100 ways to annoy Charlie Swan

1. Tell him that Bella is pregnate

2. Tell him that Edward wanted to 'do it' before they were married

3. Tell him that Edward went to a party and decided to kiss other girls while he was married! (A.N read my 13th b'day by me!)

4. Remind him after Bella and Edward's Wedding what the two would be doing that night

5. Video tape his reaction

6. Then put it on youtube

7. Then send the tape to every teenager in Forks

8. Remind him later that Edward is a vampire and could possible kill her on their wedding night

9. Video tape him yelling at all the Cullens and calling them all freaks and Blood suckers

10. Tell him it was all a joke and that he made a huge fool of himself

11. Tell him you tape the whole thing

12. Tell him that you put this on youtube

13. Tell him that the only reason she married Edward for is so he would make her into a vampire and that she could 'do it' before she was a newbie vamp that wanted nothing but blood...for a while

14. Video tape his reaction

15. Remind him that Edward isn't a vampire

16. Tell him that Edward can read his mind

17. Tell him about all the secrets Edward knows about him

18. Tell him that you know about what's under his house

19. Video tape his scared reaction

20. Tell him that Bella had several dreams involving Edward after he left her

21. Tell him hundreds of people have read this story and know all his weakness

HAAAA!!!! This one was for you Bree.

(Oh and sadly, i do not own twilight :'[ )