector Seven. The front page story was: VP vs The Bloodedge?! Showdown, tomorrow in front of the school at 6:45 am. You snooze, you lose!!

Her smile was a bit mischievous, and at times like this, Noel thought she was more of a bizarre puppet master than president.

Noel looked at her watch. It was 6:35! "Shoot! I didn't bring my camera today. The vice president will kill me..."

"Just go ask Sector Seven for a camera," Tsubaki told her. Oh, if only it was so easy.

"They're sure to be using them all on this story, though," Noel frowned. She greatly disliked going down to Sector Seven's office to ask them for stuff.

"I was planning to use this as a trump card for later, but you can just remind them who it was that gave them their tip." Yep, Tsubaki was definitely an evil mastermind.

Noel faltered and nodded, "A-Alright."

On her way downstairs, she heard a familiar voice, "Nee-san, who do you think is going to win?" It belonged to her junior in age, but senior in class (which was a bit embarrassing), Carl Clover. He said that he skipped a couple grades so that he could be in the same class as his sister, who needed him. It was a very sweet story, but it didn't do much for Noel's self-confidence. "You're right, Nee-san. You should probaby shouldn't tell anyone that!" he laughed and caught sight of her. "Oh, Noel. Where are you going?"

"Sector Seven's office," she said with a small sigh.

"Me too!"

"Eh?! You, work for them?"

Carl shook his head, "No. My sister does." Noel glanced at the blonde girl behind him who then nodded at her-- which startled her because Ada almost never moved. "She says that she sees you around there a lot. More student government stuff?"

"Uh, yeah. I need to borrow a camera actually..."

Ada stopped and reached into her jacket pocket. Carl smiled, "Nee-san says that you can use hers. She already got all the pictures off of it, just make sure you return it," as he spoke, his sister pulled out a digital camera and held it out for Noel to take.

Noel was still a little in shock as she took the camera from her--woah, she can move excessively, and even smile?! Noel laughed nervously, "Thank you very much, you two. I wasn't sure how hard it would be to get one," especially with Kokonoe there. Dr. Litchi was supposedly one of her old students; something they both had in common was how they loved to pick on her. Noel checked her watch again; it was already 6:42, "Oh noo! I gotta get going. I owe you one, Ada!"

She took off running towards the front of the school. Students were lined up along the sides of the main path to school, and Jin was standing in the center of the path with his arms folded (Noel snapped a picture, she had to admit he looked rather impressive like that).

Suddenly, the students, who had been murmuring among themselves grew hushed.

A young man in a gakuran, with spiky white hair and discolored eyes approached. He seemed to be somewhat confused at what everyone was doing there (Noel could tell from his expression at 15x zoom-- she snapped a picture).

Jin began to laugh loudly, again. If anyone had been talking, now they were quiet. It was dead silent when Jin shouted, "Is that you, Rag-na-the-Blood-edge?!"

Ragna froze, looked at him with scorn and said, "Tch. Jin."

"It's been such a long time," Jin said, still chuckling to himself as Ragna began to walk towards him.

"God damn it, Jin. What the hell are you doing here? I hoped that I'd never have to see you again," Ragna's scowl grew larger the closer he got to the vice president.

Jin gave him a weird look (if it had been anyone else Noel would have said it was adoration; either way, she snapped a picture) and said, his voice higher and more light than it had ever been, "Aww, don't be so mean~ Don't lie and say that you didn't miss me..."

"I didn't!" Ragna said, and glared, to which Jin responded with a smile (it was rather malevolent, but definitely photo-worthy!).

"Well, I missed you very much, Nii-san," Jin said, sending the crowd of students into a confused buzz as people threw around new theories-- were they childhood friends? or rivals? they can't be real brothers, I mean... right? Jin then reached forward with both arms and started to-- hug? Ragna. Noel thought it would be a great picture, but pushed the button too late, and ended up with a shot of Jin getting slugged in the face.

"I have an appointment, Jin, and you're making me late," Ragna growled (when Noel looked at the photo again, she noticed that his face was kind of pink), stepping over Jin to get to the school doors.

People moved out of his way without a second thought, but other than that, no one moved. Once Ragna had entered the school building, the crowd went wild. Several students ran to their vice president. "Jin, what happened out there?" asked a boy Noel recognized to be one of Sector Seven's journalists, a few of whom seemed to have gotten over the shock of what happened and gone chasing after Ragna for an interview.

A number of girls who rather fancied the vice president fought over his pair of glasses until one emerged victorious-- wait, was that Makoto-- and returned them to him, asking, "Vice president, are you okay?" Jin just laughed, even as his nose started to drip blood.

The next day, the papers read: VP Jin Kisaragi, 17, addressing rumors about his relationship with the muchly talked about transfer student says, "The two of us are... bonded in ways that [Ragna] wishes he could deny. Even though he tries to hide it, it's obvious that... I'm someone special to him."