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Chapter 4:


Haley did not wake up early that morning. Ianto woke up on his own and spent some time just looking at her. He still could not believe she was here, with him. But it did not really matter any more. She was here and she would be staying. Now what Ianto worried about was getting a job, if not his old job in the Hub and what to do to break the news to his family, not forgetting the imminent visit from Haley's maternal grandparents.

"A right mess is what this is," Ianto sighed as he bent to tidy up the toys spread all over his sitting room and then he set about making some coffee.


Ianto was covered in suds and dripping with water while Hailey was wrapped in a fluffy towel, licking he lips. It was yet another attempt Ianto had made to bathe the girl. She seemed to like getting in the water and would fuss whenever time came to get out, hence Ianto's wet look. After Haley was properly dried, in new diapers and dried clothes she was tired and she went to sleep without a fuss.

So when the doorbell rang Ianto was alarmed. The last thing the Welshman needed was his daughter to wake up again.

"I'm coming," he hissed as he tried to avoid banging on furniture and scattered toys. He was breathless when he reached the door and opened it. He then blinked at the familiar face standing before him. The last thing Ianto had considered was having Captain Jack Harckness at his doorstep, coat and all, and was that jam on his shirt?

"Ianto…What happened to you?" Jack asked, his curiosity evident over his employee's ruffled looks.

"Not a bloody word," Iantoi warned, not caring if he sounded rude. The wet clothes were sticking to his body, making him uncomfortable and cold. The last thing the Welshman needed was to get sick around Haley.

"Are those plushies and toys?" Jack asked but then closed his mouth at the look he received from Ianto.

"Just… I need to get into dried clothes. Can you please just sit and wait quietly?" The Welshman requested.

Jack nodded and watched as Ianto turned around and disappeared. He waited until he heard water running and then he started snooping around. His first impression of the apartment was that it was a bit messier than he would have thought it to be if Ianto at work was any indication. And the amount of toys, baby toys that is, was intriguing. It was like there was a child living with Ianto, but that could not be true, could it?

Jack left the sitting room in favor of checking out the rest of the house. He found Ainto's room. It was decorated with dark blues and there were many books all around. It was what he had expected of his favorite Welshman. Then Jack moved to the second room and there he stopped cold.

This room was a child's room, there was no mistaking it. There was a crib with frilly lace in the middle of the room, teddy bears of various sizes and colors, a changing table and generally baby things. Jack approached the crib and his breath caught. Inside was a baby girl sleeping soundly. She was tucked under her blankets and had a small fist closed around what looked like a pink pterodactyl, a sight that made Jack smile.

The 51st century captain stood there staring at the sleeping child. Soon Ianto joined him. He seemed resigned at seeing him there.

"Who's is she?" Jack asked. "Your file did not say about you and Lisa having children."

Ianto sighed. "Her name is Haley," the Welshman whispered. "She's mine."

"How is she yours?" Jack whispered back. Ianto motioned for him to follow. Once in the living room Ianto set about making some coffee. He missed the looks Jack gave him when he noticed him in jeans and a t-shirt.

As Ianto worked he told Jack about how he got Haley and how she came to his custody.

"…So if you want to retcon me…"

"I won't," Jack told him. He accepted the coffee greatfully. "It's not why I came here, or to kill you," he added at the look on Ianto's face. "To tell the truth Toshiko has been hounding me to come and check up on did not answer her calls."

"I've been busy," Ianto replied.

"Now I know why," Jack told him. "Look, Ianto, this now changes quite a few things."


"And drop that 'sir', I keep telling you that," Jack told Ianto.

Ianto swallowed some of the coffee and nodded. "So?"

"You're coming back, your time out is over," Jack told him. "It is time you returned. Even Owen noticed the month is over."

"Oh," Ianto blinked. "It is?" He had barely noticed the days. He had been so focused on Haley…

"Haley," he muttered, hearing noise from his daughter's room.

When he returned Jack could only stare. Father and daughter were a lot alike. And Jack, he had only seen Ianto looking so gentle and caring towards Lisa. He felt a twinge of regret from taking her away from Ianto. He still believed he did the right thing but he should have seen the signs and helped Ianto early on. He would not make that mistake again. He should have learned his lesson after Suzie.

"She looks just like you," Jack sincerely told Ianto.

Ianto smiled. "You think so?" he placed a kiss on her forehead. "Listen, she's fussy because she's hungry. Can you hold her while I make her food?"

Jack's eyes widened. He had not held a child in years. "Do you honestly want me to? I mean especially after Lisa…"

"Don't," the other warned. "Now's not the time for that."

"Later," Jack agreed. "But we will talk Ianto Jones."

The Welshman nodded.

End of chapter

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