Chapter 20

The morning sky turned from dark gray to lighter blue-gray, and the hint of orange on the eastern horizon.

Silently a long hidden door opened and two figures entered the bedchamber, and made themselves comfortable, waiting for the sleeping Headmaster to awaken.

Minerva McGonnegal was working, writing lists, making decisions, getting prepared for the day ahead. In this respect, she was very much like Hermione, when she could, she made sure she was prepared for what was to come.

In the kitchens, Dobby and his newly freed followers had stopped some of the last of the undelivered elves from going to wake the headmaster with his morning tea.

"Young friend, your loyalty to the school's headmaster is admirable, but I cannot let you go and disturb him at this point in time."

Dobby was tall, compared to the average elf, his blond hair highlighted the bronze color of his skin, and his power was enough to make any elf under his command pause. They instinctively obeyed, for Dobby was their leader, their King. Dobby would have been that position whether he had been first freed from the ancient curse, or the last.. Dobby had the heart and soul of a leader, of a King.

The elf in question bowed slightly.

"Dippy obeys Master"

"Good. Now then, tell me what the Headmaster has had you doing for him"

"Dippy obeys."

The sun flowed across the towers of the castle and down the sides, leaking into windows and arches, lighting up sleeping chambers, and waking the day owls, many of whom went to pick up their morning deliveries.

The distribution offices of The Daily Prophet were quite busy, except the banner on the head of the newspaper being delivered no longer said 'The Daily Prophet', but rather 'The Howler'

The headline blared out 'Murder at Hogwarts', followed by a picture of the former Undersecretary to Minister Fudge casting a killing curse, and the next picture showed the curse impacting Harry Potter, causing him to fall dead to the floor of the Great Hall.

The text surrounding the photos told a story that was completely true and without any editorial deflection or opinion. It went on to say who did what, where and if it could be ascertained, why.

Below the fold, the story continued and showed Harry rise from the dead, and how he took his revenge on his attackers.

The second page had other articles in context, reminding people of where Harry was placed in their society, being the Head of and only remaining member of the oldest recorded line of magical families, as well as some of the things he had the rights to do as that Head.

There was almost two inches of information as to the dismissal of Malfoy as an ancient family, Harry's declaration of the non-existence of the name Malfoy and the loss of all their properties, money, titles, everything.

Harry did make a mistake there, it would eventually be revealed.

Never humiliate an enemy, take away everything he has to live for, and let him live..all you have done is created an enemy who has nothing to lose.

An article on the third page spoke of the disappearances of many people from the wizarding world, and speculated on what was happening. It was also pointed out that every name that could be ascertained as one of the missing, every single one had been suspected or was known to be a Death Eater. The article speculated that it could be one of two things, someone taking out the criminal element in an effort to stop suspected terrorists, of conversely, the 'dark lord' Tom Riddle who called himself Voldemort was gathering his forces.

This copy of the new newspaper would be widely discussed and argued over, that is until the second issue was delivered the next day.

Few knew, but Madam Pince made sure that every issue was collected and bound into a large book, which would be studied for years in the future.

In many homes, manors and residences across the UK, people were angry.

Their elves had disappeared, there was no food on the table and no one in the household was inclined or capable to cook for themselves.

Albus Dumbledore woke with a start, his heart racing.

He struggled to sit up and see what was going on, to realize two figures were sitting beside his bed, one on each side. He quickly, well as quickly as an old wizard who had just woken up could be, he quickly whipped out his wand and pointed it toward the more powerful of the two figures, his magic sensing the greater threat. Before he could utter any spell, hex, curse or incantation, the figure reached out and snatched the wand from his hand, and made it disappear from sight.

Harry leaned into the light streaming from the window and a nimbus of sunlight made his face glow with power.

"Good morning Headmaster, we are here for our morning meeting."

Albus gasped out and tried to answer, but was having some trouble on that count, for the taking of The Elder Wand from his control had an effect on him. He had 'owned' the wand for close to fifty years, since he had taken it from Gellert Grindewold, his friend, lover and accomplice in their attempt to take complete control of the wizarding world.

His 'defeat' of the 'dark wizard' had placed him in a very good light, politically, and with a few tweaks of public opinion, a few obliviations, a minor killing or two, and he was know as the 'leader of the light'.

The sudden removal of that wand from his grasp and his control had a severe effect on his magic, in that it ripped most of that magic from him, and gathered in a nimbus around the victor, in this case, Harry.

Harry kept his cool, his repeated backups of his mind had created a number of avatars in his mind, and the sudden influx of power did not have the usual effect, of knocking out the receiver, but being evenly distributed among the many 'selves'.

Each of these images received a few percent of that power, that magical potential. If Harry had been of a single mind, all of the magical potential gathered up at once would have put him out of commission for several hours, and possibly made him susceptible to attack.

As it is, he was unhinged for almost three seconds.

Sirius looked worried

"What is it Harry?"

"Manageable.. give me a minute"

Harry grunted this out. Sirius turned his attention to the Headmaster.

Dumbledore wheezed out. "Why?"

Sirius spoke.

"Because your continued manipulation of The Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter, Because your direct responsibility for the deaths of my brother James and his wife Lily, for your plan to make Harry a martyr for your great name, for the fact you are a lying sadistic old man who doesn't deserve the life you have lived, on the backs of the innocent, and for your creation of the current Dark Lord, Tom Riddle."

"The blood of innocents is on your hands, old man, and when you get to the other side, James and Lily will be waiting, as well as all those whom you have wronged in the name of your Greater Good."

"That includes your silence in my innocence and you leaving me in Azkaban for twelve years."

Sirius looked to Harry who by this time was feeling more in control.

"You have anything, Pup?"

