Ello there. This is brought to you by 'Iggy! Look, pasta!'. Though this story revolves around the Hetalia main characters -including yourself-, every single country will be included eventually. Hopefully, you will enjoy this story, and hopefully you will chuckle at least once :)

Chapter One: In The Begining...

Where ever there is _, insert your name!

Today was definitely hotter than the previous day, yet all the same because it was another boring, repetitive day at school. High school to be exact. The branches of the 'Freshman tree' created tiny rays of light in the shaded area while a faint breeze made it's way to the students who were leisurely sitting by the tree.

"Ugh, the weather today is soooo hot!", cried the sandy blond boy, plopping his lunch try in his lap.

"It's been like this for the past three weeks Alfred," the one with the English accent bluntly said, taking out his packed lunch.

"Eh? Arthur? You still have a packed lunch? That's for babies!"

"Oh, shut up you bloody git!"

"Vee~! You know what would make you two happy? Pasta!", a mousey-brown haired Italian shoved today's special in the blondes' faces.

"Feli...Don't go there." Another, more strict blond, pulled the Italian out of the friend's daily argument.

A petite Japanese boy in the background wanted to say something, but decided not to. Analyzing the situation, he knew his words would not stop the fighting.

"Ahhh~, but Alfred is correct. It is rather hot," a French student smoothly commented right after, fanning himself.

A Chinese, pony-tailed boy, who could be mistaken for a female, nodded his head while drinking from his Hello Kitty themed thermos filled with tea and clutching onto his panda bear. "It's not Hello Kitty-aru! It's my Shinatty-aru!"

"Arggghhhh! I don't wanna go to P.E.! It's so boring!", the whiny American from before banged his fist onto his legs.

"And there you go with your complaining, again! Your parents raised you horribly! Why can't you be like your brother-...um, well, I forgot his name, but that's not the point!", the two friends carried on with shouting meaningless sentences at one another. Their six friends surrounded them, but did nothing to prevent the fight from continuing. After all, there was nothing more entertaining to watch in their high school.

"Will those two idiots ever stop?", sighed an Italian boy, who appeared similar to the one before. His twin brother expressed a ditzy smile, saying his strange "ve" sound.

"Alfred," called out a boy with chocolate brown hair and even though his eyesight wasn't all that bad, he wore glasses. The one named Alfred, hurriedly unraveled himself from the bushy browed boy's choke-hold, "Hero here." Instead of looking into his friend's violet eyes, Alfred was staring at the mole on his face, it bugged him for some reason.

"Isn't your cousin coming to this school? I could of sworn you saying something like that two days ago. Maybe when she arrives, you won't be so bored out of your mind. And you can stop complaining."

"Ohh yeah! _ is coming to our school!", he cheerfully exclaimed with open arms.

"Hopefully she's not loud and arrogant like you", The English boy said while taking a bite of his cereal bar, "But nice and quiet like your brother..."

"You're gay for him Arthur. I know it!", Alfred teased while Arthur choked on his food. The proud American stuck out his tongue in a childish manner and adjusted his glasses.

"Well anyway. Don't worry guys! I'll introduce her to all of you!"

"Alfred, your cousin cute, non?" Alfred's happy atmosphere changed in the blink of an eye, a death glare grew on his face, making the perverted boy back off immediately.

"There's no way in hell I'll let you touch _."

"Hey Matt, what do you think your brother and his crazy friends are talking about?", questioned another bushy browed boy, he wore a white sailor-like hat to cover up his golden hair.

"Who knows? He's always rambling about random things and ignoring everyone else," Matthew rolled his eyes and sighed, remembering why he had left Alfred's circle of friends in the first place.

"Mattie! Isn't your cousin coming to this school?", squealed the only girl, her pigtails bounced as she spoke.

"Yeah! I'm excited about that. She's really fun!", Matthew suddenly blurted out with an excited tone. He blushed slightly, making the girl giggle.

"Hehehe, I can tell."

"It's almost been two month since school started, and it's already blah!", complained sailor boy, throwing a fit like a child. He paused randomly, a wide smirk grew upon his face, "Is your cousin good looking, by the way?"

Matthew blushed even harder, he did NOT want to think of his cousin that way. He was not ready for a relationship, much less an incest relationship with his cousin that was almost like a sister to him.

The girl with bright red ribbons in her dark colored hair smacked little sailor boy, "Don't ever say that! -ahem- But it would be nice to have another girl around here at the tree!", she then popped a couple of gold fish crackers in her mouth and ate contently.

Matthew's cell phone started to vibrate, a text message from his brother Alfred.

Guess what? _ texted me right now! She's at the house!
She's coming tomorrow! How exciting! -Hero

A smile grew on his face, now he couldn't wait to get home because when he does, he knew that things were about to be even more eccentric.