The Name of Takaishi
by WSJ

Another of my lame tearjerkers, this time a Takari. Just to get the facts strait, I neither hate Takeru, nor Sora (as people who reviewed my fic "The Dance" suggested), it was just a convieniant charater! I don't truely hate ANY of the DDs, not even Davis, even though I bash him a lot. Well, maybe one... *mumbles something that sounds like: Micheal! Stupid baka, stealin Mimi away from Joe/Izzy/Tai!* (I really don't care WHO Mimi pairs up with, I write any of those three, but I do indeed hate Micheal's guts).

Anyway! On to the ficcie. I don't own Digimon, but I do own Angel. This is also AU. It's meant to be a one-shot, but I am contemplating a sequel to it.
My papa... My dad... The one person I looked up to the most... Why was it HIM? Why my dad who died? Why not Tasa's dad, she says that she hates him anyway!

My eyes tear up as we watch them lower papa into the grave. He was a soldier, and was killed in war. Not just any war, The War. The War that I have to fight in, whether I like it or not: the Great Digi War.

Papa was a DigiDestined. Mama is too. So am I.

The War broke out almost seventeen years ago, when Mama and Papa, then only teenagers, destroyed MaloMyotismon with the help of their friends. With MaloMyotismon gone, the Dark Relm fell into chaos and all was well; for awhile.

Then a strong new leader appeared, and the War began. I've been fighting all my life, so have my friends, and my friends' parents. Any DigiDestined still living has been recruited. Yeah, you heard right, still living. It's not just my dad who's been lost.

Uncle Tai, Aunt Mimi, Uncle Joe, Uncle Willis and Uncle Micheal (^_^) have all been killed. I never even knew my Aunt Mimi or Uncle Micheal, they were killed before I was born. I have very faint memories of the walking bush of hair that was Uncle Tai, and I remember Uncle Joe and Uncle Willis pretty well, since they both died only a couple years ago.

Both worlds have been completely torn apart and ravaged by this war, there are only small colonies of people and good Digimon left, while evil Digimon exisist in plenty. Our group, what's left of the Origenal Fourteen, as they've been called, and us; their kids, live in the basement and what's left of Odiba High and the connecting building of Odiba Elementary.

My name you ask? Angel, I'm 12 years old. My partner? Patamon. My crest is the Crest of Life. Who are my parents? Kari Kamiya Takaishi, Child of Light, and Takeru "TK" Takaishi, Child of Hope.

The Takaishi name is pretty powerful in this day and age, and not to be used too lightly, like the names of Ishida, Izumi, and especially Itchijouji. I give my true name to you out of trust, as a fellow DigiDestined. Of course, I hope you aren't one of the Dark DigiDestined, traitors to the rest of us. Well, what's done is done now, I'll have to live with the concequences.

That day I was standing there in the pouring rain, hugging tightly not only my own Patamon, but Papa's as well, who were both bawling. Mama was crying and hugging Gatomon, and Uncle Matt was crying and hugging Aunt Sora, who was also crying and hugging their baby boy, coincidentally named Takeru, after my father. Surprisingly, I was not. I don't know why, but I was unable to feel pain, only hatred at Massamon, the new evil ruler, for doing this. For making me and my cousins and friends grow up in war times, for making people live in fear.

Someday I'll make them pay, and my children will grow up in peace times, I swear it! I swear in the name of Takeru Takaishi there will be peace again someday! I was named Angel for a reason you know, and I will continue to fight for as long as I live. For Papa, for Uncle Tai, for my baby cousin who will never know anything but pain, for Gatomon and Patamon, for the Worlds! Peace Massamon, I *will* have peace.