"Yes, for your interference in my life, for your attempt to betroth me to my friend Ginny against my will,, and hers, for your interference between my beloved and myself, I take satisfaction in your leaving this mortal realm."

he took a breath

"I take no pleasure in killing someone, but if it is to protect my family, and by all the gods and magic I declare that Hermione is my family, I would kill you or anyone without a thought."

He held up the liberated wand, "I have this now, I now own all three of the Deathly Hallows, yes, Headmaster, all of them. I now have to destroy two more of Tom's Horcruxes and then I can kill your bastard son."

"By the way, thanks for keeping me in the dark for these years, not telling me the prophecy, not telling me about Tom Riddle, not giving me any training, expecting me to be your obedient lapdog.. well, headmaster, this dog don't jump."

Harry stood and put the wand away.

"Before you go to your reward, just let me assure you that I will be telling the truth about your lies and plots, every one I can find out about, and whatever you have hidden will be found out.. I know about your summers on Fire Island, with fifty years of Head Boy polyjuice, I know about what you did to your sister, I know about the things you did with Grindewold in

the name of blood purity.. too bad your name will go down in history, just not in the manner in which you would like it to."

What was left of the old man deflated as his will to live seeped out of him.

In short order there was little left of his mind, as the stress had ruptured a main artery and his brain shut down, since his autonomic brain function no longer supported breathing or a heartbeat.

His magic had fled and he was just a very very old man.

The two men looked around the headmaster's private quarters.


the Elvin leader appeared.

"Could you get some of your people to come in here and copy all these books and file them in our archives, leave the copies here, take the originals."

Dobby called several of his elf squads and they set about the task.

"All paperwork, hidden things, artifacts, anything of value that is not direct property of the school"

Dobby was looking over some objects on shelves, beautiful artifacts, laced with power and potential.

"Many of these are property of House Potter"

"I see, well take it all, I want back what belongs to my family, and I suspect many of the things he has here are not his either.

"Hey Pup, remember this?"

Harry turned and saw Sirius holding up a gold chain with an hourglass on the end.

"Hmm, looks like a useful tool to have, good one, Siri, we need to get back an hour ago and go to breakfast, not be here."

on a whim, Harry activated the Marauders map. "See, we are sitting in the Great Hall right now..This has made me hungry, and I need breakfast. And we have a big day ahead of us."

He stood and went to the open door in the wall of the Headmaster's private quarters, followed by Sirius. Dobby and his crew popped out, and the room was silent, and looked exactly like it had when they arrived, except for the fact, that the old man in the bed was now dead..the room was silent, silent as a tomb.

The hidden door closed and the two men walked down the tubes in the walls of the castle, all the way down to the Chamber of Secrets, for those tubes were how the snake had gotten around in his second year.

It seemed that Salazar Slytherin had put hidden passageways throughout the school so go could appear wherever he wanted without being seen.

Harry had installed a door of his own the previous year and explored the tunnels, and found doors into most areas of the school, every common room, every Head of House office, the infirmary, the great hall. The only places the tunnels did not go were where new construction had taken place after 1100 AD. The truth was, Salazar had not been driven away, or disappeared, he lived out his life in the castle and he had died in the castle.

His bones were interred in a stone chamber hidden from view, placed there by a loyal friend, who sealed the chamber and walked out the door, never to return.

Alphonse Potter.

Salazar Slytherin's great great grandson.

Some years later Harry would come across the journal of his ancestor and find the notation along with the passwords to get access. Parsel passwords.

That Harry would leave well enough alone, content in the fact that the tomb was still sealed, and that was enough.

Harry and Sirius appeared in the tower room an hour before, and they went to the Great Hall for breakfast. Sirius sat at the Head Table with Professor McGonnegal and Sprout, Harry sat with Hermione, Ginny and Neville.

Ron came in and sat down, a few spaces down the table, next to Seamus and Dean, receiving a glare from Ginny that made him shudder to think what she was going to do to him.

McGonnegal and Sirius were talking and the Professor stopped, and visibly shuddered.

"What is it Minerva?" Sprout asked. "Something happened.. the wards around the school.." she suddenly looked serious.


the elf popped in.

"Yes, Mistress?"

"Check on the Headmaster, see if he is all right"

"Yes Mistress"

The elf popped away, they were all used to this elf around the Headmaster as he was the Headmaster's personal valet and assistant.

Less than a minute later the elf was back.

"Headmaster Albie is not breathing. No magic either."

Minerva covered her face with her hand as she bowed her head, seeming as if she had a bad headache.

"Thank you Dippy, please notify Madam Pomfrey."

she lifted her face and asked Sirius.

"Do you have that clever mirror of yours with you?" he nodded. "Please get me one as soon as you can, I need to be in touch easier..May I?"

He handed her the device and she called Amelia Bones.

"Amy, good to see you, I need you in your official capacity."

"What is it Minnie?"

Albus is dead, I need your Medical Examiner here to ascertain time of death, which was four minutes ago, by my watch."

"How do you know?"

"I felt the school wards attach themselves to me, I now control the school."

"I see, well, I will get him there as soon as I can, but we are having a bit of a bustle here at the Ministry.."

"Oh, really?, what's going on?"

A coup, the King has authorized a takeover of the government, too much corruption. I myself intend to sit in my office and wait for them to come to me."

"Don't worry Amy, you won't be harmed, I am sure"

"Glad you think so, I will get Healer Ducky there as soon as I can, Have Poppy put a stasis charm on the body and the possible crime scene, a little too convenient, you know."

"Yes, indeed. Thank you Amy."

She handed the mirror back to Sirius.

He took his water goblet and emptied it out, and transfigured the goblet into a replica of his own mirror, he laid the new mirror on top of the original and did some clever charm work, including some silent casting, and then handed the new, improved mirror to the new headmistress.

