What Kind of Hell is This?

Summary: Needing a sacrifice to close Acathla after she dusted Angelus, Buffy used herself. Where she woke up didn't look like the fire & brimstone version of Hell.

Disclaimer: BtVS and AtS characters belong to Joss Whedon / Mutant Enemy. Stargate characters belong to Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright / MGM and Gekko. I claim no rights to any copyrighted material. Please do not copy or take this story without my permission..

Warning: Some violence, but not too graphic. Same with the language.

Timeline: Post-Season 2 BtVS; pre-Stargate Atlantis.

A/N: In response to Challenge 1096: Go to Hell Challenge by Dragonhulk. **Okay the challenge is this; someone other than Angel was sucked into Hell during the S2 final. I could just leave it at that but because this is a crossover site I'll add in a bit more.

The cross is the hell the person is sent to, but make sure you personalize it. If you pick Buffy as the one sent to hell you also need to pick a world (cross) that she would be least comfortable in. (more)**

A/N2: Canon changes for BtVS are Willow wasn't able to finish the spell in time and Whistler gave Buffy a cryptic warning about how to close the vortex.

A/N3: Thanks to my betas…AshDawnSoulmates and zigpal. They made me post this even though it wasn't finished. Blame them *grin*.

Chapter 1: A New Demon to Kill

Sunnydale, Milky Way Galaxy

Just her luck that Angelus would turn to dust right as the vortex began to open within Acathla. So he couldn't be the sacrifice necessary to close it back up. A quick look around confirmed that she was the only one left in the mansion. She found a pen and paper and quickly scratched out a note to Giles and the Scoobies telling them what she had to do. She only hoped that it would work.

Her instincts made her gather up whatever weapons she could put on her body in the short amount of time she had. Then she stood in front of Acathla and drew the sword out awkwardly before herself to make the killing strike.

She managed to pin herself to the statue and closed the vortex, but because of the angle, she only managed to wound herself – albeit a grave wound. She felt her body being pulled in and had the sense of being on a roller coaster before falling to the ground. Then the darkness overtook her.


Unknown, Pegasus Galaxy

When Buffy opened her eyes, she glanced around the strange…room? she was in. Then she remembered those last minutes in the mansion and realized that she must have been sucked into a hell dimension. That could be the only explanation for the freaky interior decorating scheme going on here.

Her suspicions were further confirmed when she felt some demons approaching. The two big ones looked like they had some sort of mask fused onto their face and if it weren't for the ugliness of the face or the waves of evil coming from the other one, she might have been jealous about the last one's hair. Not a color that she would want, but it was long and looked silky.

The lead Wraith stared at the small human standing before it. "How did you get on my ship?" it demanded.

Buffy looked around and tried to sense the normal feel of being out on the water but couldn't. "Ship? What kind of ship? I don't feel the ocean."

"Don't play dumb with me. If you won't tell me, I shall simply force it out of you," the Wraith threatened, stepping forward.

"Yeah, good luck with that. I've been threatened by scarier than you," Buffy remarked flippantly. Okay, so they weren't much scarier, but still…

After trying to feed and failing, the Wraith gasped out, "What are you?!"

Buffy grabbed the Wraith's hand that was put on her chest and bent it back until it was broken. Not feeling the need to hide her identity in hell, she stage-whispered, "Just your average Slayer. Now I didn't say that you could get all touchy feely with me so you're going to have to die for that. Before I do that though, what can you tell me about this place."

"Kill her!" the Wraith snarled at the guards.

The guards stunned her but it only hurt a little bit. However it was enough for her not to want to let it happen again so she grabbed one of their gun thingies and shot them with it until they went still.

Then she turned the gun on the talking one. "Now, about those questions I had…" she started.

The Wraith growled in anger and the first touch of fear it had ever felt, "My Queen will come to save me before you can get anything from me."

Buffy considered her prisoner's words and figured that she couldn't risk them being true. She'd have to learn about this place the hard way it looked like. "If that's the way you're going to be, then I guess there's no reason to keep you alive."

She grabbed the sword on her back and decapitated her opponent, hoping that it would be good enough to kill it. She saw the other two start to move again and quickly did the same to them.

She started moving through the hallways, looking for a way out. She only managed to get about 30 feet before she felt a bunch of those demons coming. 'Damn, they must have found out about the talky demon!' she thought with dismay as she looked for a place to hide.

Fortunately they only were coming in small groups and she was able to take them out easily by relieving them of their heads. She decided that until she found out otherwise, she wasn't going to take any chances and she hadn't come across any demons yet that weren't killed by decapitation.


5 months later…

It took a while, but eventually the demon ship ran out of patrols to send after Buffy. This gave her a chance to check out the area surrounding the ship. This all confused the Slayer; she could understand the ship being some kind of hell dimension, but this place reminded her of Earth…only with two moons – and no people. She figured the demons had something to do with the lack of people though.

Now Buffy was standing in front of a small silver pod of some kind. Well, small compared to the demon's ship. That made her wonder if this wasn't a ship, too. She walked carefully around the exterior, clearing centuries' worth of debris from it. When she got to the back, she noticed something that looked like a door. As if it guessed what she wanted, the door opened on its own. She carefully entered…not sure what to expect.

"Welcome, Viraga Custa," a voice coming from the ship announced, startling the blonde Slayer.

Buffy looked around even as she raspily demanded, "Who said that?" Wow, she might have to start talking to herself to keep her voice from going completely. How sad was that?

"I am a transport from the city of Lantia, Viraga Custa," it responded.

"Where's Lantia? And why are you calling me Viagra Couscous?" she asked, confused that the ship was talking to her. Maybe she was finally starting to lose her mind after all this time.

The ship answered, "Lantia is located on the planet, Proclarush Aqua. It is home to the race called Alteras. And you are the Viraga Custa, the Guardian, Protector, Hero."

"Um, sorry, but you've got the wrong girl. I'm not a hero," she bit out angrily. A hero wouldn't have let Miss Calendar die or Giles get tortured.

Clearly, the ship disagreed, though, "I am only programmed to respond to an Alteran or an Viraga Custa. While you are also of the city's race of people, my sensors clearly identify you as an Viraga Custa as well."

Not wanting to stay on this planet any longer, Buffy inquired, "Do you know how to get us to this Lantia place?"

"Of course, please be seated and we can go there now," it replied.

"Uh, okay," Buffy said, taking the nearest chair. She hoped that no place could be as bad as where she was. Immediately, she wondered if she brought down the Hellmouth on her head with that thought.


A/N: Next…Not sure, should I go through her time learning about the city and some planets, or just skip forward to when the Stargate people show up?