Only A Legend... Nothing More
by WSJ

I don't own Digimon, but charactors not mentioned in the anime are mine.
Odiba, Japan... What can I say? It's my home. I grew up there, my partner and I do business there. It's one of the few places left in the world that isn't a glittering, high-tech metropolis. It's also one of the few places in the world that is still haunted.

The year: 3013. My name? For now just call me Demi. My job: ghost hunting. My partner? Well, you wouldn't believe me if I told you...

This is the story of how we; two simple ghost hunters, stumbled onto the biggest story since the monster sightings of 2001!

My partner, Kit, and I were called onto the scene of an old abandoned school to investigate some hauntings. They were trying to restore the school building, but they kept running into obsicules and half the workers quit because they kept saying that they saw ghosts.

Well it turned out Kit and I didn't even need our fancy equipment to detect the ghosts. The workers and everyone were taking the day off, so it was just me, Kit and the ghost. Or should I say ghosts.

We had a map of the building and what all the different rooms had been. We first ran into the ghosts on the stairs leading from the first floor lobby to the second floor hallway.

Kit was somewhere near the middle of the staircase, at the top, and I was about three steps behind him. He walked right up, and I kept on climbing, but suddenly, the place Kit had just walked through three seconds earlier turned deathly cold. Emphasis on deathly. I had struck a cold spot, often a clue ghosts are near.

Kit pointed his heat-sensitive video camera at it and he went white as a sheet. "You look like you've seen a ghost." I joked. At the word 'ghost' the cold vanished.

"D... Demi, I think I have!" Kit stuttered. I ran up beside him to see what could have scared him so badly and I went pale myself. On the side of the camera, the little screen which displays what the camera sees, Kit had paused the picture of me standing in the cold spot.

Now, I've been a ghost hunter for almost three years now, (Kit & I are both 19) and in all my days I have *never* been that scared as I was right then. On the camera, it shows very warm spots as red, and very cold spots as blue. Basic, right?

The picture showed me, a patch of red with arms and legs, but standing next to me was another blotch recognisable as a human body, all in blue, with hands reaching for my arm as if to grab and hold on.

"Now watch the whole thing." he said. He rewound, and I was climbing the stairs. The ghost seemed to be running down them, because it ran in from the left side of the screen, stumbled, reached out for my arm as if to keep its balance, and then vanished. Something flashed and the screen went blank.

"Wait, back up and go slow, what was that flash?" I asked. He backed up a bit and set it on slow-mo. The ghost stumbled, vanished, the flash, "Pause it!"

He did and now I wish he didn't. Flashing across the screen for just a moment were words. Two of them. 'Help us!'
Yeah, very short. After all, it's only the first chapter!