"There you go, a third generation mirror, as good as mine is, the only ones better are those owned by Harry and Hermione.. if you want yours upgraded, you have to talk to them."

"I will., in fact I want to see every student with one of these as well as every staff member, it is too convenient not to have, from what I have seen."

"You don't know the half of it, Minnie, these will do amazing things,

Professor Sprout, do you have a mirror yet?"

"Yes, Neville asked the Potters to make me one, that young man will go far."

yes, both of them will, Neville is quite clever, and strong as an ox, I did some sparring with him this summer, he took me down more than once."

"Really?." both professors were amazed

"Yes, he learned it from Harry, how to channel his magic, that and a new wand, he is every bit as powerful as Frank was."

Minerva was making several mirror calls to many people, lining up all her soldiers in a row.

She had a checklist she was going down, Sprout recognized some of the names on the list.

"You knew about this beforehand, didn't you?" she whispered to McGonnegal.

Minerva looked sharply at the Hufflepuff Head and nodded ever so slightly.

"There's going to be quite a shakeup here at Hogwarts, not to mention the Ministry.. all we can do is ride it out and hope for the best"

Sprout nodded. "What about the Board of Governors?"

"Doesn't really matter, I have the heads of the four founders families here this year."


Mr Potter is a descendant of Godric, as well as Salazar, Miss Bones is a descendant of Hufflepuff, and Miss Lovegood is of the Ravenclaw line."

"will they cooperate?"

"It's me cooperating with them, not the other way around.. last night, very late, I had a delivery of several lists of names, instructors to replace several we are missing and enhance those we already have.. don't worry, your job is safe.."

"I might surprise you Minnie, as soon as Mr Longbottom gets his mastery in Herbology, I am retiring"

Minerva looked up sharply at her friend.

"Not so soon..please?"

she looked a bit panicked. She whispered

"Pommy, I need your help. I have to turn this school around, and quickly, we have to bring Hogwarts back from the brink.. Albus' dealings for the last thirty years have practically destroyed us, we are the worst teaching establishment in the UK if not all of Europa.. a Hogwarts education used to mean something..I want it to be so again."

Sprout sighed. "We Hufflepuffs are nothing if not loyal, yes, I will help you. What's first?"

"Slytherin has no head, Severus is among the disappeared.. we will not be seeing him again."

Sprout thought for a moment. "Who is down there now?

"I have an Auror watching over them, he comes from Durmstrang and indicated he wanted to move here to the UK..met a girl, I believe."

"Will he stay the year?"

"No, one month choices are Aurora and calling back Slughorn.. he might do."

Sprout thought a minute.

"Have this Durmstrang fellow, what's his name?"

"Chekov, Pavel Chekov, he says his parents were something called trekkies"

"Is he a pureblood?, the Slytherins would eat up anyone not a pureblood."

"Yes,his parents are purebloods, odd ones, but yes.."

Have him and Aurora work together to set the place straight.. if things are going as you say, there may be fewer instigators in the school this year."

"You may be right"

Sirius stuck his nose into the whispered conversation, and added his own whisper.

"Nott, Jugson, Avery, Pucey, McTavish, among others, all will fail to make the tuition payment this year, so those families will not have students in the school this semester.. or probably ever again."

"And you know this, how?"

Sprout looked at the ex-marauder.

"Because, my lovely Pomona, I just got a notification that their assets will be seized by the new government for being marked Death Eaters."

He held up his mirror which was streaming lines of news and data,

much of it from an unnamed source.

"Sirius Black what business do you have consorting with revolutionaries overthrowing the government."

"Me?, Consorting?..not me, I'm innocent of everything, trust me." he waggled his eyebrows at the professors.

It was all they could do to not laugh out loud.

"In a more somber note, shall we announce the demise of the Headmaster or not?"

"Not until Amelia's medical examiner comes to determine cause of death., she thinks it may be a crime, not natural"

Sirius snorted. "Natural? Around that old man?, I think not."

He sat at his seat and perused his mirror, as were quite a few of Harry's friends.

Minerva sighed and stood, getting everyone's attention.

"I have a few announcements to make.."

"Today's classes will be postponed, and I ask that the students maintain a bit of decorum in the great events happening.. as you see, the Daily Prophet is no more, it has been replaced."

"Also, from what I understand, our Ministry of Magic is being taken over and replaced as well."

A swell of noise and questions.

"An assignment for every student, which will be picked up by your head of House".

"listen to the broadcasts of the WWN and try to discern what is going on. Write a paragraph or two, no more than five on your view of today's attempted Government takeover."

"Students may go outside, but stay within range of the castle, for we don't know if there will be any attacks on the school. Older students look out for the younger, prefects, meeting with me one hour, and now, as I have received confirmation."

"At 6:21 this morning Albus Dumbledore passed over into the next great adventure, and I have been promoted to Headmistress. Temporarily Professor Sprout is my deputy and she will be replaced within thirty days, as many of her duties are time sensitive."

Professor Snape is one of 'The Missing' and we do not expect his return."

cheers and hooting.

"Quiet!, act like proper ladies and gentlemen!"

it took a minute, but they did.

"Auror Pavel Chekov and Professor Aurora Sinestra will be the temporary Head of Slytherin."

Some of the muggleborn giggled at Chekov's name.

They would change their tune the first time they did a bad Russian accent in his hearing.

McGonnegal looked to her companions at the Head table

"Do either of you have anything to say?"

Sprout said no, Sirius stood up.

"As Lord Black, I have called for an emergency meeting of the Wizengamot. I want all of you, and I mean ALL of you to listen to the broadcast, it will be on all channels of Radio Sunshine, and the WWN"

"Today is a day History is being made, you should remember it."

"Your assignment is this.

There are people overthrowing your government, by whose authority, and why. Ask those questions and write down your answers."

