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Chapter 1

Forgetting You


"And stay out!" she yelled as she angrily slammed the door shut.

Only once the door was completely shut did the girl allow herself to fall back against it and be overcome by tears.

She bitterly wiped her tears and kicked the door hard. "God I hate you!"

Spencer looked apologetically at the door, feeling a little guilty over her harsh treatment. It wasn't the door she hated, but rather the person who was pushed through it moments ago.

Spencer ran a tired hand through her long blonde locks and walked over to the couch. She picked up the phone and began to dial the person she always calls before she stupidly realized that she just kicked that very person out of her apartment.

"Well that's just great," she berated herself. "Now what am I going to do?"

"How about what every other newly single girl does?" her roommate said suddenly.

Spencer placed a hand over her now rapidly beating heart. "God Jen! Next time could you give a warning before you materialize?"

"But where is the fun in that?"

"Well for one you wouldn't have to drive me to the hospital," Spencer deadpanned, but her smile belayed her anger. And Jen knew her well enough that Spencer's threats and sarcasm weren't to be taken seriously.

"Whatever," Jen waved her off. "Now who's up for some clubbing?"

"What ever happened to the days of moping and eating tubs of fattening ice cream?"

"They are here, just no normal person does it anymore…wait." Jen stopped herself with a satisfied smile at the pointed glance she gave Spencer.

The blonde just rolled her eyes with a smile. "Shut up Jen."

"Go get ready Carlin. And remember," she called out to her friend's back, "dress hot! Rebound time is nigh!"

Spencer once again rolled her eyes, not even caring if Jen couldn't see it. Her crazy roommate probably could hear the eye roll anyway.

After successfully changing into an outfit that Jen labeled as "damn hot," Spencer was ready to go. She was less than enthusiastic, but her peppy roommate quickly overlooked it.

"I'm going to score me a hottie!" Jen sang as she drove down the dark road.

"You're not going to score anything but a severed spine if you don't slow down," Spencer chastised her friend as she clung tightly to the seatbelt.

She absently wondered how well the seatbelt would hold her in should they become acquainted with a tree.

"Oh, I'm sorry Mom, I don't remember inviting you." Jen made a point to speed up, maturely sticking her tongue out at Spencer.

"Whatever Jen, just get us there. Preferably in one piece," Spencer mumbled under her breath.

Jen put her hands up in a shrug. "Hey I'm trying to be efficient by getting there quicker. That way it's less of a chance of me involving other people in a wreck."

Spencer's eyes widened and she quickly screamed as she grabbed the wheel her friend had abandoned. "What the hell Jen!?" she demanded angrily.

"Damn you got some good reflexes Carlin," Jen said in appreciation.

Spencer didn't even grace that with a response. She did, however, level Jen with a nice glare. Her roommate, of course, just ignored it and proceeded to swerve in and out of the lanes, something that made Spencer clench her jaw and have 911 on her call ready list.


She didn't know how they did it, but somehow Jen got them to the club in one piece. Jen attributed it to her driving skill.

"Skill? Yeah right," Spencer scoffed. "You're just lucky God decided it wasn't my time to join him."

"Can you blame him? That would mean an eternity of listening to you bitch and moan. Hell, I can barely deal with it, and it's only been a year."

Spencer smiled at her friend and patted her cheek fondly. "Ah, but that's why you love me."

"And because you're so hot Carlin."

Spencer rolled her eyes and grabbed her friend's hand and pulled her inside.

"Now this is a hoppin' party!" Jen said excitedly.

Spencer leveled Jen with a slightly amused expression. "Jen, could you at least act like your age is in the double digits?"

"Puh-lease grandma, you need to get with the times. All the cool kids are saying it."

Spencer absently wondered what cool kids Jen was hanging around.

"Ooo, my hottie radar is going crazy!!" Jen said excitedly as she pointed to the crowd of people on the dance floor.

"I can't even focus on how fast you managed to find a guy. I'm still in shock that you say such lame things as that…and that I'm still your friend after knowing this fact," Spencer added as an afterthought, ignoring the tongue her friend stuck out at her.

"Just because your radar is in the antique shop doesn't mean you have to hate on mine." Jen's voice lost its sarcastic edge as she leveled Spencer with a gentle look. "It's ok to look Spence."

Spencer sighed. "Yeah I know. I just…you know."

