I awoke to an empty bed. I knew this was a bad sign this meant Godric was already working. I took a quick shower, dressed and made my way into the living room. I recognized several of the vampires and I knew they knew me as well. Most of the ones who had been around for a long period of time did. I don't think Godric had told them I was a vampire yet, I could see the strange look on their faces when I passed by.

I found Godric in his office on the phone he seemed agitated as he slammed it down and muttered something looking out the window for a moment. It was not like Godric to act this way.

"Shut the doors." He said trying not to sound angry.

I followed his order shutting the French doors and waited uncertain of his mood. He seemed to be irritated and I didn't want to push him further. He sighed lowering his head for a moment before turning and smiling at me lightly, his arm opening to me.

"Come here beautiful."

I did as he requested and he wrapped me in his arms tightly kissing my head.

"I'm sorry. I don't mean to be angry I think I am more disappointed that I was mislead."

I tilted my head back to see his gorgeous blue eyes. I could still feel the tenseness in his body. He was definitely angry and trying to reign himself in.

"You know who the traitors are?"

"Yes, they will be here tonight. It will be dealt with." He stroked my cheek but I could see the sadness in his eyes. He never was one to hurt anyone he loved. He loved all of his underlings and friends human and the like. He protected them fiercely. That was the kind of person he was, the kind of heart he had and no one could understand that better than me. I understood this was hurting him that someone so close would deceive him this way.

"I'm sorry." I rested my face on his chest and felt him rocking me.

"It is no fault of your own. I know you wish to make it better, but there is no way in this case the things they have done are not to be looked over. They played a part in having our son murdered I cannot let that go. My heart can't let that go and how could I look at you and know I let them go?"

I stood back pulling out of his arms, "Do not make this about me or how I will feel. Do what is fair as a sheriff you must put all personal feelings aside that is what is right, as much as it hurts me to say it Noah was just a small part of this. He would want you to follow your path. You must hold true to your position, now more than ever."

He turned away from me, "My path is hidden from me."

"Then you must not judge until it is clear. Godric, Sophie is waiting for you to mess up so she can use something against you. You don't mess up and she knows that and I won't let you mess this up."

I moved closer resting my hand on his shoulder. I could feel his confusion which is something Godric rarely had. I was unclear why he had it now.

"Your path will become clear my love. You will treat them as you would anyone who betrayed the nest. You will not address the issue of Noah because it is in the past. It can't be changed you must address only the issue at hand."

He turned to me his eyes troubled and full of sadness. I let you down by not seeing this sooner. Had I but looked…

He sighed.

"I went into his room when I awoke and I wondered what did I miss? These underlings living in my mist and I never had a clue. Why? Why is it I never knew that they were conspiring against me? How did I not know they took my son? It really does lay the fault on me. How could I not have protected him the most innocent of us all? What kind of sheriff can't control his own nest?"

"Godric." I placed my hands on his face. "Listen to me you aren't up against just some vampires in your nest. You are up against Sophie Ann and who knows who else is involved. You are a loving soul and I don't think you did anything wrong by trusting. I know I am certainly not the greatest judge of character. Yet, you allow me love and you allow me to love you. It is enough. You made no mistake by trusting your nest you must put your faith somewhere."

He shook his head, "I just wish I could have…" I stopped him with two fingers on his lips.

"Yes, but there was no way and so we shouldn't live in the past, I have gotten past it now it's your turn."

He smiled his pale hand stroking my cheek.

"You are so beautiful. I don't know what I ever did to deserve you in my life. I have done so many wrongs. I have tried to make amends, but surely they were never enough to deserve an angel like you."

I kissed him gently.

"I love you it's that simple. You are beautiful Godric." I ran my fingers through his hair. He really had no idea how beautiful he was. I know being a man he didn't want to be called beautiful, but let's face it. He is. I mean when he walks by men wish they could look like him, they wish they could be him. It's the same with Eric and all the other good looking vampires out there but to me Godric outshines them all.