"Harry, come here."

Harry stood and took off his school robe and handed it to Luna, who was right next to him. He was wearing formal robes with the Potter AND Black crests large across the back. In a sheath on his shoulder was the Sword of Gryffindor.

He strode up to the table and met Sirius who stepped down from the platform. Sirius shrugged off his robe to reveal an all black military uniform with his personal Black Crest on his shoulder.

"Lord Harry James Potter is my heir in all things, unless I have an opportunity to produce an heir. If you attack him, you attack me"

Before they walked out the door, Sirius turned and spoke to Headmistress McGonnegal.

"I'm taking Lord Potter with me, we have a Wizengamot session to get to."

The entrance to the Ministry was blocked. The floo was now shut off, the portkey arrival area was warded, Apparition was blocked as well. There were two known exterior access points to the Ministry, one was the Phone Booth, which acted as an elevator into the main area of the atrium.

The other was an anonymous door in an alcove that, if it recognized you, allowed you into a plain concrete stairway, unremarkable and anonymous. Very few wizards used this doorway, only a few of the Unspeakables.

The wizards took very little notice of happenings above ground level, they had no thought for the twenty story building that was erected above the site of the Ministry, or the fact that there was a lot of real estate changing hands in the area recently.

The twenty story building had a name on the cornerstone that might have interested the people hidden below ground..

The cornerstone said this:

Potter Industrial Group

Erected 1978

Charlus Potter CEO

The Ministry would not see what was coming, for they were willfully blind.

Harry and Sirius entered the lobby of the PIG building and waved to the armed guards standing their duty. There was a company of Special Forces Marines on loan from the Royal Marines. Every one of the troops had at least one magical relative and knew what they were heading in to.

The elevator door opened, polished stainless, slipped aside silently and they entered, and were met by Mooney.

"Hows it going, Mooney?"

"five by five, My people took each department last night, and set up what is basically a processing line. Someone comes to work and is taken and questioned. If they are on the list, they get stubefied and stacked for later transport."

The Stubefie, was a runes based stunning charm, you slapped it on the target and they were out, and could not be woken up without a password.

"We've got the 10th floor courtroom filled. With stunned bodies, we may need another place to store them."

"I'm tempted to just start throwing marked Death Eaters through the veil."

"But that would be wrong" Harry said sarcastically.

The two men rolled their eyes and they reached the bottom of the elevator shaft. The doors opened. "Ninth level,Department of Mysteries."

They disembarked into a concrete walled room, big enough to hold close to 300 people if they all stood up straight.

"This'll do. Is the DoM taken?"

"I'll say, they are cooperating with us.. taken out several of their own and delivered them."

"Verra nice.. are we ready?"

"Yes, OK men, look sharp"

The three stood straight and checked each other. The Royal Marines flowed out of the elevator shaft like water.

"The Wizengamot full?"

Mooney looked at his mirror and showed it to Sirius. He nodded in satisfaction, the image showed all the seats filled, well, except for the missing members.

The locked door in the Department of Mysteries opened and people began pouring out.

"Forward MARCH!

A drumbeat echoed throughout the Ministry building. No one could see where it was coming from, and looked around in shock.

Somewhere, deep inside the structure, marching feet trod

one two

one two

one two

The marching soldiers flowed out several doors into the Atrium, a mix. From one door, Royal Marines, from anther door, Mooney's Lycan Wolfpack, from a third, a troop of armed Goblin Warriors, and a fourth, a troop of American Auror mercenaries hired for the duration of this action.

Harry was not nervous, he had trained very hard to use The Sword well, and he did, both with and without a wand. He could hold his own left or right handed, Hermione had taken to calling him Inigo Montoya while they were training.

The troops all marched into the Atrium and took their places, guarding the floo, guarding the elevators, guarding every possible ingress or exit.

A small squad was setting up a framework in the lobby, and dialing in a long sequence of numbers at the junctures of each corner.

As the troops passed by a large platform lined with shelves appeared, and the crew started loading stunned prisoners on the shelves.

The column of troops peeled off and went to their assigned areas, and there was no one left in the Ministry, in any office in any hidden room or closet that had not been found. Loyal wizards were directed to the Gallery in the Wizengamot hall, or were held in the lunchroom facility.

The Wizengamot members were all in their traditional seats awaiting the arrival of Lord Black, and were concerned about this noise and all these armed people around them. Some would even attempt to protest.

Like it would do any good.

The three marched into the Wizengamot chamber, followed by a company of Lycans armed with a variety of weapons.

The Lycans fanned out and held their weapons at the ready, vaguely pointed toward the ruling body. Harry, Sirius and Mooney strode up to the front and center of the chamber and stopped. With the signal of his foot hitting the floor as he stood to attention, the drumbeat stopped.

A podium appeared. Sirius stepped up, and his voice was amplified.

"With the Authorization of His Majesty King Edward the IX, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of HIS other Realms and Territories King, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith."

I , Sirius Orion Black have been appointed Military Governor of the Magical world of The United Kingdom."

"I declare a state of Martial Law now exists."

There was much muttering and anger.

"I declare that this Wizengamot is hereby disbanded."

"All special privilege, payment, status afforded the members of this body shall now be stopped."

"Every member of this body will be questioned and searched before they leave this chamber. If found to bear the Dark Mark, that person shall be arrested and imprisoned to await judgment."

There was a fuss and one of the members jumped up and attempted to cast a curse towards Sirius, but was hit in the face with a potions ball, delivered by a paintball gun. The assailant collapsed, unconscious, tagged with Draught of the living death.

He was levitated out of the heap he was in on the floor, , his sleeve cut away, and the mark revealed.

A gesture from Mooney and the man was taken away, to be put with all the other prisoners.

