"Oi, Jin! Are you still trying to cook?" Ragna called from the bathroom. He was toweling his hair dry rather vigorously when he heard the clattering of what he assumed to be pots and pans. After not receiving an answer, Ragna sighed and grabbed another towel to wrap around his waist. He continued to dry his hair as he stepped out into the hallway so his brother could hear him, "Jin, I told you that I woul--"

He froze, the words dying in his throat the moment he turned in his head and met his brother's eyes.

Jin was in Ragna's apron, the one that he had gotten for Christmas last year, that had his name right over the chest. His legs were crossed at the ankles, most of his weight on both hands pressed against the counter behind him.

And if Ragna had to guess by the amount of skin that Jin was displaying, he wasn't wearing a thing under it.

"Surprise," Jin said in a low voice. He inclined his head as though beckoning him, and Ragna was in the kitchen before he even realized he was moving.

"What the hell are you doing?" Ragna managed to squeeze out, his voice far more strangled than he'd like to admit. Jin pushed off the counter to begin to walk towards him, and Ragna couldn't help but feel a little claustrophobic as he did. It was obvious what Jin was going for here, and hell, sure, they'd done things before, but that had either been when they were buzzed, or plain out of their minds. None of the times before had shown a hint of pre-meditation, and Ragna had problems enough with his guilt when Jin brushed it off with, "We had too much to drink, Nii-san. It happens." Except for the day after, they never even mentioned the encounters again.

Now here Jin was, obviously trying to seduce the hell out of him as he provocatively swayed his hips and stared at him far too intensely to be anything but completely competent.

"I wanted to do something special," he murmured, now that they were in arm's reach. Ragna didn't have time to respond before Jin closed the gap and wrapped his arms around him. Ragna's eyes instinctively dropped to Jin's back, gliding over his pale white skin, the slopes of his shoulder blades and down his spine. For a moment, he couldn't tear from the way the sleek knot of the apron pressed right against the small of his back, and the ends of the string cascaded down his smooth, firm ass.

Ragna swallowed and forced himself to raise his eyes, "This is something special? What are you, a pervert?" his voice was lower than usual, although he hardly noticed it; he was currently concentrating on not showing any signs of a physical reaction.

Jin didn't even register his comment, only pressed closer, murmuring, "You really smell good, Nii-san," in the most affected voice. Ragna couldn't help but think that certainly answered his question. After a moment, Jin pulled away to look at Ragna in the face, his cheeks were pink, and his eyes wide with want. "Coming out in just a towel," he said, raking his eyes over the muscles of Ragna's chest and stomach in a way that both excited and scared him, "That's dirty, Nii-san," he whispered. Ragna was still paralyzed in that place between wanting to run away and wanting to run with it when Jin curled his arms around his neck and pulled him down, right against his lips.

This kiss was unlike any they had shared before; it wasn't sloppy or sheerly experimental, but a curious kiss that started soft and shifted into deepness, hunger. Ragna put his arms around Jin's waist and pulling their bodies closer until he could feel the heating press of something against his thigh-- whenever he moved his legs, Jin would gasp softly into the kiss, and press back twice as hard. One of Jin's hands sunk into his bleached, still-damp hair, twisting his head to the side as he sought Ragna's tongue. Ragna's fingers crawled up Jin's side, slipping in underneath the apron to rub at his nipples-- Jin moaned "Nii-san," as best he could with his tongue in someone else's mouth and Ragna groaned back against him, his erection swelling. Maybe, he thought, he was the pervert here.

Even so, it was far too hard to be guilty when all he could feel was pleasure and satisfaction.

Jin's other hand slipped down Ragna's spine to curl right above his tailbone, and then, slipping his fingers into the crevice between hot skin and fluffy white cotton, tugged the towel off of Ragna's body.

Jin broke the contact between their lips-- a single string of saliva spanning the gap for a moment-- to pull back and look over Ragna's exposed skin at once. His eyes on Ragna's straining erection, he licked his lips and looked up at his brother's face. Jin was no longer grinning seductively, in fact, Ragna remembered this look from those drunken nights; it meant that Jin was at his limit, was far too impatient to stand anything else.

Jin dug a hand into one of the pockets on the apron as he leaned forward and touched their lips briefly together, pressing a tube of lubricant into Ragna's palm. He pulled away, saying, eyes lowering coyly, "I-- when you were in the bathroom--" Ragna bit his lip, and damned Jin, his tactics, and his self-assuredness but tugged Jin toward the counter anyway.

"Turn around," he said gruffly; Jin did exactly as he was told and leaned over the counter, a little shudder passing through his body from anticipation as Ragna slicked the oil over his erection. Jin looked over his shoulder as Ragna stepped closer, until his chest was right against his naked back and his hand cupped his cheek, bringing his face to that perfect angle. Ragna kissed him hard, pushing inside him in once harsh thrust that made Jin cry out shamelessly.

After a few moments, Jin moved back against him, murmured, "Nii-san," like a plea and his brother obliged-- he thrust into him, again and again, making Jin moan out for more. Jin clutched the edge of the counter furiously as he trembled and, R-Ragna-san slid his hand upwards underneath the apron to tou-... touch, the Vice President's..!!