I guess with him it's because it's not only his outer beauty. He shines an inner beauty, a calmness that radiates when he smiles. He has an aura about him that flows through the room as he passes. I don't know what you would call it. I suppose the Chinese might call it his chi, whatever it is he has it. It sets everyone around him at ease. It's like a bright light of happiness which usually he is. He isn't shining so bright today, but he will be once he calms down and relaxes. He's worried and upset and I understand that.

He needs to know I'm ok and I understand and he can do his job as need be and I won't be offended. He is my sheriff and I respect that. I will do his bidding.

He smiled pulling me into his arms again.

"You make me see things so clearly when I cannot. It is as if you take the clouds away from my vision. Perhaps my heart Is not the only thing you hold sway over."

I giggled and kissed his neck, "I am afraid I cannot control the clouds my love, if I could though I would make every day clear for you."

His simple laugh was all I needed. We were interrupted by a knock.

"Come in Isabel." He said softly.

The door opened and she came in quietly.

"Everyone is starting to arrive. You have extra security as you asked and the two you questioned about are here."

"Good make everyone welcome, show no favor, but do not let them leave." His voice was full of authority. I felt his body pull away from mine.

"Time we make our presence known my love."

I inhaled deeply hoping I could hold myself together when I saw them. I had to for him, for me and for Noah. I had no idea who they were and was curious, but I would try to keep myself calm. He ran his hands down my arms.

"You must know I love you more than my own life." His voice was husky but calm. I could sense tension.

"I know." I stroked his jaw my hand coming to rest over his still heart.

"Perhaps after we make our entrance it is best if you not be here." He watched my face nervously and he was never nervous. I felt my eyebrows raise.

"No. I want to be at your side. Why would you suggest such?" He was confusing me now I was sure he was hiding something I could feel it.

He sighed his eyes cast downward, "I just…I don't want to see you hurt any more than you have been."

"I can take anything by now. You should know that." I chastised him.

He nodded meeting my eyes. "I am not questioning your strength. I know how strong you are I simply wish to keep you from further pain if you wish to be at my side so shall it be."

I smiled, "I wish to be with you." I slid my hand in his. He kissed me tenderly.

"Just remember I am with you always."

I didn't know why he reminded me of that but I am sure he had a reason, he usually does. He turned and opened the door pulling me beside him. I followed him to where two seats sat and he sat pulling him beside him. I saw all eyes turned towards us. The room became quiet and he smiled standing.

"Good evening my friends. I am sure you all remember my love Evangeline. Due to unforeseen events that are fortunate in our case she has returned to me and will now be with us on a permanent basis. I will expect you to treat her with no less respect than you treat me."

I was surprised he made that statement. In making that statement he was saying quite simply I was his mate and I looked around to see how the others reacted to this. They showed no surprised, most of them knew already we were an item before and they expected this if I were ever turned, even before he expected me treated as his equal.

He put his hands behind his back.

"I am afraid it has come to my attention we have traitors among our mist. I must say I was quite surprised. I trust my underlings quite explicitly and to say I was hurt is an understatement." He sat down and sighed looking to Isabel she nodded and looked back, "Stan."

Two vampires were led in I knew both of them, Laura and Malcolm. I was taken aback. This is why he asked if I wanted to leave he knew me and Laura had become quite close when I was human. I was shocked to know she had played any part in the death of my child.

I stood before he could stop me.

"Laura how could you?" I said before I thought. I knew all eyes were on me and I didn't care.

She looked down away from my eyes. "I'm sorry Vangie, I had to do what was in my best interest. In the end even though I really liked you I knew I would be killed if I didn't."

I slapped her hard. She looked up immediately not at me but behind me. I saw the anger in her eyes turn to fear. I knew Godric was standing behind me I felt him. He placed his hand on my shoulder.

"Please." He whispered softly. I knew he understood my pain I felt it. I turned to him and he stopped me lifting my chin.

