15 June 2027

Hermione clasped a strand of pearls around her neck. They had been a gift from Draco to her on their wedding day three years ago. She had protested at the time that they were impractical, but she did enjoy having something so lovely to wear on special occasions.

She saw him approach in the mirror. "How is everything downstairs?"

"Percolating like a well-brewed cauldron of Pepper-Up Potion. Scorpius arrived about an hour ago and is ensconced in the library with Albus trying to fight off an attack of nerves."

Hermione swatted his arm as he swept aside her hair to nibble at her neck.

"Draco," she scolded, although the tone of her voice told him she wasn't at all serious. "I need to finish getting ready."

"Anything else you do to your toilette will be 'gilding the lily', luv. The bride will not thank you for outshining her."

Hermione laughed, secretly pleased by his compliment. "Please don't exaggerate! There is no way you mean it."

"I absolutely do!" he exclaimed, catching her eye in the mirror. "You are stunning. Your hair cascades down your back like gentle wave, your eyes shine with happiness, and your figure… well, your figure is more enticing than a summer day on the French Rivera."

"High praise, indeed!" Hermione smiled, blushing slightly.

Draco shook his head and wrapped his arms around his wife's waist. "Not at all. It doesn't even come close to describing your loveliness."

Hermione's smile grew wider and Draco once again dipped his head to nibble on her neck.

There was a knock on the door. "Mum? Oh, Merlin, are you two at it again?"

Hermione turned around to see her son standing in the doorway, his ears red. "What is it Hugo?"

"The guests are beginning to arrive."

She nodded and turned to Draco.

"I'll go greet everyone and Hugo, Fred and Louis can start seating people in the garden."

"Thank you, darling," Hermione smiled, giving his hand a squeeze. "I'm just going to finish up here and then go check on Rose and Lily."

As her husband and son left the room, Hermione thought back on her wedding to Draco. It had been a small ceremony with only family members in attendance. Neither had wanted anything extravagant, both agreeing that the ceremony was not nearly as important as marriage that would follow it.

And what a wonderful marriage it had been! It was full of understanding, companionship, amusement, and a healthy dose of lust. Although they still spent a lot of time at odds over details, they agreed about most of the central aspects of life – about the importance of family, staying healthy, doing everything in moderation, and on remaining patient. They were a team, the best of friends and incredible lovers. It was everything that a good marriage was supposed to be and Hermione was grateful to have been able to find it twice in one lifetime.

Hermione dabbed a bit of perfume behind her ears and left the room to go see Rose. She was confident that her daughter would be just as lucky in her marriage.


Almost an hour later, Hermione stood arm in arm with Draco, ready to take her assigned seat for the wedding.

"Does it bother you that Rose asked Harry to walk her down the aisle?" Hermione asked as Draco escorted her toward the front row.

"Absolutely not!" he replied sincerely. "I would much rather walk her beautiful mother down the aisle."

She smiled up at him. "You are such a charming man when you put your mind to it."

He angled his head toward her slightly. "It's hard not to be charming when in the company of such a captivating woman."

Hermione giggled, causing several of the wedding guests – including Astoria – to raise their eyebrows at them. While she was not embarrassed by her and Draco's affectionate relationship, she blushed at the attention focused on them.

Draco smiled at her in understanding, although he loved being the focus of all eyes. "We should give them something to look at," he whispered, sitting down next to her.

She shook her head. "Not here and not now," she replied quietly.

He nodded, but his smile grew into a smirk. "You realize that means somewhere else and later, right? I'm going to hold you to that."

Hermione wanted to laugh because he looked so much like his younger self – cocky after having successfully manipulated a situation to his benefit. Overcome by the wave of nostalgia, she wanted to grab him by the hand and drag him off into the bushes behind the dais. Instead she settled for kissing him softly on the lips, delighted, once again, to have had the good judgment to link her life to his.

She sat up straight and held his hand as Scorpius and Al took their places in front of the guests. She felt Draco squeeze her fingers as the music started and Lily walked down the aisle looking enchanting in a strapless, pale blue dress. The music changed again and everyone stood up, their heads turned to focus on Harry walking with Rose on his arm toward Scorpius.

A stab of grief clutched Hermione's heart for a moment. It was so unfair that Ron wasn't here to give his daughter away. He should be the one walking her down the aisle while staring sternly at Scorpius. He should be the one standing next to Hermione his eyes filled with tears because his little girl was all grown-up. She felt Draco's hand rubbing her back gently and her sorrow started to fade. She leaned against him and let his strength sustain her through ceremony.

