Hi, hello!

I've decided to leave this story as is. The reason for that being is because I feel like it's so immature and (not poorly written but) ehhh. I don't want to go and fix all my errors or better the story. It's just going to stay here. A moment in time when I was 14 and totally in love with Hetalia.

Don't get me wrong though, I want to continue this story. I really love what I had in store!

But I'll be starting fresh on this website though. New errythannnggg. I won't be giving out my username or the new title of the story. (Part of the reason why I'm not going to use this account anymore is that a handful of people I know in real life got to my stories which made me very uncomfortable.) I'm sorry that I took forever and kept promising that I would submit more! I will continue the story on another account c: bye~