The great hall was full of chattering children and teachers. The smell of fresh food filled the room as the teachers and students ate. When suddenly a blinding white flash filled the hall and five people stood in the hall, each handled a different weapon and a blue shield blocked the five from any threat there cloths were covered in blood and there weapons dripped blood onto the freshly polished floor. A male with blue black hair slid into the middle, a staff in his hands. His icy emerald green eyes scanned the room.

"CLEAR!" He called out.

"CLEAR!" The others called out in turn.

The professors aimed their wands at the intruders a hardness in there eyes.

"Give me Intel Brains." The man in the middle said, his voice was hard as he looked at the staff table, his sword at the ready for a fight.

"Who are you? Why are you here?" A tall man with black hair and cold black eyes demanded with a sneer on his aristocratic face.

"Were at Headquarters, and yet not Commander. It looks like it did before the war sir." A brunet with intelligent brown eyes said clearly, her bow strung and ready to fire.

"Streak?" The man said with a question to his voice.

"A time loop sir. From what I can tell we seem to of fallen back in time, this is defiantly Headquarters but none of the newer shields are on it and it seems unaffected by war." A tall burly man with blond/brown hair and critical brown eyes said his axe ready to split skulls if necessary.

"Fire?" The man asked with a hint of amusement in his voice.

"From what I can tell commander we are not in hostile territory, and the professors seem to be getting annoyed at you ignoring them." A red haired woman with mischievous grey eyes said.

"Stripes?" The man asked the last person in there group.

"I agree with Fire commander, but perhaps we aught to take this discussion up in a more privet setting and stop ignoring the professors." The tall red head with blue eyes said stiffly as the castle began to quake and before a blue light and an eerie glow stained the walls.

"A smart old girl." The man in the middle said as he lowered the shield from around them a wolfish smile lit his lips.

"I will only ask you one more time. Who are you and what are you doing here? The man demanded with a predatory growl.

"I am Lord Sphinx commander of the Order of Izell. Here are the Lady's Hermione Jane Granger-Potter, Ginerva Molly Weasley-Potter, Sir Neville Frank Longbottum-Potter, and Sir Ronald William Weasley Potter. The Lady Granger-Potter is the General of our aerial strike force and the head of intelligent's, Lady Weasley-Potter is the General of our Women's regiment. Sir Longbottum-Potter is the General of our men's regiment and my heir and Sir Weasley-Potter is the General of our ground forces and the head strategist, and in case both sir Longbottum-Potter and I fail he would become the commander of Izell and Lord Sphinx. Although I do believe that this conversation is better suited for somewhere else." The man said as he put his sword away.

"Of course, follow us please." The red haired woman at the staff table said ignoring the growl from the dark male as she led the way to the staff room. The other two staff members shrugged and followed the woman's lead with a suspicious look at the intruders the dark man followed stiffly behind the other three leaving the intruders to follow behind them.

The others followed the staff with smirks on there lips. They were led onto the secant floor where the staff room awaited. With a wave of his hand the commander conjured five more seats and indicated for his people to sit down.

"Since you have been so kind as to tell us who you are it is only fair that we introduce ourselves. I am Lady Helga Hufflepuff, the dark haired man is Lord Salazar Slytherin, The other Lady is Rowena Ravenclaw and the red headed man is my half brother Lord Godrick Gryffindor." The red haired woman said with a pleasant smile.

"It is a pleasure to meet you, I've read all about you as have my companions, but we find that History can be very misleading." Hermione said with a smile on her cold face.

"These are your siblings, no?" Rowena asked, her curiosity piked as she only noticed a resemblance between the red heads.

"Oh no, were not related. Our families were killed leaving us with no one but our lord. Ron is my husband thus giving me the last name of Potter. Neville and Ginny were married the same time as Ronald and I and our lord and our husbands did a brother bonding thus making us related in all but blood." Hermione said once she got the hand signal that it was safe to tell them.

"I fear I don't understand your logic." Helga said with a hint of curiosity in her voice.