Once the vows had been exchanged and Scorpius had kissed his bride, Hermione and Draco parted to see that all the guests found their tables and were enjoying themselves. Many of Hermione's former housemates pulled her aside and congratulated her on how lovely Rose had looked and how proud Ron would have been. She was able to smile at their comments, certain they were right.

As she moved between tables, someone grabbed her wrist.

"May I have this dance?"

Hermione looked up into Draco's face. She hadn't planned on spending the evening dancing. As the mother of the bride she needed to mingle and thank all the guests for coming. However, when she didn't immediately answer him, Draco raised an eyebrow mockingly. She could tell he expected her to refuse.

She decided to surprise him. "Thank you; that would be lovely."

Draco swept her onto the dance floor. "Has anyone besides me told you how lovely you look this evening?" he asked with a hint of amusement in his voice.

Hermione pursed her lips, unsure what he was trying to accomplish with that question. If she said 'no,' she'd be lying and he'd know it.
However, if she answered 'yes,' he'd probably accuse her of being conceited – which she was not. Rather than answer, she decided to put him on the defensive. "Do you mean lovely for someone old enough to have a married daughter?"

Draco stopped dancing, drawing all eyes toward them. "I certainly do not! I would have thought that you were bright enough to understand that beauty does not have anything to do with age."

Hermione felt her cheeks grow red. "Of c-course it doesn't," she stammered tugging on his arm. "Let's continue dancing."


"Draco!" she hissed, not quite loud enough to be heard by the other dancers. "We are drawing attention."

He shrugged. "I don't think I can continue until I've convinced you just how glorious you are."

"I'm convinced. Let's dance."

He frowned. "Why do I suspect that you are simply trying to placate me?"

"Because you have a devious mind." She tugged on his arm. "Now will you please start dancing again?"

Draco looked around. "We do seem to be the center of attention."
"And it is completely inappropriate. Today is supposed to be Rose's and Scorpius' day."

"I'm sure they won't mind sharing the limelight with us for a just a few moments," he grinned, tightening his arms around her.

"What are you on ab—" Hermione's words were cut off by Draco covering her mouth with his own. She struggled briefly, hoping to pull away, but it was useless. Moreover, as his lips continued to tease hers, she soon forgot about the guests, her embarrassment, and the bride and groom. All she could concentrate on, all she could think about was how good he made her feel. When he finally broke their kiss, she was breathless and dreamy-eyed.

"I love you, Mrs. Malfoy," he whispered, before sweeping her back in a low dip, just as the music ended.

The rest of the reception passed swiftly. Before long it was time for Scorpius and Rose to leave for their honeymoon.

Draco glanced at his watch and frowned. "What is taking them so long? They went upstairs to change out of their wedding finery and into their travelling clothes 30 minutes ago. They should be back by now. The guests are getting antsy to wave goodbye."

Hermione gripped his arm and smiled up at him. "If I remember correctly it took us forty minutes to change after our reception."

Draco scoffed. "It took us 10 minutes to dress and 30 minutes for me to go down on you and have you screaming about how glad you were to finally be Mrs. Malfoy."

Hermione blushed slightly. "Then I'm sure Rose and Scorpius won't be much longer."

Draco wrapped his arm tightly around her waist. "Once they are gone, how long do I have to wait before throwing all these buggers out and dragging you upstairs to have my way with you?"

Hermione stood on her tip toes and nipped at his lip. "Only as long as it takes you to clear the house without being rude or using unnecessary magic."

He groaned into her mouth and was about to start an argument about exactly what she considered unnecessary magic when Rose and Scorpius emerged from the house in their travelling clothes looking flushed and slightly dishevelled.

"I can't believe that boy can't even wait until he gets away from here to molest his wife," Draco muttered with a shake of his head.

"Like father, like son," Hermione laughed, squeezing him tightly around the waist and feeling happier than she could ever remembered having been.

The reception seemed to drag on once Rose and Scorpius had departed. Hermione managed to say goodbye to most of the departing guests, thanking them for sharing the day with her and reminiscing with them about Rose's childhood. Eventually, everyone was gone except for Draco and Hugo. Hermione left them to clean up the garden, while she went to the kitchen and charmed the dishes to wash themselves.