I looked into his eyes and saw his inner turmoil. I bit my lip a moment and nodded, "Do your job as our sheriff." I swallowed hard and took my seat. It was the hardest thing I ever had to say but it needed to be said. He needed to hear it, focus on what they did now not then.

I felt Isabel's hand gently on my shoulder. It was soothing and I definitely needed it.

Godric took a moment and focused on them.

"I do not tolerate betrayal in my nest. You have been attempting to undermine me by running little errands for Sophie Ann in hopes of gaining favor. The hope was I would lose my title as sheriff and she would somehow gain hold of my area."

I could hear the audible gasps between the vampires and the rumblings of anger.

"How do you plead?" He asked simply.

Malcolm shook his head, "We have no recourse you know we are guilty."

Godric nodded, "There are so many other things I would like to punish you for, but I will hold my tongue because it is neither the time nor place for those punishments. Yet, let me say if it were I would string you up in the sunlight myself though I don't know that it would nearly be punishment enough for the crimes you have committed. Silver and starving you for years couldn't even come close."

I was shocked by his harsh words. He was angrier than I have ever seen him. I knew of his past and I was seeing what made him how he was. I had never seen him like this. He growled and leaned back.

"What shall I do with you? As it stands I can do as I please death is your sentence and I have any option to carry it out. I wonder should I give you the quick easy death you did not give others?"

I touched his arm and felt him turn to me.

"Godric, it is not your nature to be cruel." I meant what I said and he knew I was right maybe once upon a time but not now.

He sighed and closed his eyes for a moment. "Forgive me. I am angry and not thinking clearly my love is right I am not a cruel sheriff and I will not be known as one. You will suffer as is ordered for such betrayal. Stan please carry out the sentencing."

Stan smiled as he and a few other vampires grabbed them and left. He takes way too much pride in his work. Godric ran his hands over his face and looked off, "Please enjoy the evening."

He stood and walked outside. Isabel sat beside me.

"He is hurting, you are the only one to sooth the pain." She said taking my hand.

"Isabel I don't know if I can. I am hurting too. He did the right thing but it's complicated and it's so hard to feel anything but hurt and confusion right now."

Her dark eyes met mine.

"When two hearts are hurting they mend the other. Love him Evangeline, open up to each other and you will heal. I promise you it will heal a broken soul."

I hoped she was right I was certainly one to try I didn't want to hurt any longer and seeing him like this was breaking my heart. I walked outside finding him looking at the stars. I slid my arms around his waist from behind.

"He's up there you know."

His hands fell over mine, "Who?"

"Noah, he's our little guardian angel."

He chuckled and sighed, "I suppose he is. I'll bet he is the brightest star."

I felt him turn and looked up at him, "He is in the sky and you are down here." He cupped my face in his hands as he looked deeply in my eyes.

"I cannot explain the depth of my love for you. Even if I tried it would never be enough."

His thumbs stroked my cheeks and I closed my eyes listening to the soft sounds of the night.

"Do you hear that?"

He listened, "What am I listening for?"

"The night… the beautiful night." I whispered slipping my arms around his neck. "It is magical as the day fades away and everything slows down to just be."

I don't think he knew how to answer me, his hands sliding to my hips and resting there. I ran a finger across his lips.

"Come with me." I released him taking his hand and leading him to our bedroom and shutting the door. He didn't speak but watched me curiously. I turned pulling him onto the bed and sat on his lap.

"I don't want to hurt anymore and the only time I feel safe and whole is when I am with you. Will you take the pain away?"

His bright eyes softened and he smiled softly. His soft lips covering mine, he didn't answer but he didn't need to. His actions spoke a thousand unsaid words. I wanted, no needed him to make love to me. We both needed the closeness it brought the intimacy it created between us. To sooth the ache we felt, the pain we were enduring. I loved him so much and I just wanted to feel his arms around me and get lost in the love he offered me.

I knew we would have to deal with Sophie Ann but we could wait until tomorrow for that tonight was about us. As he moved on top of me I have to say I have never felt more emotion from him than I have tonight. It's almost too much and I gripped the sheets to try and get some type of hold of the emotional onslaught.