The soldiers on the floor of the chamber were on high alert now, their weapons raised and pointed at the ex-wizengamot members.

Fudge tried to make some noise and demanded that the Aurors arrest everyone.

"This brings us to the next point".

"Our authorization says that we must ferret out corruption, criminal activity, deliberate malfeasance and crimes against magic, crimes against humanity."

"To this end, I am forming a tribunal, with members of our society in good standing as judges.."

Arthur, Amelia, Nicholas.?

Out of the waiting area came Arthur Weasley, Amelia Bones and Nicholas Flamel..

A judges stand was created and the three stood before it.

"The oath?"

The three raised their hands with wands, and repeated after Sirius.

"On my magic and My Life, I swear to make fair and just decisions. I will take no bribe or gift to influence my decisions.

So mote it be"

The three were enveloped in a glow and were dressed in the robes of judgment.

Fudge attempts to raise a fuss finally got him some attention.

Sirius grinned. "Thank you for volunteering Cornelius, please step to the chair." he indicated the chair with the chains awaiting him. He tried to get away,but two lycans picked him up, effortlessly and placed him in the chair and the chains did their duty.

"Administer the veritaserum."

Sirius returned to speaking as Fudge was dealt with.

"Under this magical tribunal, EVERY prisoner will be interrogated and the truth will be found. Once the truth is found, judgment will be made

That judgment will be carried out within thirty days of today.

Prisoners may speak for their self, they may have counsel, but the must speak for themselves.

The judgment of the tribunal is final.

"Let the trials begin."

"Are you a Death Eater"


"Do you support the policies and ideas of pureblood rights as espoused by Tom Marvolo Riddle, also known as Voldemort?"

"yes, er, no, what was the question?"

"Are you a follower of Voldemort's policies?"


"What is your reason for being the Minister"

"Power and Money"

"Which is more important?"

"Power..Money, no.."

"Do you take bribes?"

"I call them campaign donations."

"who is your biggest contributor"

"Lucius, but I have not seen him recently"

"Lucius Malfoy?"

"Yes, he is my best adviser"

"You do what he says?"

"Whenever I can"

"He is a Death Eater"

"He paid me to say he is not."

"How much did he pay to get that?"

"One Hundred Thousand Galleons.

"Anyone else?"

"McNair, Carrows, Yaxley, Jugson."

100,000 each?"


"That's half a million Galleons in bribes."

"Yes, that was a good year"

Fudges questioning went on for a while and at the end he was taken away to prison.

Each member of the former Wizengamot was asked if they would read a list of crimes and asked if they could swear that they were not guilty of any of those acts, and most did, some had one or two things to check off, and notes were taken on these.

While they were reading the lists and checking off their own particulars,

Sirius was talking, as much to the WWN and Radio Sunshine broadcast, as the people in the chamber.

"This is the set of rules that have been decided that we will enforce. It will be published in the media and distributed to every witch and wizard of age in our country."

He passed out the basic laws.

"At present these rules will be enforced strictly, without regard to house wealth, job, who you know or who you don't know.

Rule number 1

Secrecy: We will be maintaining the Secrecy act. There is no reason to let the mundane world to know about us without reason."

"Rule Number 2"

No slavery of any sort, no house elves will be held or owned in bondage,

No one may have human slaves, bond-servants, vassals who are held against their will. This said, any vassal, bond-servant may continue , but they must have a clearly defined contract, with a separation option, defining the rights of both parties.

Under these rules, you may hire an elf to assist you in your house, but they are freed from the curse that made House elves what they were..

"You may have seen some of the restored elves, respect them and treat them as equals, for they are a newly restored race of magical people."

"No person shall use any love potion, lust potion, any kind of control potion on another, and when you are caught, you will be liable to prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. This includes the use on Muggles.

Further, using and abusing Muggles and obliviating them is now covered under this law, When caught you will find yourself very quickly in prison."

"Rule Number 3."

"Muggle hunting, Muggle abuse and use is forbidden, and not as it has been for the last hundred years, with a laugh and a two knut fine. The laws WILL be enforced, and EVERY criminal act against a muggle will be reported to the Muggle authorities. We have good relationship with them, and they really want to know about a lot of unexplained crimes."

"Consider yourself warned."

"Rule Number 4."

"Equal rights for all.

Women have the same rights as men, muggleborn have the same rights a purebloods, Elves, Centaurs, Goblins, Dwarves, Gnomes are all sentient races of magical peoples and are an even level with human mages, and shall not be discriminated against because their specie or heritage."

"Werewolves are a different story, as the curse is something they cannot control, but they can protect each other and the public by responsible behavior.

"Every lycan has an opportunity to be free by contacting the new government, and we, the government will provide free wolfsbane, a job if needed and training.

There are appropriately warded reserves available for the nights of the Change, and if found outside one of those reserves, that werewolf is subject to the full application of the law and punishments."

"Look around you.. each of these soldiers wearing a black uniform like mine is a werewolf, a healthy well trained and in their right mind lycan.

What you see here is merely 100 of our warriors, we also have 200 plus who work in our greenhouses, fields, all manner of jobs, and they are happy with their families.

"Any werewolf who deliberately spreads the lycan virus will be captured and imprisoned, as I said Responsibility."

"Rule number 5."

Speech. Anyone can say anything they want, voice any opinion they want without reprisal.

If that person tells lies about another person, they can expect retribution.

If the lies are published, that publisher had better have a solid clad fact to back up that lie.

If that publisher prints lies about another and does not prove the facts, that publisher is subject to fines and penalties."

"Rule Number 6."

"All the basic laws of the Mundane world are to be followed. You are citizens of the United Kingdom, and as such subject to those laws, you are also entitled to protection under those same laws."

