"Hurry up, stupid girl." Husky exclaimed as Nana tried to catch up to the group walking through the thick forest. "I'm going as fast as I can Husky!!" she whined back at him. They had been traveling through this place for hours and hours, but there was no sign of an end yet, or a clearing, and everyone was tired. "I'm hungry!" Cooro complained, as usual. Husky bonked him on the head with the Cooro-punishment-stick. "Be patient, we will camp soon!" he said, annoyed. Lately, Husky got annoyed easily. Not that he hadn't before, of course, but it has gotten worse lately. Especially with Nana. Every little thing she does sets him off, whether it be picking too little berries for everyone to eat or sitting next to him to rest. It had been 5 years almost since they had started traveling together, Senri was 21, Cooro was 16, and Husky and Nana were both 15 years old. Nana, despite the years, was still the same. Personality wise, that is. She had gone through some changes of course, Her body was more developed, and surely she was a pretty girl. A lot prettier than you'd of pictured her… Husky thought, than stopped. Wait, whoa, what am I thinking about?! Deep in his thoughts Husky bumped into Cooro. "Watch whe-" He got out before he looked up at The clearing they came to. It had berry bushes and a bunch of wood to use for a fire. "Waaaahh!!!" Cooro yelled and ran over to the bush. "Husky bonked him again. "Hold it! We've got to test them first idiot!" He said. Husky walked over and was about to pop one in his mouth when Nana did so instead. Husky's eyes went wide as he watched the girl chew the berry at a hungry pace. Then she swallowed. "they're Oka-" "IDIOT!" Husky yelled. That sent Nana aback. "You could've been poisoned!!" he continued at her. "I-I'm sorry…. I just thought… you always put yourself in danger for us so… And there is 50% probability it isn't poisonous…" She stammered. Husky said earlier her personality hadn't changed, but that was wrong he realized. She was much more sensitive now. Her light brown hair that went down to her lower back blew in the wind and whipped in her face, her eyes crying out apologies. Husky hurried to calm himself down before the waterworks started. "No… its okay, I understand." He said in a softer, yet still slightly irritated tone. The girl sighed. She smacked him in the back of the head, as revenge for yelling at her. "Don't be so mean husky, you'll never get a girl like that!" She said. "I wouldn't want one! I HATE women!" he responded. He turned away, his face flushed with anger. At least, He thought it was with anger, he wasn't sure anymore. of course it's from anger, what else would it be?! He thought to himself.

Nana looked a Husky beside her at the fire. He had calmed down, but was newly irritated from her sitting beside him. He had called her far to clingy. That set her off. Instead of her sensitivity, her old and familiar anger kicked in and she tackled him. He deserved it though. She had expected him to be very angry after her tackling him, but instead, he said nothing, for the position she landed on him was very distracting. She was on top of him, her hands holding her face on 5 inches from him, her hair forming thin wall around their faces. Her angry face portrayed shining green eyes, a slight flush, and pouty lips. It was more of a two year old who hasn't gotten what she wanted. Adorable, yet very annoying. Husky's face Turned a light shade of red, And Cooro and Senri stared at them. Cooro laughed. "Good tackle Nana!" he said, stupidity streaming out with most every word. Senri said nothing, not surprising anyone. Nana stumbled off of Husky and sat back down quietly. Aggravation somewhat smothered by embarrassment, Husky did so also, in a fast jerky movement. The rest of the dinner was quiet, except for Cooro's babbling to Senri about Some kind of plan of his. Nana couldn't tell, she was far too caught up in her thoughts. I was so close to him! How embarrassing! Not thinking, she bit her finger instead of a berry. "Ow!" she said in a hushed tone, but it caught Husky's attention, seeing as he was right beside her. "Baaaaaakka." he said, and turned back to his hardly eaten food. It seemed as though he had something on his mind too, but she couldn't tell. She was about to apologize when she heard something strange, to far away for the others to hear.

Hush-a-bye don't you cry, go to sleepy little baby,

When you wake, you shall have cake,

and all the pretty little horses.

Black and bay, dapple and gray, Coach and

Six white horses.

Nana looked towards the part of the forest the song was coming from. The group noticed her looking. "What is it Nana?" Husky whispered. "Song." Senri said. Apparently, he heard it too. It was sunset at that point, so Cooro and Senri left to check it out, allowing Nana to stay along with Husky, in case they would not get back until dark. They knew Nana hated dark forests.

