Saturday was a very lazy day for one Remy Hadley, she really didn't do much of anything except for reading the paper, going for a run and never-ending chores that had piled up. Throughout the time she was doing these activities, her girlfriend had been texting her about getting dinner before class and telling her that she was babysitting Emilynn the next day because Becky was asked to go on a day trip for work and couldn't take Emmy with her. After she told her about her Sunday, Remy asked if she could come over; she really did love that kid.

They had eaten and were walking into the dance class had already started. They had a much longer dinner than they had anticipated. Cameron still felt slightly uneasy around Remy, and Remy knew that. It had been about five days since the night she told her she couldn't sleep with her, and four days since she told her she loved her. The thing for Remy was that she didn't know which of the two was bothering Allison, or was it both?

And that was precisely the conversation they avoided at dinner, both ignoring the path they needed to take, or really, both wanting the other to start. And I call myself grown up. I can't even get my girlfriend to tell me what's wrong…I'm fantastic at relationships! Remy thought as she waited for Cameron to get her shoes on before walking toward the class of that night.

They were holding hands and leaning into each other as they walked, but the wouldn't look at each other like they usually did during a dance class. Lacey had seen them walk in and smiled because she really did like them, and they were really good dancers. But the thing she liked most about that little couple was that she had gotten to see them go from flirting to being in a relationship, and now, she realized that she gets to see the remains of the first fight. Hmm..nothing like a Tango to fix a fighting couple…

"With this dance the couple is in a love-hate relationship. They fight all the freaking time." Derek started.

"And the most fun is that us girls, we get to slap the men around a little bit." She demonstrated by giving Derek a big shove. She garnered applause from the girls in the room and laughs from the guys.

"Maybe so, but guys, you will get to defend yourselves. Don't let her beat you up because she is woman." Lacey pretended to get offended and "tried" to slap him, but Derek caught her by the wrist and brought that hand down a little. The same thing happened with the other hands and Lacey became cross-armed. "See, if you defend yourself, then the woman can't go anywhere—"

"And soon you're in that 'love' part of the relationship again." Lacey finished for him. Derek pulled at her wrists in a fashion made Lacey slide down so that she was sitting on her heels. Then she spun around so that she and Derek were facing the same direction as she slid back up his well-sculpted body. While she was sliding up, Derek looked out into the students and waggled his eyebrows for effect, making everyone in the room laugh and Lacey shake her head.

As the instruction went on, and as they were learning the steps, Allison and Remy started looking—really looking—into each other's eyes, much like the first night they danced. Remy kept pleading with Allison to tell her what was still bothering her so that she could fix it, but Allison would never speak.

A little while later, Lacey was walking around noticing that they still weren't the same as she had seen them last. Deciding that maybe her favorite dancer's needed a little push, she approached them. "You know this dance really helps when you're in a fight." They both looked up at her amazed. "Stay after class." She started to smile. "Full out try to hit her. Things might just end up in your favor." She spoke these words to Cameron, who was smiling back at her. She then looked at Remy, "Trust me—a really great dance to dance when you are fighting. All that pent up anger and passion…" She trailed off as she started to walk away.

They did as told and stayed after class. They had started to mimic what Lacey and Derek were doing before. Going on to more advanced steps. Granted they didn't have any music, but they didn't need any. They were told that this dance was all about passion and piss and vinegar; that's exactly what they were putting into this crazy rhythm they had created.

At a point in their dance, they were taking long strides, Remy taking them backwards while Allison advanced on her. With each step Allison would throw a slap towards Remy's face and Remy would deflect, until the last two and Remy had effectively captured her. They did the same move Derek and Lacey had done earlier, only this time, when Cameron started to slide up, Remy let go and let Cameron have free roam of her body. When she was standing again Remy put her arms around her front while Allison swung her left arm around Remy's neck and put her right hand over her arm, sliding down to her hand. At the same time Cameron swung her left leg backward around the brunette's body. This gave Remy the opportunity to dip her, so she leaned forward, causing the blonde's leg to slide between her own.

Cameron turned her head and looked Remy in a way that Remy hadn't really seen. This look had compassion; it was so bright that if it were light Remy would have gone blind from looking so long. Allison leaned in and barely whispered something in her ear. This something was the one thing she'd wanted to hear for a better part of her life. The only times she's ever heard it was on TV or in the hospital, and it was never directed toward her.

This time it was, and she was going to take full advantage of it. Instead of straightening her body she kept getting closer to the floor until she had lain Allison down and was completely covering her. They hadn't stopped staring into each other's eyes throughout this time. "I love you too." Remy's voice was barely audible and she didn't mean for it to come out as a whisper even though it did. Allison put her hand on her cheek and soothed it over with her thumb until Remy decided to finish closing the distance between them, kissing he with everything she had.