"These rules will be enforced, these rules will be backed by the new government until they are either legally voted down or proven to be otherwise inappropriate."

Sirius read off the parchment his authority, he read the basic rules and told of the enforcement of those rules, and while the questioning and oaths of the former wizengamot members was going on, he described the government structure that was to be put in place.

"In the entire UK there are fewer than 100.000 magical humans. This includes all people who can make a simple spell work, see through a anti-muggle ward such as the one hiding Diagon Alley, or have a direct magical relative."

Some will protest that will allow squibs into our world, but you forget, many of those squibs are family, and should not be cast out."

"Many of those cast out of our world are here today, gentlemen, step forward."

Every one of the dangerous looking Royal Marines stepped forward.

"Trust me friends, it does not pay to piss off an armed man."

The cold glares the magical world was receiving from the soldiers made

them cringe.

Lupin stepped up. "We are done with this lot.. those are marked, those are Sympathizers, those are the trustworthy ones."

he pointed to each group.

The marked were taken away , unconscious, the sympathizers skulked away with magic suppressing manacles on, and the ones left over were asked to sit.

"We have to do away with the traditional inherited titles, because it is causing too much damage and allowing dark lords to rise to power every twenty to forty years, just look at history"

"You people left here are trustworthy, and I apologize about how we had to go to find that out. For this, I offer you a boon. I offer you a hand in forming our new government."

This will be an appointed position that will last a total of two years. After that two years, you will be released from your duty. If you want to accept you must tell me within five days, in the meantime, I will be explaining how the new government is to work."

He distributed a basic bill of rights and a constitution, and an outline how a checks and balances system works, ow they were to elect representatives and the like.

Sirius shook his head and returned to business.

"Well then. Ok you lot.. I can't keep calling you ex-wizengamot members, so lets give you the proper title.

This group who remains to advise on the creation of the new government shall be called...the Advisory Council" "My people are passing out an agenda to each of you, read it tonight and be back here tomorrow morning at 8 am to ..Advise."

Your assignments are to create a Bill of Rights, and a Constitution, there are examples, and for our listening audience, every paper we pass out will be published in both The Howler and The Quibbler, and content can be found online everywhere."

Most everyone did not understand the last part of that, and shrugged it off.

Now then. The thing that triggered this whole set of events was the cowardly attack on my Godson, Harry, where a Ministry employee used the Killing curse to kill him. As he said, he got over it."

"Harry take it from there."

Harry stepped forward one step and bowed to the non-wizengamot, and stepped back.

"The current Dark Lord, Tom Riddle, AKA Voldemort, has been a cancer on this land for too long. The manipulations of those in power has caused much death and destruction in our lands and amongst our people.

They say that we have around 100,000 mages in our country. This is a lie."

"We have fewer than 40,000 actual wizards and witches in our country, why?, because pureblood sports, because murdering bigots, because insane sociopaths that were supported by our government."

"The purebloods are breeding themselves out of existence. By keeping it in the family, so to speak, there are fewer and fewer live births of new magical children. Every married couple should have at minimum two children to keep our population from shrinking, but most, as you all know have a single child."

The so-called muggleborne are the salvation of our society, but what do we have?, fools like Lucius Malfoy reading the Great Book of magical births and going 'muggle hunting', killing off magical children for no other reason than they are a threat to the pureblood ideal."

"All of you people out there who are so-called muggleborne, check with your families, check with your histories, you WILL find mysterious deaths.. WE WILL be finding out who did as many of these killings as possible and bring those criminals to justice."

All across the UK people were realizing that situation with their uncle or older sister who 'disappeared'...

"Now then as to the reason I am here.. not just to make speeches or look cool, I am here to end the life and threat of Tom Riddle, AKA Voldemort."

"I have been prophesied to be the one who ends the dark lords reign. I am the only one who can kill him, and he is the only one who can kill me."

he sighed. "There is a prophecy down in the hall of prophecies, I do not believe in prophecy but Tom Riddle apparently does, that's why he attacked my family and why he marked me as his equal with the scar.."

"By the way, when I was killed last night, I got rid of the scar."

he raised his hair to show the smooth forehead.

People gasped at the explanation where he admitted that he WAS the chosen one.

"I need to do a bit of Rune work here for a ritual that needs done, please carry on with your discussion."

Harry then took out a large roll of parchment and began to work.

Sirius stepped up.

Today we will be setting up a war crimes tribunal, and those who are criminals will be judged and sentencing handed down.

"All sentences are final."

"Arthur, you have a question?"

"yes, Are three of us as judges sufficient, or should we have more?"

"Well, do you know four or ten more honest and reputable men who will look at things fairly?"

"Why four or ten?"

The magical primes, 3, 7, 13..pretty soon it becomes impractical, so we started with three, if the three of you agree, you may elect some more people."

"We will discuss it." Arthur turned to Amelia and Nicholas and they talked amongst themselves.

Sirius turned his attention to his godson.

"Ok, we're still broadcasting live across the country, in fact the world, what are you doing Harry?"

Harry was on his knees on the floor transferring the runes and lines on the parchment to the stone floor of the Chamber.

"I have this ritual circle worked out, I have been working on it for more than a month with Rune Master Charles Shepherd and his apprentice Genn Dubois, and once it is complete and enclosed, I can summon Tom here, and divest him of his magic, and his life. As you know he has cheated Death for the last fourteen years, and she is pissed."

"Death, she? What are you talking about.?"

"I was speaking with Death last evening, you know, when the toad's killing curse hit me, I was in the afterlife for from my view, several hours, outside time, here, I mean was a few seconds, maybe thirty."

"I see, one more for the unique things Harry has done file.."

Harry snorted. "You better believe it..well, I have the ritual circle almost done, keep people off it please"

This last was to the soldiers on guard, most of them had stood down, since the Ministry was completely and totally in the hands of the new revolution.

