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The day my dad came was the scariest day of my life. I was frozen, unable to do anything.

I could see the way his eyes glinted, his shocking red eyes. His face was contorted into an angry expression. His face was the mask of evil.

I could hear my mum pleading with him. Begging him not to touch me. Trying to reason with him.

I looked at mum's boyfriend laying motionless on the floor. I felt sorry for him, he didn't stand a chance against my dad, a strigoi. Mum's boyfriend's eyes were searching for something, someone. His gazed locked with mine and I got momentarily distracted by his emerald eyes but tore my gaze away as a shriek came from across the room.

I'd heard the stories about my mum. Most of them not very nice. In fact, most were not very nice at all. Many had been about how she was an irresponsible, high school dropout. But I still heard the stories about her being deadly. A badass.

When my dad crouched down to face off with my mum, she proved just how deadly she really was.

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