She began a trail southward; nipping and kissing over lover's clothes until she reached the hem of her shirt. Pulling it up, she reversed her trail so that she could come in contact with skin. She took more time on this route though. As she got higher, Allison took it upon herself to finish ridding herself of her shirt. Remy kissed all the way back up to her lips and wrapped her arms around the blonde's waist so that she was holding onto her lower back. The women moved so that they were in a sitting in the butterfly position on the floor, with their lover's in the space between their bodies and feet; they were still kissing, trying to stay as close as possible.

Cameron had her arm around Remy's neck and the other had plunged into her hair. Remy's hands were on her bare back, sliding up from holding on to the older doctor's well sculpted behind. Her hands reached the destination they had been heading to and unfastened Allison's bra. Allison took her arms away for the briefest of seconds, throwing the small amount of fabric anywhere but near her then, put them right back where they belonged. Remy started another trail from her lips, down her neck and onto Cameron's chest causing her to moan in the best way possible.

Cameron needed to feel skin and was about to do anything to do so. She was frantically pulling Remy's shirt up, trying to get it out of the way. Remy pulled away from her task so that she could give her lover what she wanted. Allison didn't even have time to protest Remy's mouth leaving her before it was there again. It was her turn to remove her lover's bra and tried to be cool about it, but said lover was making her chills go to full out shakes it was feeling so spectacular.

Remy helped her out again by taking her own bra off, and laid her back down kissing down the waist of her pants again. Allison's thoughts were everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Remy kissed her belly button and nipped at the small space between that and her pants, and looked up asking Cameron what she wanted. Cameron couldn't form any words, so she lifted her hips hoping that Remy would understand—she did. Remy slid the soft jazz pants, along with her panties, down the blonde's legs and off her body. She kissed up both legs until reaching her destination. She settled herself in between Allison's legs and looked up at the woman that she wanted until the day she died.

Cameron was looking at her with that look again, that compassionate, trusting look. That look of love that was never going to get old. In that moment it finally hit that she was in a real relationship with a woman that really loved her; that she loved. She was going to make love for the first time in her life, this wasn't a quick or good fuck, this—what they had was everything she had wanted since she was little. This was the kind of thing that completed a person. Allison really was her someone and she was her everyone.

They showed each other their love for one another many times throughout the night and went to sleep with grins that wouldn't dissipate.

They had exhausted each other so much with their activities, that neither of them were awake to hear knocking on the door; Remy however, woke up for the pounding part of it. She got out of bed and put the first tow things that resembled pants and a shirt to her. "Hm, wha—what's going on." Cameron started to wake.

Remy walked around the bed to her face. "Shh, go back to sleep baby."


She hadn't even gotten to the bedroom door before she heard a content sigh and Allison's breathing pattern go to back to deep breathing. The banging had stopped for a second but started again with a big thump. "Miss Ally! You're asposed to beebysit mee!" Followed by another thump.

Remy got to the door and swung it open just in time for a four-year-old little girl to run into her. "There you—oh hi." Becky said. "Is Ally here?" she started to look into the apartment.

Remy had caught the little one and was steadying her while Becky was talking. "Yes, she is. She's sleeping." Becky raised an eyebrow.

"Why is she seepin' it's lunchtime!" Emilynn started jumping up and down.

"Well, she was up really late." Remy answered.

"Why?" Asked the young girl.

"Because she needed to be."


"Because she had doctor things to do…"


"Because she's a doctor."


"So that she can make kids like you all better when they're sick."


"Because she likes helping people." Good God how many more why's? can their be?


"Emmy! That's enough. You've already had that conversation with Miss Ally." Becky knelt down so that she was face to face with her daughter.

"Sorry Mommy." She looked back up at Remy. "So Remy. Are you gonna beebysit me until Miss Ally wakes up?"

Becky looked at her with hopeful eyes. "I needed to leave about ten minutes ago." She said looking down at her watch.

"Yes, of course I am. But Emmy, we have to be really, really quiet while Miss Ally's still sleeping okay?"

"Okay!" Emmy whispered like any toddler does: Louder than a normal speaking level. She took Remy's hand and turned back toward her mother. "Go bring home that bacon you keep talkin' bout Momma!"

"Okay baby. Give me a kiss." Emmy did as told still holding on to Remy's hand. Becky stood back up "Thank you so much."

"Sure, anytime." Remy and Emmy waved their goodbyes and went inside.

"Can we watch a movie?" Emmy asked trying to be quiet.

