The Epilogue… Three Years Later

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"In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life. It goes on." – Robert Frost

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." – Henry David Thoreau

"Aunt Wooby?" a small voice called out causing Ruby to turn around.

"What's up, Maggie? Hey, Claire bear."

"Look what we found you." Claire stated and Little Margaret held up a broken red toy car and a red bottle cap, slightly bent.

"Wed," Margaret said proudly, both girls smiling wide.

"Oh girls, thank you so much. I love them. I'm going to put them with the others." Ruby walked over to a small white rectangular table in her sitting room and placed the objects onto its surface. They matched well with the small toys, buttons, shells and the clear vase full of rocks and broken beads all in various shades of red. Claire had started it when she found a red plastic jewel abandoned at the beach and brought it back to her. Every time she was at the beach, whether at La Push or that one time she went to Hawaii with her family and Quil, she would always keep her eyes open for anything red. Now Margaret was doing it too.

The girls smiled as she displayed their treasure and ran off to enjoy the party; a party in honor of Jacob's college graduation.

Three years had passed since she met Jacob. Since her life was turned upside down with vampires and werewolves. Bella had gotten over her fear of marriage quickly and she was now Edward's wife. Their wedding was shortly after Ruby's and completely over-the-top and gorgeous. Edward bit her, turning her, and they intended on a yearlong honeymoon to help Bella acclimate to being a vampire but it only took Bella three months. Ruby joked that Bella was born to be a vampire.

Ruby had grown a lot in that time. She had more two more powers and managed to master all of her powers. She could even heal herself without passing out or getting tired, it just happened instantly now and without much effort.

She had also lost her only link to her past but gained her future.

The first thing she did after the wedding and semi-honeymoon where they spent the week at her grandmother's house – well her house really – was go over everything her grandmother had left her in the will. The house was hers but she could not see Jacob living anywhere other than La Push and she couldn't dream of selling it and letting someone else live in that house.

She spoke to Billy and Jacob and they agreed on an unconventional solution: they would move the house.

She used a big chunk of the money that was left to her to hire a professional house mover and pay for permits. She figured that if they had a house that they owned outright on land they owned outright and they both planned on working, they would not need hundreds of thousands of dollars to their disposal. They placed the house on Billy's property just on the opposite side of the garage.

They were ecstatic to have, finally, a home of their own and the first purchase they made was a California King sized bed. And even though Jacob had tons of space and his feet finally didn't fall over the edge, they still slept wrapped up in each other's arms barely using any of the space the luxurious bed offered.

Still after spending that huge chunk of change, she still had a small fortune to her name. Her grandmother had lived a hundred and twenty six years, plenty of time to acquire property and money. She also had her parent's farmhouse in South Dakota and the tons of land that surrounded it. She kept it vacant and visited it twice yearly with Jacob. Once in the summer to show Jacob that the sun really did shine for a week straight with no rain and once in the winter to show him what real snow looked like, not the slush he was used to.

In the three years since she met her husband, she became a college graduate and officially became a midwife.

The Cullen family, they came over to La Push often now with the ban lifted and Emily and Esme hit it off, instantly becoming friends, Esme acting as a sort of surrogate grandmother to little Margaret despite her young appearance.

The transition of the Cullen family from enemy to friends took some time for some of the pack, namely Paul, but after all this time he had gotten used to it and accepted them. He had gotten a lot calmer now that he had Liliana.

Another transition that went smoothly was Embry and Angela. He had asked her on a date and it went smashingly. On her second date, they went to Ruby's house (before Ruby had it moved) and waiting for them were the pack and the Cullen family. Ruby had not wanted her to feel like she was being lied to in anyway. They were open and completely honest with her, she freaked at first, and that was where Jasper came in handy. It was a ridiculously long night for everyone but eventually Angela was able to grasp it all and willingly let Embry drive her home.

Ruby looked at her house full with people, full of life and laughter. Her adorable little niece was running from Claire as she playfully chased her. Emily was reclined on the sofa in the sitting room, her stomach huge to accommodate the two little lives growing inside of her. Ruby could tell she was having one of each. Kim sat next to her feeding her three-month-old little boy, William.

