Title: Ianto's baby girl

Timeline: After Season 1, episode 4: "Cyberwoman"

Summary: After Lisa's death, Ianto gets quite the surprise when he learns he has a daughter. How will Haley affect his life?

Pairs: Ianto Jones/ Jack Harckness

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in Torchwood

Chapter 1:


Ianto's head was suffering from the wine he drunk the night before and now the pain intensified from the news he got.

He remained staring at the letter in his hand. He rarely got any mail this way so he knew it was not going to be good news. But how could it get worse when Lisa had just died?

Apparently it could.

When he was younger and before he joined Torchwood One he learned of the danger of dying sooner than later so he decided to become a sperm donor. He would have no contact with the future mother or child, ever, just the way he liked it. His life would be dangerous, even as a lowly member. He had not even told Lisa about this decision and now it was knocking on his door.

It seemed that he was the proud father of a healthy twenty month old girl by the name of Haley Wood, now Jones.

"This is not happening," Ianto whispered. He had made a fine mess out of his life. He had no idea whether he was still a member of Torchwood 3, whether Jack would decide to retcon him after the end of his suspension or whether he would be killed, as he should have been. Looking around his house he saw the mess and winced. Empty beer and wine bottles and take-out containers, not a very good environment for a baby that was coming the next day.

More than that, Ianto knew he was not ready for a baby. He was still broken over Lisa's death and in no position to really care for anyone else. He already had two deaths on his hands. Could he really be any good for a baby? Ianto did not think so. But he had no choice.

"There's no helping it," the Welshman sighed and stood. He had to clean up his house and then he had to have a shower. For one man he certainly had made a big mess but the Hub had been much worse when he first joined them so he knew he could do it.

End of chapter

A/N: This is my first Torchwood story. I hope you like it.