By: Pointy Objects

They both woke up in the morning, knowing what to expect.

They lived the day over and over, too many times to count. The routine was simple: wake, shower, dress. Grab a light breakfast around the corner, make sure to remember an umbrella, because it almost always rains. Stop by the convenience store, and pack a small lunch.

By the time the wind picked up, it was nearly noon. The sun made a brief appearance, but neither of them commented on it. Neither of them bothered to say much of anything, because everything that they had to say, every emotion that absolutely needed to be spoken between them, was already unspoken. Even on such a dark day, they knew how to read each other in ways that went beyond words.

When the hour fell close to midnight, they remained motionless, faces pointed toward the east, as was their custom. By now, the wind was blowing at their backs and the garbage from their small meal was still scattered over the rooftop. When the cathedral down the street struck midnight, and told them that their day was over, she looked up at the man standing next to her, motionless. Bringing her small hand to his calf, she brought her hand up, the gesture more to make her presence known, than to offer comfort. Her presence was enough to accomplish that.

"Come on, Arnold." she whispered, her voice carried by the stiff wind that came.

Standing up next him, she nudged his arm, and began picking up the debris on the roof. Once they were done, they walked toward the dimly illuminated stairwell that led to the third level of the boarding house.

When they reached the stairwell, Arnold reached over and took Helga's hand in his. She ignored the tightening of her throat, much the way, she surmised, that he did all day.

Again, no words were needed.

"Anytime, Arnold."

I'm actually crying. Not right now. I mean, I was crying, but I'm cool now. But, really? I felt this needed to be written; it is October 5th after all, and it's been on my mind all day. Kudos to Craig for creating such moving stuff.

I think I'll go hug my parents right now. Later days.