Jen echoed the sigh. "Yeah, I do." And she did. "Well come on," she said suddenly, determined to bring her friend out of this depression. "Let's find some hot girls to make these guys jealous."

Spencer rolled her eyes at her roommate in amusement. "Don't you mean these hotties?" She decided to humor Jen.

Jen gave Spencer a big smile and hugged her tightly. "Exactly Carlin! Now shake what your hot mom gave you!"

Jen always made comments like that about Paula Carlin. It never ceased to make Spencer roll her eyes-and not to mention shudder. Especially when Jen said it out loud to the older blonde while in the middle of family dinners.

Spencer had started choking and had to have her brother, Glen, hit her back -probably more forcefully than was necessary- to clear the blockage. Paula, on the other hand, favored the dark haired girl with a big smile and gave her the last potato, saying that Jen was "such a sweet soul."

"Turn your brain off and put your hips into gear," Jen ordered loudly even though they were right next to each other and Spencer was in no way close to being deaf. Although now that might have changed.

Without giving Spencer the chance to retort, which she most undoubtedly would have done, Jen grabbed Spencer's hand and dragged her to the dance floor, unceremoniously pushing past the throng of people.

Spencer was strung along, muttering out many sorry's to all the people Jen was bumping into and giving her best apologetic smile.

Jen tugged on Spencer's hand in exasperation. "Come on Spence! Stop dawdling and start dancing with me. I need to get some tonight!" she yelled without any trace of tact or embarrassment.

Spencer ducked her head as she blushed at her friend's outburst. Sure, she was used to Jen being that blunt, but usually it was just the two of them, not all of LA. "Ok I'm dancing." She emphasized her point by thrusting her hip into Jen. "Now will you shut up?"

"Aw Spence, you're so sweet," Jen cooed playfully as she touched Spencer's cheek fondly. "Now it's time to show everyone how I make this good girl go bad."

Spencer rolled her eyes again. It was a common occurrence when she hung out with Jen. In fact, it was usually a guaranteed response when in the presence of the dark haired girl.

"First you rip off phrases from thirteen year old girls, and now from songs?"

Jen shrugged carelessly. "It's all fair game."

The song changed to a faster beat and Jen surprised the blonde by pushing her away and then quickly pulling her back in.

"What the hell Jen?"

"It's how the dance to this song goes," Jen explained as if it were obvious. She pushed Spencer away again, her grip almost slipping, before she reclaimed her grasp and pulled Spencer back to her again.

"Jen I swear," Spencer said through gritted teeth, her blue eyes flashing with annoyance, "I'm going to kill you if you push me and pull me back one more time!"

Jen got a wicked gleam in her eye but nodded her understanding. "Sure Carlin, I gotcha." And with that she pushed Spencer away for the third time, but this time she didn't pull her back.

Her hand slipped from Jen's and Spencer frantically tried to reach back for it, her shocked face contrasting greatly with the shit-eating grin that overtook Jen's face. She closed her eyes as she prepared to meet the hardwood floor. Instead she crashed into something a lot closer.

"Ooph!" Both of them breathed out in pain. Crashing into another person was never on Spencer's list of things she loves to happen.

"Fuck," Spencer said sharply as an elbow met her side. "God I'm so sorry," she mumbled in embarrassment, shooting a quick glare to a hysterical Jen.

She turned around to face her landing pad and found herself face to face with a curly brown haired girl with similarly colored eyes.

"It's ok," the girl assured her, "I just wasn't expecting anyone to sling shot into me." The girl brushed off imaginary dirt off of her red top, declaring herself all good.

Spencer smiled at the remark. "Yeah sorry, my friend and I were dancing and she forgot she can't sling me around like she can when it's just the two of us."

Spencer eyes widened as she realized how that sounded, and to a complete stranger too. "God that sounded awful!" She put a hand to her forehead and rolled her eyes at herself.

The brunette attempted to bite back a smile. "Well if that's how we are supposed to be dancing to this song, it's no wonder I haven't had any attention." Her eyes sparkled with mirth.

Spencer felt a laugh escape her. She was relieved the girl wasn't some psycho who wanted to beat her up for invading her space. At least as far as she knew.

"I'm Ashley." The girl smiled and stuck out her hand.

Spencer took the hand and shook it briefly before releasing it. "I'm embarrassed. But it's pronounced Spencer."

Ashley smiled and Spencer was filled with pride over her ability to make this stranger laugh. "Well I think your friend has recovered from her laughter induced hernia." Spencer followed Ashley's eyes over to Jen.

