Title: Forgive me, Legolas, for I have sinned…

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Aranel

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Rate: G or K+

Warning: Angst/parody, crack! Fic. AU.

Summary: Would Legolas forgive me after everything I have done to him?

A/N: I is stand for the author.


There was no pen in my hand, nor a notebook; the only thing I was doing was staring at Legolas, with innocent eyes pleading with his clear blue ones.

"Forgive me, Legolas, for I have sinned…" I said to him.

There was only a silence; no words, no sigh leaving his mouth.

Should I be concerned? Why did he not speak? Why did he not say anything?

"Please say something…" I begged him. Hopefully I would be forgiven for what I did to him and especially his father, when I made Aragorn to stand near Elrond.

"What do you want me to say?" Legolas asked, but did not look at me. His eyes were gazing out at the bustle of life beyond where I was.

"Umm… let's see…" I said, trying to hide a grin that was threatening to show, "How about 'forgive and forget'?"

"I cannot forget it, though I will forgive you. But can you stop torturing me?" Legolas asked.

"I will try, I still have stories with you and your adar which I need to complete but I will try to let it end with you being happier…"

Legolas smiled a bit – not his usual contented smile – his eyes, his blue eyes, did not give out its usual shine – and I easily guessed he wanted more from me.

"Can you spare my adar?" Legolas asked.

"You mean, for 'Thranduil's Last Breath'," I confirmed, and seeing him nodding at me, I added, "I will do what I can for him. After all, your adar might be very old, with all the time that had passed."

"That is better than killing my adar."

"I did not kill him; he died from old-age and weariness after all those wars you suffered." I told him, hoping he would believe me.

He nodded. Inwardly I had to smile at how he swallowed my bait.

Legolas shivered then – a shiver that reached his spine.

"Is there something wrong, Legolas?" I asked.

"Why is it so cold here? Are you responsible for it?" He asked, his blue eyes turning dark as he glared at me.

"No, it is not my doing," I replied still looking at him as I added, "Have you checked the sky lately? The weather might be what is causing it."

"Are you trying to change the object now?" Legolas voice was rising.

"Excuse me?" I muttered, and I added, "I am not the one, who started talking about the cold, and I will try to do something nice about your adar, but if you continue having this attitude toward me, I cannot guarantee my doing so for your character in the near future." I almost sneered at him.

There, that should be enough to keep him quiet for a while more.

The End... for now...

A/N: I know that this fic focus on "Thranduil's Last Breath" so just to let you that the Happy Ending should be up hopefully this month, cause next week is NaNo time.