"Yeah sweetie, what movie?" Remy walked over to Allison's DVD shelf.

"Chanted." She said walking up next to her, pointing up at the movie she wanted.

"Enchanted?" Remy was smiling at her.

"Thas what I said." Emmy looked up at her.

"Yes it is. While you watch the beginning, I'm going to g put some real clothes on okay Emmy?" She said pushing play so the movie would start for her.

"O-tay." She said, and she sounded like she literally just came out of The Little Rascals.

Remy ran back to the bedroom and swiftly changed into Allison's clothes and into her own. Then she ran to the bathroom and opened up to medicine cabinet to find what she was hoping for: an unopened toothbrush. After a quick brush she was on her way back to the living room just in time to find Emmy turning up the volume to the song that was playing.

Remy ran over to the TV and turned the volume back down. "Hey!"

"Hey is for horses." This confused the little girl. "Ally is still sleeping."

Emmy's mouth opened to an 'Oh' look. "I sawry. I forgot."

"It's okay." Remy couldn't help but smile while she walked over to Emmy pulling her hair back into a ponytail so that she wouldn't have to mess with it. She sat down and they began watching the movie again.

Allison woke up trying to find the body that had been keeping her warm. When she found nothing but cold sheets, she sat up quickly looking around. Then she heard a small little giggle coming from her living room. She looked over at the clock to see 12:34 pm, and her jaw dropped. She hadn't slept passed 10:15 in over four years. She did her morning ritual, except on an accelerated pace and was walking to the living room hearing the Emilynn's laugh again.

"That chipmunk is so funny!" Emmy was still giggling.

"Yes he is." Remy said, lounging on the couch watching the little girl's excitement over the animal.

"He made a apple out of a ice cube." She had a big smile on her face.

"He's a very cool chipmunk, not as cool as Alvin, Simon, or Theodore, but he's up there."

The little girl gave her a questioning look. "She's right Emmy, maybe we'll watch The Chipmunk Adventure when this is over, so you know what she's talking about."

Emmy's face widened with surprise when the voice started coming from the hallway, and smiled a huge smile when Allison appeared into view. She turned to Remy, "Miss Ally's wakey wakey!"

Remy smiled the same smile back at her, "Yes she is!" then she whispered in her ear.

"Okay!" Emmy hopped off the couch and ran over to Allison giving her big hug.

"What's this for?" Allison wondered.

"For being you." Remy told her smiling, and Cameron couldn't help but smile back.

"Will you make me and Remy lunch? We is hungry." Emmy said holding onto Allison's leg.

"Of course I will sweetie." She bent down and framed Emmy's face with her hands for a quick second before standing back up and going to the kitchen. Emmy ran back over to Remy who was holding up her hands for a couple of high fives. "Don't think I don't know what you told her to do." Allison called from the kitchen.

"What are you talking about?" Remy was hardly trying to hide the fact that she used a four year old to get Allison to make her food.

Allison came into the room from putting a pizza in the oven. "I mean, I know that you will do pretty much anything to not have to make food, but really a child?" She asked moving Remy's reclining upper body so that she would have a space on the couch.

"Uh huh." Remy said laying back down on Allison's lap, but pecked her lips before she was completely reclined again.

"Thank you." Allison said getting a blank look from Remy. "For babysitting and letting me sleep." She looked at the little girl to find her completely engrossed in the movie, and decided to give her lover a proper good morning.

"Why you kissin'" Emmy asked completely innocent.

"Okay." She shrugged. "Mommy said that she thought you guys kissed a lot, so that if you did I wasn't asposed to ask you bout it—oops." Just then the phone started ringing and Cameron answered, then handed the phone to Emmy. "Hello?...Hi mommy. Mommy guess what! Miss Ally and Remy was kissin'. You was right!...okay mommy. I love you too. See you soon." She hung up the phone. "Mommy's trip got cut short, so she's gonna be home in about a hour."

Cameron had cuddled into Remy by the time the phone call ended and Remy had her feet up on the coffee table. "Okay Emmy." Cameron said looking over to see a slightly snoozing Remy Hadley. Allison turned the movie back on and went to go check the pizza.

She came back with a cut up piece for Emmy and about five pieces for her and Remy. She put a piece under Remy's nostril to hear her stomach growl real loud and her mouth start to water before she woke up and looked down. The two of them wolfed down their food and watched the rest of the movie and the little one triple tasked. Emmy watched the movie, ate her food, and colored in her Disney Princess coloring book.

Remy sat back and started thinking. This is so not bad at all. Why have I been running from love and family my whole life? She is the only thing that has ever made me truly happy. Thank God for that little thing we just so happen to have in common…

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