He grabbed my hands lifting them above my head and intertwining them with his.

"Let go." He whispered in my ear.

"I can't…it's too much it's so much I…." I shook my head confused and disoriented.

He kissed my neck and then the shell of my ear, "Listen to me relax and let it go trust me you won't believe what you will feel."

I closed my eyes for a moment and inhaled deeply making a decision to let it all go and as I exhaled I felt as if a brick was lifted. I suddenly felt so many feelings throughout my body I cried out arching beneath him.

"Good girl." He whispered before kissing me.

I don't know what happened but WOW . I don't want it to stop. It was like everything I had ever felt for him was all mixed into one desire and it was so intense. It was fantastic and I loved every moment of it. We always enjoyed each other but this was as if we met another plain of existence or something. It was beyond anything we had ever done or felt. It was perfect and it felt perfect. The connection I felt to him was so special and so intimate.

I know I can never love another as I do him. If I ever were to have a doubt last night just proved it wrong. I was beyond over the moon in love with him. I awoke before he did making lazy circles on his chest. He opened his eyes but said nothing simply watching me.

"Does that entertain you?" He questioned moving his arms behind his head.

I smiled, "Yes. I get to stare at your chest are you kidding?"

He chuckled and smiled, "Are you feeling ok tonight?"

I looked at his face and raised my eyebrows, "Better than ok actually, fantastic. I feel like I am floating on air, that is good right? The floating on air part? "

He smiled at me leaning down and kissing me, "I think it's fantastic. I feel the same one might think we were in love."

I laughed, "It is possible, what should we tell them?"

He pulled me impossible closer, "I think we should tell them yes, you know they might figure it out on their own. We are kind of obvious."

I kissed him holding his head so he couldn't move back, not that he did. He slid his soft tongue in my mouth and I moaned sighing. He remained kissing me like that until I turned weak and allowed him to move his head.

"Mmmm…you're going to start something." He teased me.

"Sounds wonderful." I sighed still in my love drunk haze. He laughed kissing my head.

"Yes it does, but I do have a few things to do so as much as I would love to make love to you again let's make a raincheck for later." He slid from underneath me and out of the bed. I smiled watching him slip on his boxer briefs. YUM. You know what I'm talking about their boxers but their form fitting? Nice…. I need to stop watching him now.

I made myself get out of bed and dressed. I pulled on a spaghetti strapped mini dress. It was cotton, casual, and comfortable. I thought it was cute, it was peach colored and had a little horse logo thingy. I know that means Ralph Lauren but I don't care I just think the dress is cute and simple.

I walked out and was shocked to find Eric on the chair. He smiled.

"How are my little spicy enchilada?" He teased.

I smirked, "Oh I am spicy as ever." I hugged him. I had to admit I did miss him.

"What are you doing here?"

He took my hands, "Godric is my maker, I don't want things going down with Sophie Ann without me here to back him up."

I nodded, "What do you think will happen?"

"I don't know. I know the magistrate is involved not a good thing but expected. I don't know baby it could get ugly and I also have to make sure you remain safe. I promised Godric no matter what you remain safe."

"What about what you promised me?"

He sighed, "I am keeping him safe babydoll don't worry." He lifted my chin. "I am good on my word so vamp girl let's get out there."

"Should I trust you behind me?" I questioned as I walked in front of him.

He chuckled, "No, but I promise I won't oogle too much." He is so terrible. It's in a good way though, Eric is fun and I love him like a brother. I know if I needed him he would be there for me and of that I have no doubt.

"Is Sookie here?"

"No, it's not safe." He answered and I knew this really was deep. I can only hope we are on the right side of whatever they consider wrong here.

"How did they find out?" I asked over my shoulder.

Eric leaned down, "Anytime vampires are killed they are notified by the sheriff and by the way I hear from Isabel you did a really good job at keeping his head on straight in a difficult situation. " He stopped me and I turned. "Thank you, he might have lost it."