"M-M-MAKOTO!!" Noel shrieked, slamming the book shut with a red face, "I-I-- how can you read this!" Her eyes dropped from her smug friend's face to the desk, where the cover of the doujinshi-- a provocative picture of Jin eating a popsicle, his apron nearly slipping off of his frame, with the words "Say Ah~!" in a bubbly text across the top-- stared up at her. Her face flushed even more, and she quickly placed her hand over the image.

"That's what you say but you got through more than half of it. You were so close to the end, Noel. It was just getting good!" Makoto told her, her face held an expression of disappointment, but her tail waved mischievously.

Noel frowned at her words, "But you don't have to see the Vice President every day. Now... I won't even be able to look at him in the face!" she covered her mouth, shielding her unrelenting blush. "I'll just end up thinking about... that."

Makoto laughed and climbed on top of Noel's desk, pushing the thin book out of the way. "You're not going to tell me this was your first time reading something like that, are you?" Noel was silent, and Makoto started to giggle, reaching outwards to grab her around the shoulders and press her face into her bosom. "Really, Noel?! Awww, you're so cute and pure. How did you make it through our middle school like that?"

Her blush grew, this time from sheer embarrassment as Makoto held her embrace for a solid minute, murmuring to her about the wonder of youth and innocence. When Makoto released her, she looked up at her curiously, finally saying what was on her mind, "I don't know how someone can, draw such things about people they know in real life! I mean... it's an invasion of privacy!"

At that, Makoto blinked, started to chuckle lowly before bursting out in laughter. Noel looked at her indignantly, and she shook her head, waving her hand as if trying to pretend that she wasn't laughing directly at her. Once she calmed down, Makoto grabbed the book from the desk and put it under Noel's nose, poking the artist's name with a smirk. "Maybe you should ask her yourself?"

Noel raised her eyebrow, not daring to look at anything but the name that her finger was pointing to, "Camellia? I don't know anyone named Camellia..."

Makoto rolled her eyes, dropping her book, "Noel! You're so dense. Of course you don't, it's one of those-- those pseudoname things. You know it's a flower, right?" Noel looked confused as she nodded, "And that it's english, right?" When she nodded again without gaining any comprehension of what Makoto was talking about, she sighed heavily, "And the japanese name is..?"

Noel frowned for a moment, "Tsubaki?" Then she froze, looking at Makoto in disbelief, her face flushing again, "Y-you mean!! Tsubaki drew this!? She couldn't have. Isn't the Vice President her childhood friend? That's impossible!"

Makoto gave her one of those looks that suggested Noel was beneath her, "Oho. Tsubaki's apparently not that sweet modest girl we've known. Inside her, lies a beast," she tapped the book as though it was exhibit A.

"Just because the author's name is Camellia doesn't mean it's Tsubaki!" Noel defended valiantly.

"You've seen Tsubaki's drawings before, haven't you? Didn't you think the style was a bit too, familiar?" Noel grew rigid, she had thought she had seen similar drawings in Tsubaki's notebooks, but nothing that-- perverse! That surely had to count for something. "Look," Makoto said to Noel's unwavering belief, and pulled out a piece of paper that she quickly unfolded to reveal a picture of Jin. She held it up next to the book, and Noel was able to immediately see some similarities beyond what she thought she remembered. Makoto continued, "If anything, the stuff in the book looks a bit more polished than her sketches, but who knows how long she's had to work on it."

Noel's mouth was still in an obstinate line when the bell signaling the end of lunchtime rang. "Oh well. You'll see." Makoto said, then heaved another little sigh and hopped off the desk; she reached for Noel's hand and placed the book in it, smiling maliciously, "Your homework tonight is to finish that!"

Before Noel could object or even move, the athletic girl was halfway across the room and waving goodbye to her. Noel took another look at the book, still unable to believe that Tsubaki was the one who drew it, when students started to pour into the classroom. She quickly stuffed the thing into her desk lest someone ask about it. The thought still gnawing at her mind, she decided that she would just get it over with and ask Tsubaki about it after school. Whatever answer she gave, Noel would accept it as the truth. After all, Tsubaki wouldn't lie to her!

Once the final bell of the day had rung, Noel trudged towards the student government room, where Tsubaki usually spent the hour following school to plan events and go over improvements. However, no one was in at the time. Sometimes she spoke to the faculty or others for a few minutes, so Noel decided to wait for her. Now that the "Say Ah~!" was stewing on her mind (it was like she could see straight through her school bag and only see the book), Noel started wonder if Tsubaki was really doing official business in her after hours. The comic club was an after school one...

Noel shook her head, refusing to take a side before she heard what Tsubaki had to say. To take her mind off of it, she reached down and grabbed a stray Sector Seven tabloid. Two pages into it was an apparent article concerning the very same subject she had been trying to get away from.

After a half a page article discussing the success of the self-published work, there was an apparent section on the two who 'starred' in it, that read the following:

Below, VP Jin Kisaragi comments on his unexpected surge in female fans due to the publishing of "Say Ah~!"

