Title: Inner And Outer

Author: AppleL0V3R

Beta-reader: SymphoniaFreak

Fandom: Naruto and Yu-Gi-Oh!

Pairing: Muto Yugi and Haruno Sakura

Chapter: One – The Meeting

Rating: T

Type: Mini-Story – Incomplete

Summary: Sakura's secret love for cards is going to get her in deep water one of these times, she just knows it.

Word Count: 1,925

Disclaimer: If you've heard of it, then it's obviously not mine.

Note: I tend to use the Japanese names, but I've used the English-ized ones since I was a kid so I totally intend to use Joey and Tristan and Tea and the like. Hopefully it doesn't get on anyone's nerves. Also to those of you who read this before I fixed it – my apologies for the perceptive shift, I was more comfortable in first person and didn't exactly like third back then.

Edited on: October 15, 2011

Sakura slipped into the store, unintentionally silent as she sauntered in easy, long strides from the door to the counter. The pink haired teen was a shinobi, by choice, but a ninja nonetheless and was therefore silent by force of habit.

She was still human though, and humans have secrets, hers was that she loved to play cards. Not just any cards, though. No, Yu-Gi-Oh! duel monster cards. So of course she'd kept that a secret from her comrades. She never entered tournaments just to be safe; she didn't need it getting in the way of her career. She was a ninja, playing Yu-Gi-Oh! was just a past time.

The emerald eyed female was actually window shopping to see if there were any cards to catch her eye. She wasn't in one of the normal stores she went to, though. She'd heard of the store Turtle Game Shop and had decided to check it out.

"Oh my! I really must be getting old. I didn't see you there, young lady. Can I help you?"

She glanced up from the glass that contained shelves of cards. It was an old, short man with gray hair spiked everywhere, somehow he reminded her of Kakashi-sempai. Odd. She shook her head, completely disregarding the 'didn't see you there' comment; she was used to being told that by civilians. "No, I'm just browsing."

"Oh, I see. Just ask if you need help." She bobbed her head. Thankfully when she started venturing out into the public where ninjas were just stories and their abilities blown out of proportion, she'd remembered to use a henge jutsu to subtly change her physical feature. And she'd taken to the look of a long haired brunette, the wig reaching her waist and dark chocolaty in color. She'd also taken to wearing matching colored contacts. If she ran into a comrade they'd immediately recognize her from her eyes and she couldn't have that.

The public was quite funny when it came to ninjas.

To a civilian they were people in black outfits that covered everything but their eyes and had a sword strapped to their back along with hidden weapons and smoke bombs on them. This was the typical description of ninjas. True, only if a ninja did dress that way, but that didn't cover the whole concept of ninjas. Another could say ninja's were people in black trying to do fast tricks and making funny noises. Far from the truth. Another still could say they are people who try to blend into the shadows. The was the truest of the three statements. An opinion of what ninjas did would be assassination. Partially true.

Amusing indeed.

She couldn't help but wonder how the population would react if they learned what a ninja actually was. But she couldn't do that, because then all shinobi would have troubles once again. That was why they broke away from the population in the first place. She wouldn't mess with that delicate balance simply for the sake of her curiosity. That would be foolhardy.

She sighed, so far she didn't see anything in the price range she'd set for herself that would boost her deck. Although the place did have some very rare and helpful cards, they were also slightly too pricey. Oh well. She hadn't expected much in the first place. So she spun on her heel and started for the door as quietly as she'd entered only to have someone bump into her. Her first reaction was to catch herself, the force had thrown off her balance and unless she caught herself she'd land flat on her ass. Her body instantly sought to rectify the situation by bending backwards so her hands hit the floor, then allowing her feet to follow so she'd be in an upright position a few feet from where she currently falling. Thankfully common sense kicked in, saying that fifteen-year-olds shouldn't have such lightning fast reactions and so she allowed herself to fall to the floor. The 'brunette's' ass connected painfully with the cement tiles, a zing of pain shooting up her spinal cord and down her femurs.

It really was amazing how she could take so many painful hits and not flinch, yet she could turn around and complain about a sore ass. It was a paradox. That didn't stop her from rubbing her throbbing rear end though, nor did it stop her from muttering 'ow' a million and one times under her breath while doing the former action.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I didn't see you there." She looked up through contact lenses to see a tall blonde haired guy with hazel eyes who seemed to be her age looking down at her. "Here let me help you up."

