Chapter 2 isn't finished yet, so it ends rather abruptly.

I woke up... well, dreaming. (Oh, you know what I mean!!) I opened my eyes to look at the sky. I was lying on my back, so I stood up, to find one of the most impressive sights I'd ever seen...

In front of my eyes was a bird's-eye view of what I now recognized to be ancient Judea!! I was too surprised to scream, so I just stood there on the roof, mouth agape. I looked down at myself to make sure I hadn't changed, like my surroundings had. The only difference was my outfit. Gone were my invader uniform and boots, and in their place... some kind of toga and sandals?? What was going on here?!

I turned around to look at the rest of the roof, and to my relief, I spotted a staircase. I scrambled frantically to the hole in the roof and practically tripped as I ran down the stairs. I went down two flights to the first floor, where I almost ran directly into an angry looking Rebecca at the bottom of the stairs.

"You fell asleep, didn't you?" She asked rhetorically.

"Yeah, well..." I began defensively. "Wait! What do you mean?"

"The Dreaminator?"

I gave her a blank look.

"That I borrowed from Dib's dad?" She explained. "I had it in my pocket!! I figured we could try them out, since I was sleeping over. It automatically allows you and the nearest person asleep to have the same dream. It must have been on. You pulled me in when you fell asleep!"

"Oops." I said simply. "Wait... how many of those things did you bring?"

"Just one." Rebecca told me. "You only need one to have a mutual dream with up to ten people."

"What happens if somebody in the same area has it on at the same time?" I asked worriedly.

"What do you mean?" She asked suspiciously.

"I think Dib's also going to use it tonight." I replied.

"Uh-oh." Rebecca said. "If they have theirs set on the same frequency, they could end up in the dream with us. Let's hope they don't. So..." She said, changing the subject. "This must be one of those dreams where everybody's a character from the movie. I'm guessing you're Judah?"

"Shalom." I agreed.

"Ha-ha." Rebecca pseudo-laughed. "And peace to your mother. Since I appeared in the house with you right now, I guess that makes me Esther, your sister."

I found that... er... quite odd.

"So," Rebecca said. "What do we do now?"

"For some reason..." I replied, "I really want to go outside." It was a very strange urge... in fact, I could barely resist it.

"Sure," She agreed. "I definitely want to check out Jerusalem!"

We both found our way to the front door and peeked out.

"Whoah." We exclaimed in unison. It was exactly like the movie – I suppose because I'd been watching it. Everybody in plain robes and togas, riding horses down the street; and the houses... so primitive! (And I mean more so than regular Earth houses.)

"This is AMAZING!!" Rebecca nearly screamed.