Carl Clover: Nee-san wants to know if you ever thought you would wind up in a BL doujinshi with your own rival, Ragna the Bloodedge?

Jin Kisaragi: (laughs) Well, I can certainly see the appeal. Two attractive men sharing a mysterious past that neither of them want to talk about? It would start up alot of rumors. It was just a matter of time, I suppose. Women do have a thing for these kinds of relationships, don't they?

CC: Do you know who the mysterious author Camellia is?

JK: Don't you guys have a whole editorial about that already?

CC: Nee-san says that that's confidential.

JK: Very well. Some people have suggested that it's someone very close to me. It's probably friend or fan I guess.

CC: What are your final thoughts and opinion on the subject. Are you offended or maybe even interested in the material?

JK: I have to say I'm flattered more than anything. Someone put so much time and effort into the comic and so many people actually paid for it and read it. I can't be offended at art, no matter how questionable it is.

CC: Thank you very much for your cooperation, Vice President.

JK: No problem. If you do end up finding out who the author is, I want the first reaction interview, alright? (laughs)

Ragna the Bloodedge's first reaction to the quickly widespread BL doujinshi.

CC: Ragna-san, how did you feel when you heard about "Say Ah~!" for the first time? Were you shocked?

Ragna the Bloodedge: What's that, some sort of cooking show on television? What kind of articles are you running nowadays, anyway...

CC: Um. You haven't heard anything about it?

RTB: No?

(CC hands RTB the book, RTB nearly drops it after seeing the cover)

RTB: (flipping through the book) What the hell is this!!

CC: "Say Ah~!" is the current monthly publication of our school's comic club. While the club has previously delved into BL, this is the first time that anyone from the school has been actively featured. Some say it's a great honor, Ragna-san. Do you agree?

RTB: What the hell... Why would I feel honored that someone drew me and... Jin like... Aw, (expletive). (hands book back) I think feel a little queasy.

CC: So I take it you disapprove of it?

RTB: I just don't see what the deal is. I obviously avoid him and beat him up whenever I see him, but whatever. At least it explains all those weird looks I've gotten.

CC: Do you have anything you'd like to tell the author directly?

RTB: Ugh. I mean, thanks, I guess, for. Holding an interest in me. I don't mean to be completely offensive when I say, what the hell were you thinking?! I happen to be a little creeped out by this whole situation, and I don't really appreciate everyone having this image of me screwing Jin in their heads.

CC: Anything else you'd like to add?

RTB: Do you guys sell get-out-of-interview free cards? This is like my fifth one this month. There must be more interesting people out there.

CC: (laughs) You'll have to ask Kokonoe-sensei about that!

Noel checked her watch. Fifteen minutes had already passed. Maybe Tsubaki had decided to call it early for the day? She'd have to ask about it tomorrow, she supposed. Her parents would get worried again if she stayed too long past her normal time. Once she opened the door to the hallway, she thought she heard a few voices. Noel curiously traveled toward them, if only to see if there was something the matter that she could help with when she recognized one of the voices.

"I don't know what you guys are talking about, honestly." It was Tsubaki. Noel ran to the direction of her voice; she was in the student lobby with Carl Clover, his sister Ada and few other journalists that she hadn't noticed before.

"Nee-san says that we've received numerous tips that suggest you are the author. There are also several hints, I mean, there's the similarity between the author's pseudonym and your name," Carl explained to her, but Tsubaki didn't budge a bit.

If anything, she looked a little uncomfortable, but Noel could understand that. She'd personally be very flustered if it was her being accused, "That's great, but I'm telling the truth. I had nothing to do with that book. The Vice President is not only my childhood friend but a member of the student government, my student government. It would be very unprofessional to draw something like that."

"It was Jin himself that said the author was someone close to him, and who else is close to him besides you?" one of the girls argued against her.

Tsubaki sighed before, seeing Noel in the doorway, she started to walk away, "You all are keeping me from my work."

Before she made it out of the room, Carl spoke again, "The most conclusive, of course, is your drawing style. Some would say its easy to mimic a drawing style, but since your art is more, self-taught, I don't think it's the case of someone simply copying your style." Tsubaki swirled around, and Ada held up a comparison of two pictures before her, one from the comic, and one picture that Tsubaki had drawn for an event.

"I wasn't self-taught," Tsubaki said, her eyes narrowing once she thought about it. She snatched the paper right out of Ada's hand, staring. They were right. It did look very similar to hers, the only difference was subtle things, things you wouldn't ordinarily notice, that made the doujinshi look more official than anything she drew. After all, Tsubaki had learned how to draw when she was in middle school. While she had been a quick study, the difference between her work and the work of this unknown author was, quite clearly to her, just several more years of practice.

Tsubaki wordlessly stomped out of the room, in a clear show of guilt and surrender as far as the Sector Seven reporters were concerned. Noel scampered after her, and followed her into the student government room, where Tsubaki gently excused herself with a smile and went inside of her office.

Tsubaki had, of course, learned how to draw from her then newly befriended neighbor, Jin Kisaragi.

The door was closed, but Noel was pretty sure that the whole school could hear her furious shout of, "NII-SAMAAAAAAA!!"