She was tempted to act like a jerk and stand up without his help, ignore him, and continue home. She didn't though, she wasn't that type of person nor could she ever find the heart to do such an act if she could help it. So she reached out to take his hand, letting him hoist her to her feet. She came to his shoulders; she hated being small. "Thank you, and don't worry about it." She snorted when she realized she'd just been told 'I didn't see you there' again.

He took on a curious look, "What?"

She smiled, "Nothing."

He opened his mouth, "Hey Joey! What's the hold up?" That was obviously some other guy's voice and was most likely his friend. So Sakura took the chance to skirt the blonde guy and head for the door while he was occupied.

"Why didn't you stay? He looked nice…and cute" Inner. Somehow no matter how old she got or how comfortable in her skin she felt, that voice remained.

"You mean he looked like a potential boyfriend." She corrected, dodging the other's question.

"So? What's wrong with that? Now answer my question."

"Everything. He's a civilian who probably thinks about nothing but this card game and that ninjas are a joke. It'd never work."

"You don't know that for sure, now do you."

"No," She admitted, "but what's the possibility that you're right and he doesn't care that I'm a ninja who has killed and stolen. Those are crimes to these people, remember?"

"Oh, right. Sorry, it slipped my mind." For once she didn't seem to be joking or sarcastic while agreeing with Sakura.

She continued quickly for home; it'd take no more than an hour to get there.

"Hey, it's you!" Sakura blinked. She'd finally found the free time to come check out that store again, but with more money. Imagine her surprise when she walked in and that guy from before shouts such a thing with a finger thrust in her face. It reminded her of Naruto in this fashion. The people here seemed to remind her of her teammates a lot.

"Yeah, it's me. You're Joey, right?"

He grinned like an idiot. Definitely like Naruto. "Yep…hey wait, how do you know my name?" She searched around him for the guy that had shouted Joey's name the time before. She spotted the equally tall guy with brunette hair that seemed to come to a point in the front.

She motioned to the guy, "He had shouted a name and you responded, I assumed that was your name and obviously I was right." She quirked a henge altered eyebrow. "Do you do this to everyone you meet for the second time?"

He double blinked. "…I don't think so." She laughed, nodded and skirted him. "Hey wait, what's your name?"

She stopped in her tracks. Should she cover that up too? No one had asked her before now, at least not in a situation where she could easily escape or not have to tell. "I suppose I should tell you that, I wouldn't want you calling me 'you' every time you see me, now would I?"

His female companion, the only one in the group, laughed. She was shorter than the two guys and she had brown hair that didn't even brush her shoulders along with pretty blue eyes. The tall brunette chuckled with her as did their fourth and final friend. The fourth one was a short male; probably shorter than even Sakura, by a few inches. For the first time in a long time, she didn't feel all that short. He had gravity defying hair that consisted of multiple layers; while his fringe was made up of long, crooked blond locks, the main body featured seven large, black spikes with magenta-rimmed edges. He also had purplish eyes. How odd and yet very interesting. Sakura couldn't recall seeing such an appearance on a civilian before. It was a refreshing change, like a breath fresh air in a musty old room. They looked to be around her age as well except for the tall brunette he seemed a year or so older than the other three.

"No, I guess not."

To hell with it, "My name's Haruno Sakura. A pleasure to meet you."

"That's a pretty name." The girl put in. A flower name, she was always told that it suited her; it was odd not to have that comment when a stranger learned her name.

The rosette turned temporary brunette nodded with a smile, "Thanks."

"My name's Tea. This is Tristan," She motioned to the tall brunette. "And Yugi." The exotic shorty. She snorted inwardly; she really shouldn't call him that now that she knew his name.

"I like Yugi. He's different."

"Me too, he stands out." The fifteen year old agreed. What was this place doing to her? She was agreeing with Inner and vice versa for goodness sake.

She bobbed her head again, brown locks swaying as she did so, "Nice to meet you all. Odd to run into you again, though."

"Oh, that's because my grandpa owns this place and I live here." Yugi spoke up. He had a boyish voice, but it was also kinda cute.

"Yep, and we're his friends." Joey piped up.

"That would make a lot more sense."

"Are you looking for new cards?" Tea asked coming to the shorter girl's side.

She nodded, "I'm a bit of a game freak…" and shrugged.

"Hey, so is Yugi, he's always playing some sort of game." Tristen stated.

"Really now"

"Don't go getting any bright ideas there Inner. The answer isn't going to change."

"If you say so."

Something was wrong here, she normally didn't let her outer win that easily. But, that'd have to wait addressing it now would just make her look insane

"We'll join you then, right guys?" Yugi stated walking toward the card section of the store.

Sakura smiled, she really liked this one.