Kaname lay in his bed, on the verge of sleep. But before he slept, he looked around the room. Costumes were thrown everywhere and three other vampires lay next to him. "How do nights like these happen?" he wondered, "Not that I'm complaining!"

Earlier that night, Zero had Kaname pinned down to the couch. He teased the pureblood mercilessly with his hands while he sucked on his sensitive neck.

Kaname playfully struggled, "You're so dirty, Zero! Are you a pirate or something?"

"Yeah, and that's Captain Kiryu to you!" Zero quickly picked up on the game. "And you now my wench. Every great pirate kidnaps a hot chic!"

With that Zero marched over to the storage closet. Moments later, he emerged in full pirate swag; leather pants, partly buttoned puffy shirt, and red bandana.

"Come on, wench! Time to get dressed!" Kaname obediently came over to the closet where Zero put him into one of Yuki's old dresses and a wig.

The pureblood looked down at himself, "Zero! I mean Captain Kiryu. You can't be serious, this barely covers my groin!"

"That's the point!", Zero smirked as he picked Kaname up bridal style.

Now they were really getting into it. So much in fact, that when Zero went to remove Kaname's dress the pureblood let out a feminine shriek. The hunter laughed as his "wench" blushed deeply.

But shortly after that, Shiki and Ichijo burst into the room. Looking around frantically, Shiki asked "We heard screaming! Is Yuki ok?" By then he saw what was going on in the bed.

He looked confused, "Um, Zero? Why are you dressed like a pirate? And who is that girl – HOLY SHIT! Kaname is that you!?"

Kaname quickly straightened his skirt. "Umm…. Yes, it's me. Don't worry about the screaming….that was me.", he paused as he noticed what Shiki and Ichijo looked like, "What are you wearing? And where's Ichijo? I thought I saw him come in with you."

"Oh he's here, and I'm dressed as a sailor." Shiki gestured to his outfit; a tight blue top, even tighter black pants, and thigh high boots. Then he turned around to show what was inside of the net he was carrying. Inside the net was a mermaid! But it wasn't a real one, it was a blushing Ichijo! Complete with wig, tail, and seashell bra; the blonde really looked the part.

He struggled a bit, "Oh for God's sake! Shiki let me down!" As the brunette scooped his "mermaid" into his arms, Ichijo meekly said, "Sorry for barging in on you guys."

Kaname jumped up, "I'll save you, Ichijo!" Then he grabbed the blonde and pretended to make a run for it.

"Come on sailor! Our women are escaping!" Zero and Shiki chased after them. Soon Ichijo and Kaname found themselves trapped on the bed.

For the rest of the night, the four vampires put on quite a performance. Anyone who happened to pass the room would hear random outbursts like "Oh Captain Kiryu!" or "I've got the seashell bra!"

Thanks for reading this and the original Gay Vampires! I hope you enjoyed them and laughed! Before you go I have one request; write a review that answers the question "If you got to see one of these guys in their costumes, which one would you pick?"

Zero as a pirate

Kaname in an extremely short dress

Shiki as a sailor

Ichijo as a mermaid

Personally I love Ichijo and I think his would be the funniest!