Sorry for the too long overdue chapter. I know, Two years is forever, but I have been busy. I only had time to write because of the fact that I have been bed ridden for the past week. I hate being sick. I hope you all remember that this is slash and has a mature and adult theme.

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Salazar smirked as he once again had the beautiful little sub pressed against the wall panting after another rough kiss. He loved the challenge being presented to him in the fay like creature he held pinned.

"Enjoying yourself Harry?" Salazar asked, his voice husky with desire. He didn't give Harry time to answer as his mouth claimed those soft pink lips once again. His hand roughly grabbed the braid and roughly tugged it, forcing the mouth to accept the onslaught of his tongue

He loved the soft mews coming from the delicate throat, the heated pants that left the swollen lips when he came up for air. The need to claim wheat was his was over whelming a he pulled back and walked away. He was not about to ruin his plans because of impatience. The little sub would be willing before he claimed him.

"You look pleased with yourself Salazar." The voice of Rowena interrupted his thoughts as he looked to see her coming from a side hallway. "We've barely had time to talk lately, walk with me." She ordered as she grabbed his arm.

A low growl escaped his lips. "What do you want Ravenclaw?" He asked, his voice slightly chilled to any who didn't know him.

"It's not about what I wasn't Salazar, it's about what you want. " She stated with a a gleam in her eyes.

"Tell me, what it is that I want, that you think I need your help in acquiring?" He spat at her with narrowed eyes.

Rowena let out a soft laugh. "We both know what you want Salazar, the little submissive withering under you as you lay your claim."

"Why would I need your help attaining that?" He snarled at her.

"Not help per say Salazar. I just thought you would like to know you have competition." She laughed as his eyes flashed dangerously.

"Who?" He barked the three letter word out with cold eyes that spelled danger.

"Don't be so upset Salazar; he's in your house after all." Rowena stated innocently.

"Who?" He growled, repeating himself.

"Alistair Malfoy of course, he is rather attractive and a dominate. It's only natural he be attracted to such a lovely sub." Rowena stated as she let his arm go and walked away, leaving Salazar to storm around the castle in agitation. A large part of him wanted to kill the stupid mudblood. How such a disgraceful creature ever got placed into his house was beyond him. Damn Godrick and his stupid idea of a sorting hat!

He stormed out of the castle and his body froze in silent rage at what he saw. The stupid mudblood had his submissive in a vice like grip, pulling the little sub to himself while Harry tried to remove the hand without hurting the idiotic child.

"Let go Malfoy." Harry's soft voice filled Salazar's ears as he slowly began walking again, never taking his eyes off the scene.

"Why would I do that? I want you, and you can't deny I would more fun than the professor. Nobody has to know." Malfoy stated, a smirk on his lips as he roughly yanked, making Harry fall into his arms and his lips crashed onto the submissive's.

After a moment of stunned surprise Harry began to push to try and get away, but the blonds hold tightened painfully on his arms. Salazar's insides burned with fury as he reached them, with one hand he yanked Harry away from the idiot and with the other he sent the pale mudblood crashing to the ground.

"You dare touch what is mine?" He hissed; his eyes cold as stone. Harry turned, his face buried into the crook of Salazar's neck. "IF you were anything more than a boy I would challenge you to a duel and kill you like the worthless filth that you are. Go to your common room, I will deal with you later." He hissed and watched the frightened idiot pick himself up before scurrying off towards the castle.

Once the idiot was gone he turned his full attention to the lovely creature hiding in his arms and cradled a hand through his hair. "I have waited for you to come to terms my sweet, but if waiting means that someone else will lay claim to you then I am done waiting." He stated in persaltounge. Gently he lifted the beauty, his lips trailing over the soft neck as he made his way to his quarters and gently laid the beauty on his bed.

Within moment he was devouring the sweet mouth with hunger. The claiming was not sweet or gentle, the need was too great. Instead it was an almost feral claiming, rough and brutal that left both grasping for breath when Salazar rolled off of the sub. He smirked as he pulled the naked body towards himself.

"Exquisite." He hissed already ready for another round. His teeth sunk into the pale flesh where the neck and shoulder joined as he once more entered his little sub.

He did not rest until he was well sated, and his little sub made such lovely sounds throughout the claiming. "You belong to me." He hissed into the delicate ear, making sure his sub understood. "Nobody will ever be able to give your pretty little body the pleasure that I can." He stated, using the noble language of the snakes, knowing that only his beauty and him could understand his words.

He smirked when he finished, seeing those green eyes struggling for consciousness. "Sleep love, we'll play again in the morning." Salazar stated with a wicked smirk on his lips as his sub fell into a deep and peace filled sleep.

Hope you all enjoyed this chap. I just re read the story and noticed how long it had been since an update had occurred.

ps. purebloods all had a mugle born somewhere, this is the first wizard malfoy, an interesting twist if i do say so myself. :)