It was a quiet day in the Jade Palace, Jet had just finished teaching a class and was on his way inside the Palace to shower, "Man what a class, damn it was so hot out" he thought to

himself. So after a quick shower Jet went outside to meditate, as he was doing so he felt a playful kick on his back, "Tigress, not now I'm meditating" he said but it wasn't Tigress and then

he felt that kick again and he got up. "Damn it woman I- MEI!" he exclaimed as he turned around and yup it was Mei Ling, "Hey Jet, long time no see" said Mei Ling as she gave Jet a big

hug, "So what have you been doing with yourself Jet?" asked Mei Ling [by the way you may wonder how Mei and Jet know each other... Well that will be revealed] "Ahhhh.... well I teach

Kung Fu here at the Jade Palace, and I'm going out with Tigress" replied Jet. Just as Jet said that Tigress happened to walk in on the conversation, "Hey Jet whose this?" asked Tigress as

she sat down next to him, "Oh, this is an... an.... old friend of mine" stuttered Jet to which Tigress gave him a little look, like a "There's something you're hiding from me" type look. "Nice to

meet you Mei" said Tigress, "Jet never told me about you, why don't you tell me Jet?" asked Tigress. "Oh fine!" Jet exclaimed, "Me and Mei Ling used to date, before I met you, and well...

we broke up but we're still friends ya know?" asked a nervous Jet, "OK I understand, all I did was ask" replied Tigress. "So Mei, what brings you here anyway?" asked Jet, "Well... Jet... I'm

pregnant" said Mei Ling, "Oh Awesome! Who's the father?" asked Jet, "Well... You are Jet" she said,

"WHAT?!" yelled Tigress

"WHAT?!" yelled Jet

"WHAT?!" I even yelled

After hearing this, Jet fainted. After a 10 seconds of being on the ground passed out Jet awoke via a slap from Tigress, "You got her pregnant?!" questioned a very angry Tigress, "No! I

couldn't have!" yelled Jet, "Jet you were the only man who I ever slept with, so the odds of this not being your baby are like 1 in a million" said Mei Ling, to which upon hearing that, Jet

fainted again. "Get up you faker!" yelled Tigress, "What?! I never fathered a kid with Mei Ling, I mean come on! I NEVER EVEN SLEPT WITH HER!" yelled Jet. "Come on Jet, don't deny it

you're a father!" said Mei Ling, "No way! I'm still a virgin for goodness sake!" exclaimed Jet. Tigress was pissed off as hell, Jet was confused as hell, and Mei Ling claimed Jet fathered her

baby that's currently growing inside of her, what a climax. Anyway back to the story, "All right Jet, if you wanna go behind my back, and impregnate someone when we're supposed to be

dating?! Well guess what? WE'RE THROUGH!" yelled Tigress as she stormed off in a huff, Jet was shocked, as he dropped to his knees he began crying [poor guy] "C'mon Jet, you don't

need her and besides you're with me now and we're gonna be a family!" exclaimed Mei Ling. Mei put her hand on Jet's shoulder, and Jet quickly pushed it right off, "Don't even touch me!

You ruined my life, everything was smooth until you came, I can't believe you'd accuse me of fathering a child with you! I'm still a virgin damn it!" yelled Jet, Mei Ling was shocked and

appalled, "No! You are the father of this baby! I know and you know it, you're denying it you son of a bitch!" yelled Mei Ling as she walked away, and Jet stood there alone, trying to figure

out in his mind what to do. "There's no way I fathered a kid with her, unless I was drunk and we did it, but I can't remember... no way, I'm still a virgin, or am I?" he thought to himself.

Sucks to be Jet I guess, well more on the way!