"Serves her right," Spencer muttered darkly.

"Spence are you ok?" Jen actually managed to seem genuinely concerned.

"Oh totally. Who isn't ok after forcefully colliding with another person?" Spencer retorted.

"Ok good," Jen smiled widely and turned to Ashley. "I'm Jen. Sorry about Spencer here." Jen pointed to Spencer and made a gesture of drinking and then proceeded to stumble around, which caused Spencer to, yes, roll her eyes, and Ashley to snort in amusement.

"Whatever Jen. Did you meet any hotties?"

Jen gave Spencer an incredulous look. "How could I? I had to go take care of you because you were 'so hurt,'" Jen said as if she had done her friend a huge favor.

Ashley just watched the exchange with a smile on her face, enjoying the easy banter between the two friends. She spotted a familiar person waving at her to come over so Ashley gave Spencer and Jen one last smile before walking away.

"Hey you!" Jen suddenly yelled across the club, successfully catching Ashley's -and the rest of the club's- attention. Spencer shook her head at her friend's manners.

"Yeah?" Ashley yelled back with a smirk. She liked this Jen girl.

"What's your name?" Seriously, Jen had no tact whatsoever.

"It's Ashley."

"It was good meeting you! Hopefully if we meet again this one won't be so plastered." Jen pointed back to Spencer, ignoring the hit she received from the blonde.

Ashley gave a final wave and then disappeared into the crowd again, leaving Spencer feeling extremely bored.

"Alright this club is officially lame," Jen declared.

Spencer looked around at the numerous under-aged kids surrounding them. "You're just now realizing this? What did you expect coming to a club named Club Trojan. That practically screams sixteen and under."

Jen snorted. "Ok Ms. High and Mighty, may I remind you that you are also underage."

Spencer waved the comment off. "Yeah, by like ten months. If you round up, I'm practically of age."

"Yeah, maybe if you use the metric system," Jen shot back.

The blonde raised an eyebrow. "Do you even know what the metric system is?"

"Does it matter?"

"And there's my answer," Spencer smiled. "So now can we get some ice cream?" She grabbed Jen's arm and gave her a pleading look.

"Fine fine," she conceded. "You want to invite your girlfriend?"

"My girlfriend?" Spencer said confused.


"Whatever Jen," Spencer pushed her friend. "You were the one who was checking her out."

"Well who wouldn't? She was hot!" Spencer often wondered where Jen got her logic from.

"This coming from the girl who says my mom is hot. Sorry if I don't hold too much to that."

"Point is," Jen stressed, steering the conversation back on course, "as soon as you guys started talking, like a thousand guys came over. I was about to grab one, but then you had to ruin it by talking to me."

"Aw I'm so sorry Jen. I'm such a terrible friend going and talking to you. What was I thinking?" Spencer accompanied her sarcastic remark with an eye roll.

"Well anyway, at least you had fun." Jen looked at Spencer. "You did…right?" she asked in an unsure voice.

"Yeah I did. Thanks." Spencer smiled warmly and hugged her friend. "I didn't think about-" Spencer cut off, not wanting to say his name.

"Dickwad?" Jen supplied.

Spencer laughed and nodded. "Yeah," she agreed, "dickwad."

They came to silence after that, both knowing that now was not the time to talk about it.

The girls linked arms and walked back to the car, filling their journey home with overplayed, popular-for-a-week songs, and obnoxious singing.


Once in the solidarity of her room, Spencer immediately went over to her nightstand where her phone sat.

She slid open her phone and breathed a huge sigh as she saw she had ten missed calls, four voicemails, and seven text messages. She didn't have to be a genius to figure out who they were from.

Against her better judgment, she clicked through her phone until she got to her inbox.

I'm so sorry!!! Please talk to me. I know I messed up, but I love you. You know I would never hurt you. I love you baby. I just want things to go back to normal. Call me please!

Spencer closed her phone in anger. Angry that she was brought to tears by that message. Angry that she had given in and read that message. Angry that she knew she was going to respond to it.

She gave another long sigh and stared up at the ceiling. She grabbed her phone and re-read that one message, leaving the others to be deleted and never read. She knew they all would say the same thing.

The blonde typed on her phone before changing her mind and quickly closing it, fighting back another set of tears.

As her phone vibrated with another message, she debated for a long moment before swiftly deleting it, sending the unread message to text cyberspace to join its six other companions.