Hermione was exhausted when she finally crawled into bed next to Draco. "What an amazing day! I can't believe everything went so well, especially considering your parents and Arthur and Molly were sitting at the same table. I really expected there would be some sort of embarrassing incident."

"That is because you, my darling, leave too many things to chance."

"What do you mean? What did you do?"

"Just cast a cheering charm on the table… and maybe bribed house elves at the Manor to slip a Valum into my parents morning coffee."

Hermione tried to look stern, because really she did not approve of such methods. One should expect adult witches and wizards to act like mature grown-ups without having to put them under the influence of artificial stimuli. Of course, she would have hated to have Rose's and Scorpius' wedding day marred by anyone's – even their grandparents – adolescent behaviour. With a jolt, Hermione sat straight up in bed. "Wait!" she exclaimed. "Is that why your parents were so well behaved at our wedding?"

"Or course not," Draco replied comfortingly, reaching over and pull Hermione down next to him. "I had to use much stronger methods at our wedding!"

"I can't believe you!" Hermione exclaimed.

Draco pressed a kiss against her lips and slid his hand up her arm. "Of course you can." He began to nuzzle her neck causing delightful sensations to travel up and down her spine. "In fact, I think you would be slightly disappointed if I behaved any differently."

Hermione pressed herself closer. She could feel every inch of him through her thin nightgown. She almost forgot about scolding him. "Do you intervene at every event both our families attend?"

"Mummm," he hummed, nodding against her breasts.

"Draco! Please pay attention to me."

He looked up at her face. "Woman, I am trying to pay attention to you. If you would only close your mouth I could pay even greater attention to you."

Hermione wanted to slug him or protest or something, but he was pushing up her nightgown and nuzzling her breasts and it just didn't seem that important any more. She arched her back and pushed against him. He lifted his head and smiled up at her. Overwhelmed by love, and lust, and affection she grasped his face between her hands and pressed her lips against his forcefully. His mouth opened and she pushed her tongue into it, revelling in the familiarity, and enjoying the feeling of his response to her aggression. She loved how Draco enjoyed both her strength and her surrender. It was what made them such a successful couple.

She broke away to take a shuddering breath and within seconds Draco was posed over her, capturing her lips, tugging and caressing them with his, while his hands were slowly divesting her of her clothing. When he finally released her mouth, Hermione's chest was rising rapidly and she was on the edge of losing her mind.


And then he was inside her and it was as hot and exciting as their first time together.

"I love you, I love you, I love you," she murmured again and again as he continued to press deeply into her. Under the skilled work of his lips and hands, she soon spiralled out of control, gripping him tightly to her as he too went mindless.

Several minutes later, after they had regained their senses, Hermione cuddled closer to Draco. "Do you think things will be different now?"

"No," he replied.

"But Rose is leaving and she and Scorpius won't be around so much anymore and before long they might have children and then we'll have to do all sorts of grandparent-type activities and everyone will think we are old and then we'll start to act old. You'll start complaining about you bad back, and I'll get headaches, and we'll never kiss or have sex anymore."

Draco laughed. "That is never going to happen."


"We are never going to act old."

"Of course we will; it's inevitable."

Draco kissed the top of her head. "Darling you've met my parents, right?"

"Of course, but what does that have to do with us?"

"Well, they are the kind of grandparents we will be – young, virile, active, and sexy. No one who sees us will ever suspect that we have married children, let along grandchildren. They will assume that we are the same amazing, intelligent, and highly sensual people we've always been."

Hermione frowned slightly. "There is no way I can be a grandparent like your mother! Didn't you tell me she refused to have anything to do with Scorpius until he could act like a well mannered and civilized wizard?"

Draco nodded.

"Well, I just don't see any child of Rose's reaching that stage until he or she is at least twenty. I want to be a grandparent like Molly. The kind that the kids love to visit so much that they hate to return home to their parents. I want to spoil them and give all the treats their parents refuse to indulge in. I want them to tell me their secrets and come to me for advice and see me as safe harbour for the unreasonableness of the rest of the world."

"Perhaps a compromise? We stay young, energetic, and sexy, but at the same time do everything in our power to replace Rose and Scorpius as the favourite people in their children's affections."

"Draco, that is not what I meant!"

He smiled at her and patted the pillow next to his head. "Oh well. We have at least a good nine months to plan it all out. I daresay we'll figure something out in that time."

"Alright," she said quietly before lying down next to him and giving him one last, lingering kiss before sleep overtook her.

The End