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Aro immediately dismissed everyone from the main ballroom, and of course everyone followed his orders. I had told Aro all about my past life the day after I met him, so of course he knew all about my feelings for the Cullens.

They hadn't changed. I still loved to hate them, and hated that I loved them at the same time.

I walked briskly towards the glass door entrance that led to the huge gardens. The Cullens were going too slowly for me so I glided away at vampire speed until I was sitting against one of the little fountains, my head resting as I closed my eyes.

Their footsteps didn't quicken, but instead slowed down to an almost unbearable pace. I tapped my foot impatiently but the end of my huge stiletto caught in a hole in the ground and it snapped off.

"Fuck it!" I roared and twirled up. "MELISSA!" Almost at once my personal closet assistant was at my side trembling. "You told me you fixed these, you useless slob. Get me my other pair right now."

"Of course Princess, I am sorry. It must be Taylor's fault, he was carrying-"

"Don't blame your stupidness on others, now get on with it before I do something I most certainly WON'T regret."

With that she sprinted off and I flicked off the other shoe. "Fucking servants, so bloody-"

"Ahem." A shadow suddenly came over me and I looked up. Damn it, I really need to start controlling myself around them don't I? NO, wait a second I don't. THEY are the ones who made me like this.

"Sit down?" I offered, smiling sweetly but not meeting any of their eyes.

"Yes." Carlisle said rigidly and they all joined me on the grass. "Bella I think we have a lot to talk about."

"Do we?" I said tiredly. Damn it where was Melissa, I didn't like my foot being bare on the ground. Ah there she is. "Urm, excuse me everyone. Princess?"

"Hmm. Just get on with it." she quickly slipped both my shoes off and replaced them with the brand new ones. My hair and eyes immediately went from both being jet black to light blonde and blue. I was content now.

"Thanks hun, you can go now." I blew her a kiss and she sighed in relief before walking away at a much calmer pace.

"Bella!" Carlisle said louder this time. "Yes!" I said in the same tone, glaring at him. Urgh I can't look at them its too hard. I shut my eyes and twiddled my thumbs.

"Look, why don't you guys just ask me questions and I can answer them?"

"Okay then, I will start-"

"NO Carlisle! I have to ask her something!" butted in Alice, bless her. "Where did you get those shoes? They are amazing!"

"I know right? I had Alexander McQueen design them specially for me just before he died. This was the last pair of shoes he ever made."

"Wow.." she dazed off with the same look, almost as if she was having another vision. Jasper looked down and smiled at her, god they were both still so sickly in love I see.

"Back to the point.. when did you change exactly?" Carlisle asked impatiently. "Right after you guys left, I remember Edward telling me about the 'Volturi' so I decided to fly here right away. Originally it was for them to kill me, but then when Aro found that no ones powers worked on me he decided to turn me."

I think I heard Edward growl, but it was cut off my Jasper asking next. "But you aren't like normal vampires are you?"

"No I am not. It took only three hours instead of three days to change, and I felt no pain what so ever, just a cool rush through my body. I am also much more beautiful-" Rosalie snorted, "- and have a whole range of powers instead of just a few."

"Which are what?" asked Emmett, obviously up for a challenge. I laughed, "You guys can find out when I have my training session, I think its in about half an hour."

"Cool, I'm there." Of course they would go wouldn't they... oh well, maybe I can just show off a bit huh?

"Why do people call you Princess?" Alice suddenly spoke up in a hushed tone. "Because Aro has been like a father to me for these many years and he started calling me that. Since I am so different, almost a super vampire if you wish, the nick name 'Princess' kinda just stuck with me all these years."

Rosalie suddenly stuck her head up and flicked her hair back, "So.. do you drink animal blood then?" If I were human I would have blushed. What was I meant to do? Lie to them? No... I couldn't, this was the time for the truth and only the truth.

"No. I used to drink animal blood but one year, about a hundred years ago when still none of you had come to see me, or even come to Italy for that matter, Jane tempted me too far one night and ever since I have drank human blood."

I groaned, god why was I feeling guilty? They should be feeling guilty for heavens sake. Plus I have no regrets, human blood gives you a rush like nothing else.

Esme had been quiet for the whole time, acting like a shell of the person she normally is... was. "How many men have you slept with Bella?" everyone gasped except for Jasper and Edward, I am guessing they picked up on the thoughts and feelings of the other men in the room then.

"I don't know what you are talking about Esme."

"Please Bella, I'm not stupid. Just tell me." I looked her dead in the eye without so much as a blink of my eyes and recorded the number from memory, completely accurate. "Eight hundred and ninety three... not including today."

Everything was silent till Esme once again sobbed out. "Including today then Bella?"

"Nine hundred and one."

She seemed to collapse into Carlisle's shoulder and began to repeat in hushed whispers "My fault, its my fault, we shouldn't have left, shouldn't have let him-" She carried on muttering to herself for about ten minutes, all the while everyone still as a statue and in their own little world.

I observed my old family, they all seemed shocked at the news. My gaze finally landed on Edward and he seemed to be pulling his hair out, not literally, but he was gripping onto it so tightly I was scared for it...

"-Why did we leave? No contact.. we didn't even check up on her-"

HE still hadn't asked me a question yet, Edward... maybe it was for the better though hey? I didn't want to suddenly break down in front of them all. Oh fuck it, what was I on?

"-What did he say to her? What did you say to her Edward?-"

I am Bella Volturi, Princess and Seductress. I could have any man and was feared by all. I was powerful and dominant, ruthless to everyone without any exceptions... I had killed many beings too, vampires and humans alike.

"-I am the worst mother ever. She's not even my daughter though is she? She'll never forgive us, we made her like this-"

"Who said I want to change Esme?"

Everyone's heads suddenly turned to me. "Who says I don't like the new me? Who says I wouldn't give anything to stay like this, to live this life for ever. You have no right to suddenly come into my home and judge me, judge me of all people.

The human 'pet' you abandoned so many years ago, that you just chucked away when you got bored with? That your 'son' dismissed like I was nothing. Just a random human he didn't have feelings for, who he didn't love, who none of you cared for just one bit to even say goodbye.

Why am I even here? Why am I talking to you lot, I must be going crazy.. it took me decades to get over you and my only release of all that anger and hatred and abandonment feelings charged out in my powers."

I took a deep unnecessary breathe in and flicked my eyes up. They all looked so hurt, fuck it they deserve it.. a bit. I hadn't spoken about them in centuries, and talking too them face to face was a whole different matter.

Oh good, there was Caius, probably coming over to get me ready for training.. hmm I wonder if the newbies would be coming in today-

"Do you still love me Bella?" the most heartbroken voice I had ever heard before suddenly arose. What the fuck? Edward launched himself up to stand next me, he touched my arm and then grabbed my wrist, so hard it almost hurt.

"Do you still love me?" he whispered so quietly probably only I could hear it. I was speechless. YES! NO? YES? NO!

A huge arm suddenly landed on top of Edward's, grabbing it and yanking it off. Emmett and Jasper sprang up immediately growling, one glare from me and they shut up. Caius thank god, was here. "Bella, it is time for your training. I suggest you stop this conversation now before you are late."

"Of course Caius thank you."

"Nice outfit by the way, wearing it for training? Weren't you wearing that piece last time we-"

"Yes, yes I was."

He chuckled and groaned. "Thought I recognized it, better hurry that cute butt up though, I got a special treat for you in training."

A smile appeared on my face for the first time today. "Really?" With that I linked arms with him and ran off, too afraid to look back at the scene I had probably caused behind me, too afraid to see his face. Too afraid to answer his question.

Too afraid to give him my answer.

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