Title: The Trip

Rating: G

Summary: Mildred Snape finds herself in a lot of trouble when a walk to Hogwarts has some strange consequences. What will happen to her and will she get herself out of trouble?

Disclaimer: I own nothing.

Chapter 1: One Fateful Day

The sounds of birds were the only thing, along side a set of footsteps, which could be heard on High Street. A small girl of around eleven, broomstick, cage, and trunk in hand, walked past the different shops that dotted Hogsmead. This girl had black eyes, a thin figure, long black hair that was in pigtails, and a small button nose. She was muttering to herself, her black boots, one untied slightly, hitting the ground with her temper. This girl's name was Mildred Snape and she had missed the Hogwarts Express and had only made it to Hogsmead by taking the Knight Bus, a bus that she really didn't like, and hated having, to take.

"I can't believe how stupid I was," Mildred muttered to herself. "Mum and dad will kill me when they find out."

Mildred didn't want to go into details on how she had missed the train and mostly on what she would tell her parents, both Professors, when she arrived so late. She also hated the fact that she had missed her own sorting and the Start of Term Feast, which she had always wanted to attend since she had been a small girl. Of course her mind told her that she should be use to horrible things happening to her. Ever since she had been six things just happened around her.

She didn't mean to break rules and make teachers mad, but that's just how it went. She remembered when she was eight and her father gave her privet flying lessons so that she would be able to pass Flying Class without any problems. She shuttered when she thought about the broom that had burned up when she lifted up, or the fact that charms just didn't work right around her, even the ones that had been tested and proven to work. However, she was eleven now and was determined to prove that she wasn't going to mess up while at Hogwarts and already she had broken her promise.

"Dad's going to blow his gray top," she told the only other thing around, a small phoenix that her mother had gotten her for getting accepted.

It said nothing.

She passed by the Three Broomsticks and just as she got near to the school she felt suddenly very dizzy. She had dizzy spells before, but not like this. However it soon went away and Mildred continued on her way. She arrived at the castle and checked her watch. It was already ten, which meant that the second lesson was taking place. She pushed the door opened and stepped inside.

"Hello," she called.

No answer.

"Hello," she repeated.

She looked around, noting the empty Great Hall, and that's when she heard a meowing. She looked down to see the most horrible cat that she had ever seen in her life. She bent down and stared at it.

"I hope you can tell me where everyone's at," she told it.

A few moments later a man, half panting, appeared. He looked almost as bad as the cat, but Mildred said nothing.

"Were-," he stopped when he saw her. "What are you doing here?"

"I go here," Mildred answered. "But I sort of missed the Hogwarts Express and-."

"And your going to the Headmaster," he snarled. "Get your things and follow me."

Mildred already had her things, but she followed him and soon they were at a stone gargoyle.

"Lemon Drops," he told the gargoyle.

It moved aside to let them pass.

The ride was just as Mildred remembered when she had visited Hogwarts two years ago. She loved the ride just as much as any student that had been brought here. Finally it stopped and the man banged on the door.

"Enter," came a voice that Mildred didn't recognize.

He opened it and shoved Mildred in, closing the door behind her.

Mildred looked around in this room. There were tiny instruments that emanated little puffs of smoke and make little sounds, there were rows after rows of books, and a phoenix which happened to be next to a man that almost made Mildred scream. The man that was before her she knew was dead, her father had been forced to kill him, but here he was, alive and well.


"Snape," Mildred answered.

He stared at her and then motioned her to sit.

"Well, I wasn't expecting Filch to bring a late student here," Professor Dumbledore, told her. "But apparently things don't go the way we planned or expect."

Mildred said nothing to this.

"Your first name?"

"Mildred," Mildred answered.

He nodded and then said, "Now what brings you to Hogwarts, Mildred?"

"I go here," Mildred stated.

He looked at her and she was suddenly afraid that he was going to yell at her.

"May I see your letter?"

Mildred took the letter out that she always kept and handed it to the Headmaster. He opened it and looked it over.

"Well it seems that you do belong here," he said gently. "However, the sorting has taken place and names are on the Professor's desk."

Mildred felt her heart sink.

"However, I believe that we can make room for one more," he went on, making her look at him. "You have a letter and that makes you a student."

"Thank you, sir," Mildred said.

He smiled at her.

"Now I want to know how my Potions Master and a First Year student got together," he said.

Mildred's mind went blank with shock.

"Your parents name was listed," he told her.

Mildred went pink with embarrassment and she decided that he should at least have that question answered.