Percy came in, bearing a mirror and a stack of paperwork. He placed the pile on the dais and got his father's attention.

Arthur turned and saw the stack. His eyebrows raised at the number.

He picked up the top sheet and looked it over, and passed it to his two colleagues. They nodded and put it back on the pile.

Arthur stood.

Everyone went silent and paid attention.

"We, the War Crimes Tribunal intend to elect from among the population Ten more judges. So that we may have on duty at least seven at all times. That will take some of the burden off just the three of us."

Sirius answered. "Very well, do you have any names you would like to put up now?"

"Not at this time. We will take suggestions, though."

Harry stood. "I have someone I would like to nominate for the of the positions."


"He has done some work for me and my Godfather, he put his family, his wife and child at risk without question, because he believes his actions are the right thing to do. He put his name and his very life at risk for this cause."

They looked at him expectantly

"Percy, will you accept the nomination?"

Percy looked shocked at this, he didn't even recognize himself when Harry described him.

"Um, er, sure, yes, I will, If the tribunal accepts me, I would be honored to work with them."

"Good, Tribunal?, what do you think?"

the three spoke together and then they were four.

It would take three more days to get the nominees together, and once having done so, they would pass judgment on all the Death Eaters and criminals.

"Are you ready?"

"I am."

Hermione had arrived to watch the event personally, and to support her lover.

Harry stood in the center of the ritual circle, he levitated Hermione over to himself and gave her a kiss, and she was flown back to her seat..between Arthur and Nicholas.

His wand now was made up of three parts. The Elder wand, the Ring and the Cloak. He had put them together in a bundle and shrunk them down to a toothpick size, and palmed the assemblage.

He powered up the runes, and they glowed brightly, starting at the outer edges, and working their way in until they were completely lit and functioning.

There was a central circle which Harry stood in, and one circle that was heavily warded.

He started speaking in Greek

"Moirae, I ask a favor, a boon of thee, Clotho, Lachesis, Atropos, I ask your favor."

A misty apparition came and came into focus, and spoke to the young man. It was three women, but they all spoke with a single voice.

"What is it mortal, we have seen you, twice before, and it is not yet your time, now you hold the tools of death in your hand, what will you have us do?"

"I want nothing more than to bring the pieces of Tom Marvolo Riddle

back together where they belong, and send him into the afterlife.

I wish nothing for myself."

All this was spoken in Greek, and in a dialect few would understand.

The three held their heads together and then faced him.

"Agreed, he is a bothersome child. Summon him."

Harry nodded and began the summoning ritual, and from a few places in the land, wraiths did come.

From a vault in Gringotts bank, a wraith,

From a large Snake curled up, sleeping near a fire, another.

From the in-between place, neither life nor death, four more.

Lachesis reached out with her measuring rod and snagged the pieces and handed them off to Atropos, who took the thread spun by Clotho and tied the bits together in a rough approximation of a man. When all were bound, they looked to Harry.

"One more."

He bowed to the ladies and did the final part of the summoning.

In Little Hangelton, a dying snake remained by the fire, and the wretched burn scarred semi-human wizard was phasing in and out of solidity.. he was more and more insubstantial, and finally with a pop he was ripped from his father's manor and slammed down hard on the stone floor of the council chamber.

The rent in the fabric of space let out a fireball that was nearly as hot as the sun, and for a second, there were some who thought an atom bomb had gone off in a backwater town in England.

The house was vaporized as well as the land around it, to the depth of thirty feet. This took the graveyard where Tom had been reborn, and now there was no sign of anything Riddle, Gaunt or Voldemort to be found.

Tom was shaken, stirred and otherwise without bearings. He looked up at a young man looking down at him, and saw the boy's mouth moving, but he could not hear. He did, however see the great sword swinging for his neck.

He tried to dodge, but the scar tissue from the dragon fire burns was so stiff he could barely move.

His head rolled one way and his body stayed inert.

The remaining part of his soul came out and were snagged by the Fates and sewed into the rag doll that was Tom Riddle.

The last remaining bit of Voldemort burned with a magical fire and was consumed, leaving no mark or ash, nothing.

Harry turned and faced the Fates.

He bowed deeply.

"Thank you ladies, I will see you again someday, when it is my time, until then, I wish you well."

they smiled at him and faded away. Hermione and Sirius were standing at the edge f the ritual circle. Harry put away the Sword, and cast a super powered scourgify after he drained the power from the runes. The floor was spotless, right down to the stone pavers. He opened his arms and Hermione was in them instantly.

Sirius put his arms around the two and held them to himself.

Percy was describing the actions in the great room, since no one else was inclined to do so, and some day he would be the top video news anchor in Britain and the UK, 'The most trusted name in news.'

Harry extricated himself from the three way hug and spoke softly. I have a few things I have to do.. I will meet you back at the Tower, all right?"

Hermione nodded, tears flowing down her face. She was so happy she couldn't help but cry.

"Be careful, and come back to me.."

"Take care Sirius, I will be a few minutes to you, a couple days for me, I think."

Sirius nodded and stepped back as Harry cast a very powerful 'personal space' ward, so no one could get near him.

He sat as if to meditate and his butt never hit the floor, he was levitated a few feet up, and you could feel the power radiating from him.

In the in-between, Harry stepped out of a right angle to nothing, and looked down the long train platform. There on the far end was a raggedy man, trying to hold himself together, and there with him, another in brightly colored robes, pacing back and forth. He was obviously trying to talk the other into something.

Harry nodded and then turned another angle and appeared, in his ephemeral form in the Chamber of Secrets.

He strolled down the aisles of spheres holding prisoners, and stopped in front of one.

