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Chapter 3 – Starting nowhere

We all have to start somewhere in life but I was starting nowhere. Not that the start and end hadn't already come within the first seventeen years of my life.

"Wake up Bella! Time for school!" yelled my brother, Emmett.
I woke up to see Emmett grinning hugely with a plate of pancakes in his hands.
"I'm not going to school", I said quietly.
He frowned, "I made breakfast in bed for you just for to–"
"You've made me breakfast nearly everyday since I've been here. So, don't speak shit with me."
"Look, I'm sick of seeing you not living a life. Summer holidays are long gone and you're starting to fall behind with your school work and I can't bring home your schoolwork home forever. And you seriously don't want Charlie to get pissed off, His starting to consider his options of what to do with you. Do you really want to get me started? ", He replied.
"Fine, I'll go"; my fingers wrapped around the fork and I began scoffing down the pancakes, not even giving myself the chance to chew.
"Thanks Bells."

I walked into Forks High school with bag slung across my shoulder; people eyes followed me as I passed. Emmett punched my shoulder gently as I came to realisation that my body was shaking just like an earthqua-. ~Stop,~ I warned myself.
Emmett had left me to go and pick up my schedule as I sat on the bench quietly. Awkward.
A girl with short, pixie-like hair smiled me brightly and she took a seat next to me.
She extended her hand, "You must be Bella, and I'm Alice".
"Uhm, Nice to meet you", I smiled sweetly while I shook her hand.
And that was the moment I knew it was the beginning of my new life.

My day went by slowly but it had finally come to a close, just having Gym left. I had spent my day trying to catch up on school work that I had already learnt back at my old high school and meeting a bunch of new people. I started to feel like Bella again. I walked out of the changerooms and groaned – Gym had never been my favorite subject.
Coach Clapp was sorting of pieces of paper with the 'teacher's pet', Jacob. I was surrounded by constant chatter by Alice, Jessica and Angela about the latest gossip and such. I pretended to wait quietly but I was really listening to what they were talking about. Jessica was apparently having an on-and-off relationship with Mike, Lauren went hooking up with everybody's boyfriend and slept with a few guys and something they couldn't stop talking about…
"Oh my gosh, Bella you need to come this weekend. The party is apparently going to be the biggest ones of this year", Jessica squealed with excitement.
"I don't know… I'll see", I replied.
They soon returned to there chatter but were shortly interrupted by Coach Clapp ready to start class.

"Today, we'll be starting our new topic and it's much more different to what we usually do. We are going to do something more spiritual and relaxing… It's called Pacifique des prairies. In this exercise, you will be assigned a partner and you will begin to find your inner soul. Okay, I'll just begin to read out your partners now." He pulled out his sheet of paper and began to read through the list, "Lauren and Mike, Jessica and Tyler, Angela and Ben, Leah and Jacob, Bella and Edward…"

Alice nudged me and whispered, "Looks like you got my brother!"
"Who's… you brother?" I said softly trying to force a smile.
I followed her gaze to see a pair of emerald eyes staring directly at me. That was Edward with his messy, bronze hair and sculptured jaw. His face held no emotions until he looked away.
"Oh… You never told me you had a brother, Alice"
"I would of never told you about him if I knew you were going to eyefuck in front of me", She burst into laughter seconds later, "Just kidding, Bella. I know you like him; don't be embarrassed but his kind of guarded by Lauren."
"Is that his girlfriend?"
"Of course not. But she thinks she owns him since she thinks she's the prettiest girl here. Look's like she's got some competition", she eyed me.

We had all moved off to our partners and I was here next to Edward Cullen outside the Gym with our backs pressed against the walls. I flipped through the book idly looking at the diagrams and subtext. Too bad none of the exercises' were CPR; I seemed to hyperventilate just being near him – The only thing that could cure me was his lips against mine… Oh, A girl can dream you know.

"Shall we get started?" Edward said politely.
I replied, "Oh sure, I guess."
The first exercise was to write a paragraph about the worst memory of their life and we would have to discuss about that memory and learn how to overcome it. I knew exactly what my worst memory in my life was but it couldn't be described into one single paragraph. I left the space blank and Edward happened to be finished writing.
"What's your worst memory, Bella? If you rather not want to discuss it, I understand. Horrible memories would rather be forgotten and be left in the past. But if we choose to overcome them, it won't haunt you anymore in your daydreams and nightmares".
I spoke, "I moved to Forks during summer due to my mother 'dying' in the Phoenix earthquake. I'm determined to believe she's still alive, I know she is but my father thinks I'm suffering from trauma. I feel as if she's been communicate with me throughout my dreams somehow. Nobody will believe me."
Sobs broke out of my chest and thousands of tears escaped my eyes. I began shaking uncontrollably as I felt Edward's cold arm's wrapped around me. It was oddly comforting. He handed me a tissue, I wiped my eyes gently with it.
"Thanks", I said weakly.
"Are you okay?" he whispered.
"Yeah. I'm sorry you had to see that. I usually never do that in front of anyone."
He looked into my eyes, "It's always best to never bottle your emotions up, express yourself."
I sat there in his arms as I gazed out towards the gray sky.
"I will do whatever it takes to make you happy again".