The sunset glinted off the water as Delia sang her song, in a sad tone. She was alone in this world now, her parents and brother had died in a fire, and everyone blamed it on her, even though she wasn't even there at the time. Being a tiger +Anima, She was already an outcast before the fire. Continuing to sing her song, Delia began undressing. She hadn't taken a bath in days, so this river would have to do. Delia got into the water covering herself up, a natural instinct, and shivered. It was cold. When she finished Delia got back out and looked up to see Senri and Cooro appear out of the woods. For a minute they all just stared at each other. But the silence didn't last for long, considering the scream Delia let out Interrupted it. Cooro's Face went deep red, and Senri covered the boy's eyes, closing his own. I can honestly say, that day Cooro lost some of his innocence.

Nana looked at the older girl in wonder. Then she looked at Cooro, whose cheeks were completely red. "May I ask what happened?" she questioned. "Nothing." The girl said, a bit to quickly. Cooro's cheeks became even more red at that question, which Nana had thought impossible. Senri just said "Bath." Which made Nana even more curious. Husky and her looked at each other. Even Husky wanted to know, but at the same time he didn't . And along with with wondering what happened, Nana made the assumption that with this girl named Delia around, things would become interesting. Delia had deep brown eyes, long straight black hair to her mid-back, and great curves. Nana felt envious, The girl was very pretty.

Husky looked at Delia out of the corner of his eye. Ugh, another woman. He had just gotten used to Nana being around, even began to enjoy her compa- Wait, what the hell?!?!?! I don't enjoy her company Damnit! What has gotten into me lately?! He thought. But he was interrupted by Nana's shrill screech. He looked up, along with everyone else. "Mountain lions!" She yelled. Husky jumped up. They had encountered something like his once before. A few mountain lions came around and tore up the camp, and left Nana with a scar on her stomach. Not to large though, of course. Quickly, Husky stood in front of her with his Cooro-punishment-stick. Good thing he knew how to use this thing. Behind him, Nana stood peeking over his shoulder, fists to mouth in a scared look. Then it hit. A large mountain lion leaped out of the forest with a hungry look in it's eyes, searching for new prey, which was to be them apparently. Husky struck the large cat square in between the eyes, causing it to leap back with a loud hiss. He moved forward to finish it off, but then he heard a growling sound. Coming from behind me? No…Coming from behind Nana. "Crap! Nana!" he shouted turning around. But it was to late, the large cat pounced.

Out of no where, something black jumped in between them. Then, a girl's figure came into focus. First husky noticed it was Tiger +anima. Second, it had long, flowing black hair, just like the girl from before had. And third, She had blocked the attack with her own arm. Some blood splattered, but nothing serious. Relieved for her, Husky quickly killed the other mountain lion and retreated to Nana. She was shaken up, but not much, after all, this was the girl who refused to leave him and go with Crystal, where it was safe. She just had to save him then, and get herself into trouble. He was so much of a child back then too, allowing himself to get kidnapped to see his mother! "Thanks Husky…" said the brunette. He said nothing, just sighed. Then they looked the way of the tiger Anima, wonder showing in Nana's eyes. "You're a +Anima?!" Cooro's voice sounded through the forest, astonished. They had tried hard not to fight in their plus anima forms, not to scare the girl. But truth be told, she was far more scary than a crow bat or fish, maybe even bear! In fact, tigers could eat each and every one of those animals. The anima turned around to face them, black hair whipping about, to reveal those deep brown eyes, and a sad smile. "yep, sorry to scare you guys, I'll leave now if you want…" she muttered. Than to Husky's surprise, Nana laughed. "We're +Anima too!! You should travel with us!" She said. Everyone looked at her in astonishment. Except Senri of course, whose face showed…well, nothing. Cooro stuttered over his words "B-but, Nana, e-err…m-maybe she doesn't w-want to…" Nana rolled her eyes. "You always welcome new members to travel with us Cooro, why not now?" she said. Cooro obviously had no answer to this, so Nana turned to Husky. "What about you?" she asked. "Whatever you want, I don't care." he said. Nana beamed. "Then its settled!" she said, and hugged the older girl. Husky sighed, Cooro looked away with an expression in his eyes husky couldn't put his finger on. Then Realization hit him.