"I am Lord Sphinx, born with the name of Harry James Potter. Before the death of there parents Ronald and Hermione were married, as were Ginerva and Neville. Once there parents had died in battle it was decided that Neville and Ronald would undergo the blood-brother ritual with myself, thus making it to were Neville would be my heir and rule the Grey forces if I died in battle. The women decided that if there husbands were to take my last name than so shall they. They are my siblings in a since, and my heirs as well. Lady Ginerva and Lady Hermione are what you can call sister-in-laws, yet they are as much my siblings as there husbands are, but that is nether here nor there. And I am not going to combust into flames simply because you are glaring at me Lord Slytherin."

"Not to be rude but do you have a cup of tea we might have? I find that I am pretty thirsty as I am sure the others are as well." Ginny said with a shake of her head.

"Of course," Godrick said summoning nine cups of hot tea.

"Ah it has been too long since we have had the luxury of hot tea. Thank you." Neville said with a calm smile.

"You mentioned reading about us; may I ask what that is about?" Rowena asked raising a single eyebrow in curiosity.

"Believe it or not were not from this time. From what I can gather we have fallen into a time loop, something that is said to be impossible without a time turner and even then we can only go back mere hours. You are in "Hogwarts A History"as well as a few other novels. You see our war has only just ended but we had nothing left for us at home. The world does not need heroes in a time of peace and we had no inclination of wanting to run the wizarding world. So we used a spell we found in a tome I once read. It was a spell that would lead us to a place of rest and happiness, but perhaps we misread the spell or preformed it wrong." Hermione said folding her arms in annoyance.

"You want us to believe that you come from the future? Preposterous, time travel is impossible." Salazar sneered in persaltounge.

"So is magic, and werewolves, and vampires. Don't take me for some fool Salazar; your heir nearly destroyed our e world and all you helped to create. Do to his forces Gryffindor tower as well as the north wing was destroyed. Because of him Persaltounge was considered a dark trait. Because of your heir we lost everything we ever held dear to us. Don't try and say we are the liars I had enough of that when Tom returned to power and the ministry refused to listen until it was too late." Harry said coldly making Salazar look at him with wide eyes.

"You can understand me?" He demanded coldly.

"Of course I can." Harry said amusedly as he answered in persaltounge.

"Will you tell us about your war?" Godrick asked softly.

"No we won't but we will show you. Mione, do you perchance still have Albus's pernisive?" Harry asked calmly as Hermione pulled out a deep bowl and handed it to Harry who used his large staff to pull the memories from his mind. There is no way to alter memories, so those you see are true memories, and are very painful as well as gruesome." Harry said softly once the bowl was full with the silvery substance of memories.

With a pain filled smirk the five warriors stepped up to the bowl and allowed themselves to sink into it soon followed by four founders. The first memory was of the Potters death, the next was of the stone and Voldemort being stopped by three first year students. The next one was of the Chamber of Secrets, after that was of the Tri-Wizard-Tournament, next was of the Department of mysteries, and then the true horror began.

The memories became dark as people were murdered, tortured and raped by the Death-Eaters. It showed battle after weary battle, how the school was shut down and became a base for the Grey side after Albus died. It showed the death of there families and friends. It showed how destroyed the Wizarding world became as the five led there men and women into battle and when all seemed lost how Harry rallied his men to him and fought on until Voldemort finally met his demise at the battle of Hogwarts and then it showed them performing the spell to send them to a safe-heaven.

The four founders looked ill as they landed back onto the ground. "Voldemort took Salazar's idea and turned it into a dark thing. He turned Slytherin house into a house people feared to enter. It was a dark war that lasted for five long years, and most of the time we weren't sure we would survive to se the next morning. Our provisions were scarce at the best of times and non existence at the worst. We became the grey factor since we used both light and dark curses. Now we only want to heal, we are barely 21 years old and have seen enough war to last us till we take our final breath and go to see our friends and family once more.

"Then we can do no less than to offer you a place to sleep and a hot meal for the night." Helga said sadly as she looked upon there guests. She noticed the hunting look in there eyes and the way that even though they looked so cold and uncaring there fists were clinched and there knuckles were white. The dark male, Harry, was the only one who showed no outward sign of distress except for his eyes. They looked cold as ice at first glance, but if you look deeper you could make out anguish and suffering, it was obvious to her that he was the leader, and what the others had suffered was barely the tip of the ice burg compared to what he had suffered.