"We both might have. I guess in the end we kept each other strong."

He nodded and I turned. Godric was speaking with Isabel and turned when I entered.

"I know it would be too much to ask of you to stay." He said stroking my cheek.

"You guessed right." I slipped my arms around his neck. "I will never leave you."

He slid his hand around my waist and we were in the air. I had no fear of where we were going because I knew he was just in his actions. I didn't care what spin Sophie Ann tried to put on it she would not win this one. We arrived and Eric insisted I stay hidden from view for now. I was surprised when I felt a familiar pull and turned. David….

I saw him and walked to where he was away from everyone else. He smiled.

"Hello angel."

"What are you doing here?" I questioned.

He patted for me next to him.

"I'm going to give you peace in a way. You are going to be the nail in Sophie's coffin…well so to speak. She has no idea you are turned or that you know anything. I must keep you from interfering until then but trust me you will get your revenge."

"My son is dead. I don't want revenge it won't bring him back."

"No, but those who took him should be punished." He looked up at the stars. "He could be with you right now just like my sister could be with me, but her greed took them from us. Sometimes there is such a thing as too much power. This needs to end."

I couldn't agree more. I grew angry as Sophie Ann tried to argue that Godric's accusation was ludicrous and he had little validation for his claim. The two vampires he claimed were guilty were dead and probably too frightened to argue with him, that he was simply too blinded by the belief he was betrayed to believe the truth. He simply wanted to blame her. It actually looked as if the magistrate was going to fall under her spell until I felt my arm pulled and suddenly David and I were in the middle of the empty circle where she had once stood.

"Funny that I am not dead and I am a witness." David said from beside me.

I heard the noise of mumblings and Sophie turned in shock. Not only to see him but to see me as a vampire with him.

The magistrate looked at us both curiously.

"Speak your name."

"I am David and this is Evangeline, Godric's newly turned mate. I have little to say other than I was witness to a terrible fate she and Godric suffered at the hands of Sophie. She can tell you the more detailed story, but I can tell you he was indeed betrayed. I found out the truth of what was going to happen and Sophie locked me up. When she felt it was safe and I would not betray her trust she let me go. I fled and have not seen her since. In retaliation she killed my human sister."

The magistrate looked at Sophie and raised an eyebrow, "Is this true?"

She laughed, "Some things get twisted in time. I am sure he has a fuzzy memory of it all. Perhaps I did kill his sister, but it was probably not out of retaliation and as for locking him up it would have been for his own good."

I watched the look on the magistrate's face as he looked me over.

"You, young one come closer."

I stepped closer and I felt Godric at my side. He looked at Godric and shook his head.

"I do not wish to harm your mate, but I must speak with her." I knew he was reluctant to stay back but he did.

I stepped even closer and he looked me over further.

"You are quite beautiful. I can see why Godric was taken with you. News of your love did not fail to reach my ears when you were human. I did not understand yet I did not intervene, tell me what you know of Sophie Ann's involvement in any betrayal in your nest."

I swallowed hard and looked at her. She had hatred in her eyes and I didn't care she had taken my life from me for so long.

"When I was human I had a child, a baby. It's probably is insignificant to you but to me he was my world. Godric and I were raising him together. I know now she wanted Godric broken so she arranged the murder of my child. She did managed to break me, I was human and frail. I left Godric and my life fell apart." I looked down for a moment.

"I found no resolution for the pain she had caused. I also found no comfort for the ache of losing Godric. I simply could not live without him. I was alive but I was not living and fortunately someone showed me perhaps living for me meant dying and being in the vampire world with my love. It was safer for me because Sophie Ann was now after me."

She started toward me with a growl and it was so fast I barely caught it, but Godric held her by the neck away from me.

"I do not think you shall cause her any more pain." He stated simply.

The magistrate cleared his throat. "I am in agreement, guards."

I was surprised when they took her from his hands and held her arms.

She looked shocked. "What are you doing? Don't you know who I am?"

