This series is completed. I really don't care if anyone reviews in this series. The Tales Series need more love, especially Tales of Destiny. It was the first Tales game I ever played and Leon Magnus was my favourite. This series may contain spoilers, but yeah, enjoy?

[OC's name is Amia Folliot and her picture is in my profile]


Far From Reach- Part 1

Leon Magnus lived a hard childhood in spite of the luxuries provided for him. He was alone and deprived of love. His father, who was his only living relative he had left, was cold to him and busy running the Oberon Corporation. His mother died before common sense could even kick into him. His sister was sent far away, not knowing whether she was still alive or not. He had no one else except her- Marian. Marian had provided the happiness and love he had been seeking for in a long time. He saw the image of his mother in her. He truly was happy.

…But not at this moment seeing as he had to watch over these scoundrels, who only provided nothing but trouble for him.

"Stupid brat," Rutee snapped, glaring at Leon.

"What was that, you foul woman?" he growled, glaring back at her.

Mary only watched them with amusement- clearly used to this sight. Stahn attempted to stop them from arguing, but failed to do so as he was the one who ended up being electrocuted. Philia went to tend for the blonde man and asked if he was all right. Stahn, in return, assured her that he was fine and that it was nothing (even though he could still feel the stinging pain on his whole body). Leon and Rutee continued arguing, their voices getting louder and louder by every second. This was how a certain girl found them.

Stopping on her tracks, her pink eyes widened upon landing on a particular person. Recognition overwhelmed her mind while memories replayed in her head in an instant.

"Emilio," she finally gasped out as she tried her best not to cry on the spot.

Leon seemed to hear her for he looked away from Rutee to look at the person who had uttered his real name. However, before he could even see her, a carriage came running on the road and blocked his view. Dust came flying everywhere and loud footsteps of horses came ringing in her ears. When everything had settled again, it was too late. The group was gone; he was gone.

And tears fell down her cheeks.