Esme showed up handing a cup of tea to Emily as Rosalie arrived to take William from Kim so she could have her hands free to get a plate of food. Ruby knew that Rosalie would never say it out loud but Rosalie was thrilled, honored and touched that the pack wives looked to her as the official person to go to when they needed a babysitter. She had always loved children and she loved the pack children dearly, you could see it clear as day.

Ruby walked to the backdoor in the kitchen and watched everyone enjoying themselves. Outside Emmett, Seth and Leah huddled around the radio playfully arguing over what song to play next.

Alice and Jasper; Bella and Edward; Paul and Liliana, newly married; and Embry and Angela (their wedding coming that winter) were dancing in the backyard. Sam, Carlisle and Jared were near the grill and Conner and Brady were running around with a camera taking pictures. Billy and Charlie were in the living room watching the game.

Big strong arms circled around Ruby from behind and Jacob rested his head on her shoulder.

"What are you doing, honey?"

"Just watching everyone have fun. The girls got me a toy car that's missing a wheel and an old Coca Cola bottle cap."

"You put it with the others?" he asked kissing her neck.

"Yup. Pretty soon I'm going to need a bigger table."

"Esme wants us all to go over to their house this week for dinner. She says it's because she found a new recipe but I think it's because she missed the sound of the kids playing and now that they're out of school and with little Will, she wants them over more."

"We'll figure out a day where we're all not busy." She turned in his embrace then kissed him. "Come on my college graduate, time for cake."

Ruby informed everyone in the house that it was time for cake before going outside and telling them the same thing. The cake was massive, even thought the vampires were not eating, the wolves' appetite more than made up for that. Jacob made the first cut and every one cheered and yelled congratulations.

"Congratulations, son. I'm real proud of you." Billy hugged him.

"Congratulations to you too, Dad," Ruby said, then smiled innocently at Billy.

"Me? I don't know what I did," he chuckled.

"I heard you're going to be a grandfather." Everyone stopped talking and it became instantly silent.

"A grandfather?" Billy said slowly, confused as he looked at Jacob, who in turn looked at Embry.

"Oh man," Embry said, instantly getting it and slapping Jacob on the shoulder. "Congratulations."

"Wait." Jacob turned slowly to face Ruby. "You're pregnant?" he whispered. Ruby bit her lip to stop from laughing and nodded. "You're pregnant?" he practically shouted with joy.


Jacob ran forward, wrapped his arms around her and spun her around as everyone screamed and hollered. When he put her down, she was instantly caught up in hug after hug and Jacob was slapped on the back more times than he could count. He needed a moment with his wife though and he broke through the crowd and found her hand already waiting for him with that sixth sense she always seemed to have with him and him alone. He grabbed hold of her and headed for the house as she ran behind him trying to keep up.

Once in their hallway he spun around and caught her lips, taking steps forward guiding her backwards until her back was pressed against the wall. He kissed her long and hard showing her the love he felt for her. Pulling back slightly so their noses were almost touching, he let out an uncharacteristic giggle and she smiled and brought her hand up to caress his face. He in turn placed his massive hand on her stomach, instantly warming her through, and gently rubbed.

"How far along are you?" he whispered, his lips skimming hers as he spoke.

"Two months. I checked myself yesterday and confirmed my suspicion."

"Can you tell what were having?"

"Not with modern medicine yet but with magic I can. Do you want to know?"

"Whatever you decide."

"I want to know."

"Oh good, me too."

Ruby concentrated until she could see Jacob's aura, he was ecstatic and a little bit scared but then again so was she, and slowly looked down to her own stomach and smiled.

"We're having a boy."

Jacob jumped back, clapped his hands and threw a fist into the air before kissing Ruby again. Pulling back he said, "I got to tell them."

He ran through the hallway and she heard the kitchen door slam open right before she heard him shout with pride, "It's a boy," and the crowd screaming in response. Ruby laughed and headed towards the backyard, a hand going to her stomach. Three years ago, all she had was her grandmother and if she were honest with herself that was all she ever thought she would have. But now… now she had brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews, friends, a mentor, a mother figure and father figures, she had a husband who was the love of her life and she had a son on the way.

The icing on the cake for her was knowing this was only the beginning of a very long life together.

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