Summary: When Bella's life has crashed down after a life-wrecking natural disaster, she's determined it's the end of the world. She soon ends up in Forks with her father Charlie trying to face the world but what can she do when she can't seem to be anything but… broken? AU, OOC [A bit].

A/N: I beg you not to copy this idea, I came up with it on the spot after hearing about what happened on the other side of the world – I've read heaps of fanfics and I know no one has use this idea. And oh, my prayers goes out to all of you who were affected by the earthquakes, I pray everything gets better for you. In this story, Emmett will Bella's brother.

Chapter 1 – The beginning

My long brown hair whipped around my face as I walked throughout the distance, I looked back to see the distance I had walked. I looked at my home which had gone from a value of a million dollars to just fifty cents; it had turned into rubble in less then thirty seconds. And somewhere, somewhere my mother, Renee, was in this mess of a place.

I was determined to believe the world was coming to an end. The sky had become a strange shade of gray which was a very odd thing for the city of Phoenix; Rain soon began to fall onto my delicate skin.

It was within earlier this day that I sat on my front porch admiring the scorching sun against my skin when the surroundings around me began to shake uncontrollably. I was completely unaware what has happening around me until it set in, it was an earthquake. It lasted nothing more then thirty seconds but my mother was inside the house and it was my mission to save her.

And here I stood; the ground began to grumble as I gazed around me one last time until it all went black.

The next day - 5:00pm

My eyes opened to the sound of beeping from some stupid machine. *Beep, Beep, Beep*.

I groaned under my breath. I knew exactly where I was and I had no idea on how I ended up here. I quickly sat up to see a doctor with blonde hair who had the looks of supermodel amused by the sitcom playing on the television. I faked a cough as he began to face me.

"Hello Bella Swan. I'm Carlisle Cullen, A doctor at Forks Hosp-"

I interrupted him, "What the hell am I doing here?"

He talked in a soothing voice, "You were an earthquake that happened in Phoenix. And you blacked out according to tests I've taken. You're in Forks now and you're in a safe condition. Your father, Charlie, is in the waiting room..."

"Where is my mum?

"I'm sorry, Bella. We haven't found here yet."

Tears started streaming down my face. This couldn't be happening, no, no, no.

My mother was dead.