"Clearly we all do and you seem to think it gives you a free pass to forgo the rules we have set. I think a suitable punishment is therefore in order to remind you we have rules for a reason." The magistrate smiled and I didn't like the look in his eyes.

"I think silver and a long time in a grave are in order."

I could not believe the other vampires that were cheering. They acted like blood thirsty animals and I was shocked how cruel they were. Yes, she deserved it but to be so happy to see someone get punished. It was disgusting.

Godric took my hand and as he turned to pull me away I heard his name being called.

We both looked back.

The magistrate had rose and was standing before us, his black hair shimmery in the moonlight.

"You were right Evangeline we tend to lose our humanity and I cannot imagine the pain you felt losing your child. I can however see it very clearly in your eyes. It will change with time as you live longer and your humanity fades as ours has. I was a father once and I lost a family. I don't remember much now it tends to fade. I do hope your pain will ease. Sophie Ann will be punished for her cruelty to you." He looked at Godric. "And to you sheriff."

Godric nodded as the man turned and walked away. He was intimidating but strangely human. He claimed he wasn't but something in me said he had more humanity in him than he was willing to admit otherwise he would not have cared about my child.

"Come my love." Godric whispered as we met Eric.

"Well you are full of surprises aren't you little bit." Eric said shaking his head at me. "Godric you got yourself a live one with her."

I laughed, "He already knew that."

Godric pulled me close and kissed my temple softly, "I love her just as she is."

"Yeah, I can't take the mushy stuff. My fangs might get a cavity." Eric groaned. I had to laugh who knew he had an actual really good sense of humor when he wanted? I mean I knew he did but that was quite funny.

"Hold tight."

I gasped as Godric's hands slipped around me from behind as we were off for home. Things looked different from this view. I think it's why he took me this way so I could see everything I missed. I smiled reaching back and placing my arm around his neck.

"I love you."

"I love you too my beautiful Evangeline."

We landed in no time in the back yard and I looked up at the stars. They were so perfect. I felt him pulling the shoulder of my shirt down and I turned my head to see what he was doing. He pushed my hair aside and sank his fangs in deeply. I gasped reaching back and gripping his thighs.

I loved when he drank from me. So many feelings of euphoria and love came alive. I remembered he probably hadn't eaten earlier we were in a rush and though he doesn't eat a lot he does need to eat. I also know he prefers me just as I prefer him. It's different for me because I can't survive on the little amount of blood that he can.

He released my neck I turned capturing his lips. It caused him to stumble into the wall but I don't think either of us cared. He buried his hand in my hair and returned my kiss enthusiastically. His breathing grew heavier and I pulled back searching his eyes.


I love when he begs. I pulled his neck down kissing it before dragging my tongue playfully over it to feel him shiver.

"Evangeline." He pleaded pulling me tighter against him. I smiled to myself before I bit down hearing him moan in satisfaction. I felt him lifting my legs around his waist as he headed inside. I knew where this was headed and you know what? I don't think I mind at all. I could have lost him tonight if Sophie Ann would have had her way and instead I am in his arms. I think I'll stay here a little while longer.

The last few days have been like a rush of emotions with things flying at us from everywhere. I hope now things will slow down a little and I can enjoy our relationship as it should be. I want to savor every minute with him I can. I know each moment is precious and even as a vampire you never know what day can be your last. I want to know I lived my life to its fullest with my love at my side.

If you would have told me a month ago I would be here like this I would have called you a liar, but it all fits perfectly. I am happier than I have ever been. I feel complete for once. My loss is still there but it is bearable and I know in time it will lessen. I am ready to begin my new life with Godric and my new vampire family. I know it won't always be easy but I also know with him at my side I am strong. I can do anything and together we will succeed.

**Thank you everyone for your wonderful replies! I loved writing this, but it didn't quite go where I wanted it to so I'll end it here. I am doing wonderful after my hysterectomy. You know me always another story on the horizon and yes, I do have one in mind ;). So, I am off to start on a new journey. I hope you enjoy it. It will be up soon.**