Chapter 8: Welcome To The Team, Son

Horatio stared absentmindedly out the window of his office, watching members of his team and lab rats scurry around the lab. He was brought out of his thoughts as a vibration was heard; turning with an arched brow he learned it was coming from his phone. That's what that was. Horatio thought as he slid it off the desk; glancing at the caller id he noticed it said 'Unknown', overcome by curiosity he pressed accept.

"Caine." Horatio greeted.

"Lieutenant, Caine? It's Kyle." He heard over the line.

"Oh, what's on your mind, son?" Horatio asked, with slight worry.

There was a brief pause, and mumbling on the other end; followed by what sounded like Ryan. "Could I stop by your office for a moment, I have an answer to your offer."

"Of course, come on by." Horatio let a smile spread across his face. "What ever your decision I'm sure it's the right one."

"Sure, I'll be there right away." Kyle hung up, Horatio glanced at the phone and pressed end setting it down.

Within five minutes there was a soft knock at his door, "Come in." He voiced his invitation; looking up from his paperwork. Kyle slowly opened the door and poked his head in, with a goofy lopsided grin adorning his face. "Have a seat, son." He motioned to the dual vacant chairs across the desk from him. Kyle pulled himself through the doorway and closed it tightly behind him, and took a seat across from Horatio.

"I have made my decision, sir."

"Please just call me Horatio, or H. Just like the rest of my team." Horatio stated as he put his hand on the drawer to his right.

"Okay Horatio, I'd like to join your team if that's alright." He suggested as he took a deep breath, dreading the answer that he knew would soon come. Kyle watched as Horatio opened his drawer and withdrew something that looked like a black holster; propping it onto the table in front of him he withdrew something that looked like a badge and placed it on the table beside it.

"Welcome aboard, son." He smiled.

"Thank you sir, I mean H." Kyle picked up the badge and stared at it while caressing his thumb across the golden surface; he then placed it over the side of his left pocket. Picking up the holster; he stared at it in confusion, then looked up at his new friend and boss in question.

"You can go down to firearms and talk to Calleigh, to find out where to get your weapon." Horatio answered his silent question, with a smirk on his calm, collected face. Horatio stood and glanced out his window and turned back towards his newest recruit, "You have an audience, son." Motioning to the lower level of the lab.

Kyle walked over and stood beside Horatio and looked down at the supposed audience; folding his arms across his chest, he was then shell shocked at who he saw. Calleigh was standing with a bright smile on her face, his older brother stood slightly behind her smiling as well. Eric and Natalia were standing off to the side with Frank in the middle; Eric and Natalia were more focused on eachother than anyone else, what shocked him the most was that Frank had a slight smirk. Well, that's the first time I've seen Tripp smile since I've been here for the past day and a half. He thought to himself, Horatio brought him out of his thoughts by putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Son, you are now a Miami Dade Criminalist."

"But, I thought… That there would be like a test or something like that." Kyle asked, glancing back at Horatio in confusion.

"Well technically you'd need to do a test run in the field, you'd already accomplished that."

"What?" Kyle was even more confused, When did this happen?

"When we went to look for Mr. Wolfe, you passed the test with flying colors." Horatio responded with a smile.

"How, if I wasn't even part of the team?"

Horatio glanced back down to Ryan and nodded his head, "Well, your brother signed you up, so technically you had your very first shift two nights ago." He replied while turning to leave the room.

"What does this mean?" he turned to where he thought Horatio was to find the space empty, raising his eyebrow he turned and left himself. How the hell did he do that?

Ryan and Calleigh watched as Kyle had this confused look on his face; they both chuckled knowing that he was confused as to where H went off to. Eric came up to them; "So, did it work?" he asked with a smirk, it seems there has been a lot of smiling recently. Must be contagious because Ryan and Calleigh both returned it with enthusiastic nods.

"My little brother is now a criminalist!" Ryan stated happily, he glanced behind Eric as he saw his brother walking towards them. "Congrats, Kyle." He greeted as he hugged his brother manly, smirking as his brother returned it with equal emotion.

"Thanks bro, so I was apparently a criminalist before I even got the invitation." Kyle raised his brow, and nodded to Eric and Frank as they nodded their approval. Frank soon departed from the group with a curt nod to Kyle and a wave to the others.

"Well I'd love to stay and chat." Eric said glancing at his watch, "But, I really need to run as well, 'Talia and I have a date." He finished as he stared after his retreating girlfriend; shocked, he waved to them and ran after her.

'Have fun with that, Eric!" Kyle called after him with a wide grin; he turned back to his brother and Calleigh. "So, now what?"

"Well… hold on." Ryan said as he felt his phone ring, taking a quick look at the screen. It was a text message from Horatio, 'DB, Corral Way, to Granata. Meet in parking garage.' It read, soon Calleigh and Kyle's phones both vibrated bearing the same message. "Looks like this is your first time on actual duty little brother." Ryan stated looking at his younger sibling.

"Well let's not keep Horatio waiting; I don't want to get in trouble on my first day." Kyle turned and walked into the direction of the elevators; upon entering Calleigh spoke up.

"Kyle, do you have your license?" She asked as she held her phone. He nodded, "Okay I'll ask Horatio to have a hummer for you."

Kyle looked shocked at her statement but then calmed as the doors closed; starting their descent to the parking garage. The three shared a comfortable silence on the ride down, but they were brought out of it as there was a high pitched beep; they looked up as the doors slid open and revealed Horatio standing with his hands on his hips and his favorite shades covering his eyes.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, thanks for coming down." Horatio nodded to Kyle with a small grin, "It turns out the original crime is now, a double homicide." He frowned as he spoke; "We are needed at the old construction site."

Ryan raised his eyebrows at this, he remembered his first crime scene; it was the exact same place where he had to find evidence in an apparent DUI. Calleigh's father had been the one to turn himself in, for the thought that he had killed someone in his vehicle. When in conclusion; Mr. Duquesne was let off the hook for the result of a drug deal gone wrong and an attempted car jacking.

"H, that's where Mr. Duquesne was almost car jacked."

"That is correct Mr. Wolfe; I want you and Calleigh to take one hummer to the scene. I will take mine." Horatio put his hand in his inner coat pocket and took out a set of keys. "You my friend, have your own hummer. Car 539, which is directly behind me." He handed him the keys and started towards his own hummer; Ryan glanced at his younger brother and tapped him on the shoulder.

"Just follow Calleigh and I." Ryan said before he and Calleigh entered their own vehicle. Kyle nodded and opened the door to his very own hummer he took the driver's seat and fastened his seatbelt; sliding the key into the ignition he heard it roar to life and he felt a rush of adrenaline. Shifting into drive he pulled out onto the road in pursuit of his teammates.

This is gonna be a long day… He thought as they moved onto the causeway, where shortly after they came to a complete stop in front of a long strip of yellow tape. "Here we go."

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