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Naughty Tony

Tony sighed as he walked into his apartment. He was exhausted. Today, after what had happened in the bathroom Gibbs had zipped up and left without another word. Not even later on. Gibbs had barely even talked to him during the cases later on as well. It felt like so far Gibbs had decided that the bathroom was like Vegas. What happened there stayed there.

"This…sucks." He grumbled as he flung his jacket over his couch arm. With a grumble he undid his tie slowly flinging it away as well as he wandered to the answering machine. There were 3 new messages. "Great…" He grumbled slowly pressing play.

"Tony, this is Gibbs. You're not to come into work tomorrow." *Beep*

"Tony, this is Abby! Guess what, Boss man ain't coming to work tomorrow! Wanna go to the Alley with me?" *Beep*

"Tony! This is Gibbs. You're not to go out with Abby tomorrow. Keep your rear home." *Beep*

Tony growled angrily picking his phone up and slamming it back down over and over again. "STUPID GIBBS!" He yelled fuming already. "Finally gives me a day off and then tells me-?" He stopped in mid-rant as his doorbell rang out to alert him to someone wanted to come in. "Coming." He yelled quickly booking it over to the door to let whoever it was in.

Tony had barely opened the door when he was pushed back in by none other than the very man he'd been insulting. It was none other than Gibbs pinning him to one of his walls. "You got a problem, DiNozzo?" Gibbs asked with a smirk as he held Tony against the wall making him squirm.

"No, Boss." He answered automatically as Gibbs pressed up against him.

"Good." Gibbs growled his voice dipping low as he leaned in his lips inches from Tony's making him slightly anxious. "Now, your move, Tony." Gibbs whispered softly as Tony wiggled rubbing against Gibbs as his member slowly became harder. Gibbs grip slowly loosened on Tony as he smirked waiting for him to move.

"Gibbs…" Tony whined trying to seek out more friction rubbing against Gibbs wildly. "Please, like-like before, please!" Tony whined as Gibbs moved back.

"Like in the bathroom?" He asked his hand slipping down to rub over Tony's member slowly. "When I fucked you up against the cubicle?" He continued pushing hard against Tony's cock.

"Mmmm!" Tony moaned wildly arching into Gibbs hand his own hand grabbing at the wall over his head. "Y-yes." He groaned not truly sure what Gibbs wanted from him. "No. wait!" He gasped reaching down to stop Gibbs hands. "Wait, you-you didn't even speak to me after-"

"Because we were at the office. Whatever we have…we can decide on later. Right now," Gibbs whispered freeing his hand to rub gently over Tony's sides. "I want to lay you down in a more comfortable position." Gibbs whispered kissing Tony roughly making him moan loudly and arch into Gibbs easily following after Gibbs as he pulled away tugging Tony's jacket along towards the bedroom.

The second they entered the bedroom it was like nothing existed outside of Tony's room anymore. They're clothes swiftly falling to the side as they meet together again to kiss. Buttons popped off swiftly making Tony think of pinging sounds.

Not that Tony thought much after Gibbs pressed him back onto the bed. Both men fell back rolling on the bed until each found themselves comfortable on the bed. Tony was perched on top of Gibbs kissing him lovingly, their tongues rubbing together.

Gibbs knew he should be careful with Tony. Tony always acted as if he was so sure of himself, but in truth he was sensitive. He liked to be complimented and praised. Tony was delicate and fragile like a pane of painted glass. Tony sat up slowly pulling away from Gibbs slightly panting as he looked into Gibbs eyes.

Gibbs smiled broadly his hands rubbing down along Tony's body to grip his thighs hoisting him up slightly so that his own member could rub against Tony's rear right between Tony's perfectly sculpted butt cheeks.

R: *snort*

I: What'd you write?

R: Nothing.

Tony moaned softly arching back into Gibbs member with a simple move of his hips. Gibbs let out a groan and gently pulled Tony up so that he could line himself up with Tony's entrance.

"Tony it's gonna hurt this time." Gibbs warned softly gently stroking along Tony's legs.

"It's fine, Boss." Tony answered swiftly.

"Tony, I'm not your boss here." Gibbs chastised as he sat up to kiss at Tony's face gently.. "I'm Jethro here."

"Sorry, Bo-Jethro." Tony apologized as he let out another little moan when Gibbs began to push into him slowly.

"Tony…"Gibbs breathed out softly. Tony let out another gasp at the use of his first name. Gibbs smirked deciding to file that little kink away for later uses as he pushed fully into Tony, making him moan loudly. Gibbs groaned at the tightness and heat inside of Tony. If it was possible Gibbs thought Tony had tightened since their escapade in the bathroom.

It took all of his willpower to not just start pounding up into Tony, but he held off waiting for Tony to adjust. He knew Tony was ready when he began to grind back and forth along Gibbs body seeking out some form of pleasure. Gibbs thrust up once experimentally and received a throaty moan in response. It didn't take long.

Gibbs hadn't expected it to last long for him, but he was more than pleased with how excited he made Tony. Their bodies moved in perfect unison. Their hips rocking back into one another. Both men groaned rocking back and forth moaning. Tony gasped as Gibbs hit that little bundle of nerves inside of him making Tony see stars.

"Ah!" Tony gasped loudly. "Th-there!" Tony panted roughly bouncing up and down along Gibb's member. Gibbs gripped Tony's hips roughly gasping loudly. Tony reached down to pump his own member his moans escalating and reaching new hieghts as-

"Ren, Izzy…What are you doing?" McGee asked as he walked into the bullpen slowly looking over the giggling twins. "You two aren't writing your dirty stories again, are you?" He asked as Ren quickly jumped out of his seat and ran over to Tony who was playing a game again on his own computer. Izzy smiled and exited her sister's story and ran over to Gibbs' desk jumping into his lap easily.

Gibbs laughed scooping Izzy close and shifting her onto one of his legs as he looked at her. McGee sat back down at his chair and glanced at the girls warily before pulling up Word. Tony glanced over and rolled his eyes as McGee pulled up Ren's story.

"OH! REN! IZZY! Stop using my computer for your stories!" McGee yelled in disgust.

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