The sallow man inside looked drained. Actually, he was, drained of information, he had told all his secrets, every one of them.. once they had broken him, there was no turning back. He felt a hand take him by the arm and march him down the aisle, and into...a train platform?.. he looked over and it was Potter.

Potter?. How could he..?

He felt another hand on the other arm,.. another Potter.. son and father together. He felt doomed before he heard the words.

"Severus, how could you, I was your friend.. you gave us up to ..them?"

the red haired angry woman pointed at the two arguing old men at the far end of the platform.."What did I do to you to deserve such treatment, I defended you to James and Siri, they apologized to you, and this is what you do to us?.. she just hauled back and smacked him hard, across the face. James and Harry just looked at each other and shrugged.

They continued their trek to the far end of the platform, and were greeted by a brightly dressed Dumbledore and a rather poorly sewn together Tom Riddle.

"Welcome my boy, Welcome,friends, would you like a lemon drop?"

all the new arrivals shook their head no, and Riddle just rolled his eyes.

"I am so glad to see you, my boy, and it was so kind of you to escort Severus to our great reward.."

"Shut up you old fool, you have nothing to say I want to hear, so just shut the hell up!"

Lily punctuated her anger with a resounding smack upon the face of the 'leader of the light'

Dumbledore looked to James with a question in his eyes.

"What she said" James said laconically.

Harry spoke up. "We have one more person for this meeting, would you please come here, Myrtle Madison?"

Myrtle showed up a few seconds later.

"Wow, this is the first time I have been out of the castle in what, fifty years.."

she looked excited.

"Well Myrtle, I wanted you to see this, the final reward for the person responsible for your death..Tom, stand up and show Myrtle some respect"

Riddle wearily got up from the bench and stood like a schoolboy caught in the act.

"Anything to say Tom?"

nothing. He just slouched.

"Harry my boy.."

"My Mum told you to shut up old man, so I'm saying it..Shut the fuck up"

Harry's punctuation was a fist and a foot.

He turned to Snape.

"Just in case you don't realize it, you are dead. I took your soul with me, and you are now in the in-between." He dug in his bottomless bag and pulled out a piece of thread.

Thread given him by Clotho, the spinner.

Harry tied it around the neck of Snape, Dumbledore and Riddle, and back to Snape.

He then bound their hands together, so each was tied to the hand of the next in a reverse daisy chain.

They formed the three points of a triangle. They could not sit down, or walk,l or do anything without the complete cooperation of the other two. They were already trying, tugging this way and that, but to no avail.

The thread was unbreakable, and would never, ever come off, except by the Master of Death.


Lily, James and Myrtle looked on as he did this.

"They are stuck together for their


"It fits, after all, Tom is Dumbledore's son, well his creation, so is Snape, they owe their very existence to him, so he is responsible for them, and all the blood they had shed, every drop.

"Every killing, every rape, every crime by them and their followers."

Harry reached out and grabbed the old man's hands and the blood appeared.

"The blood of innocents, on your hands. Forever."

They heard a train coming, fast. It could be seen coming from the North. It was black, and it shone with darkness. The train did not even slow down, so as it passed Harry kicked the trio off the platform onto the waiting cars, well, hoppers, holding the damned on their down bound journey.

The train rushed out of the station and out of sight.

Harry took Myrtle in a hug. "I'm sorry I didn't visit you more, but now you can go and find your family, and maybe find some peace, ok?"

"That's a good idea, I think, how do I get there?"

He gestured and a 1930's streamline rolled into a station, all shiny and sleek. If they had been trainspotters, they would have recognized this train as a New York Central Twentieth Century Limited, with it's flowing lines and polished steel.

The coaches were lit up with happy people and friendly service, a place that one really wanted to be.

A Porter stepped down and held the door open.

"It's time Miss Myrtle, get some rest."

the girl kissed his cheek and got on the train.

Harry turned to his parents. "You should go on too."

They thought about it for a very short time and shook their heads no.

"We will stay around for a while, at least until you and your wife can go with us as well."


"Yes, Hermione, and maybe another.."

"Lily, don't tease, Harry is only fifteen, give him a chance."

"Yes Husband.." she smirked at the older Potter.

The couple walked off after hugging their son.

He shook his head and started to leave, but he noticed a figure at the far end of the platform. Realization hit. "Oops, forgot"

He walked toward the figure who was walking toward him.

"Sorry, I was distracted and forgot.."

The young girl, no, young lady, dressed in all black black hair, black makeup, everything smiled. She was quite lovely for a very Goth looking girl.

Come, lets have a cup of tea, shall we?"

Harry didn't mind, they walked over to the side of the platform where a teashop appeared. They sat at a table and had tea. Harry laid the Hallows on the table. "I promised you these, and here they are."

he gave her a boyish grin.

"Thank you, my predecessor was upset he made these deals, and wanted to get them back, badly. It appears they have caused much trouble in the living world as well."

"I suppose, I only know what Mr Lovegood told me, and what I have learned from owning them for a day. Truthfully, I'm glad to be rid of them, it would make me and my family a target, and I won't have that."

Death opened up the bound package, and did something with each part. She removed ..something.. from each hallow. And laid them back down.

"There, now they are a wand, a ring and a cloak, nothing more."

"Thank you. I daresay they are certainly historical artifacts now."

she laughed, her voice a tinkling sound like glass wind-chimes.

"Go home Harry, you have much to do"

"Yes, I suppose. Actually I think I will go and get some sleep."

they stood and Harry held out his hand to hers, but she ignored it and pulled him into a hug.

"I will see you again, my friend, but it may be a long time."

she kissed his cheek and faded away.

He shook his head and left. On the platform a tall man dressed all in black, Destiny sighed. "Good luck, mate, you'll need it."

End Chapter 20

Some may say with the demise of the two dark lords and their lackey, the story is over.

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