Chapter 5: I Got Dibs

Jes, in her human disguise, pulled Dib by the ear the entire way back to his house. "You are in SOOO much trouble when you get home, I can't even begin to contemplate how long you're going to be grounded." Jes predicted.

"How do YOU know?" Dib said. "What, have you been using some of that crazy alien tech to spy on my dad's BRAINS?"

"No, just assuming." Jes replied. "I mean, seriously. YOU SNUCK INTO A NEIGHBOR'S HOUSE."

"Yah, 'cause you're ALIENS."

"Pphh!" Jes laughed. "And you think he's going to believe that?"

"No... he never does." Dib said. "He never will..."

And so ended another day in the lives of the IZ crew. What happened after that, you ask? Zim got over his cold in about a week, Dib was grounded for two weeks, and Zim, Jes, Hey, Kal and Der were laughing about it for about four weeks. Then life pretty much went on normally... or, you know; the sort of life that's normal for THEM.

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