The Kitsune glory that protects the village
Story Start- Adopted from Shimo Ino

Naruto fell to the blood stained grass as Orocharimaru's head fell beside him.

Finally. he simply thought, his mind devoid of any complex thoughts. Looking around the damage to Kohona was much worse than he would have guessed. He scoffed. Its all gone dumbass!!

What would he do now? All his friends were dead, or dying. Chuckling threatened to break from his mouth as tears slid down his cheeks.

Hinata... "Hime, Hime, Hime" ...his beautiful flower...

"...why, Why WHY WHY WHY!?" He tore his hands in and out of the Snake Sanin's severed head, gore and blood rushing out onto his limbs and body, staining him like the demon he was labled. "WHY NOW!?"

Naruto's arms fell lax. "...why this?"

Why them? Hime, Hime, Hime...they killed her!! Killed all of them...Hinata...Majo... all of them!!

Damn Sasuke, Damn Sakura, Kakashi, Kabuto, Mizuki, everyone, Everyone, EVERYONE!!

All of them!! Everyone in this world took them away!! The people he loved, he befriended so closely...he could name them on two hands...

Iruka, Hinata, Old Man Ramen, Ayame, Lee, Haku...that's it. Another chuckle. I think I'm going crazy...

A brassy undertone cut through his crazy ramblings. "Shut up brat."

Naruto looked up, suddenly in the cage, suddenly in front of the monster, that caused his life so much pain and suffering..."Hey,"

The Fox sniffed. "Brat. Get up." An unseen force pushed the blond to standing. "Move. You remember what I've told you every time you've come in here."

Naruto's eyes fogged over as if remembering something. "Never turn back."

The Fox smirked. "Never give in."

"Never forget."

"Never forgive."

"Never Surrender."

"Always live."

He chuckled again. "Go back? Fix it?"

The Fox leaned in. "That's all we got."

Naruto's hands went into the seals, hands flashing at super speeds humming to his own music. The Fox watched in amusement. "Happy, brat?"

"Yes. Everything is going to change now." The seals finished.