(A/N This is a very different genre for me but I've always loved the Greek myth and legends SO... this is my shot at a Troy fanfiction I have ideas of where I want to take Harry Potter can Kiss my A btw I just don't know exactly how to write it and I have TOO many ideas I think. Anyway maybe this story will help me narrow down those ideas.)

Chapter 1

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Summary Princess Thea of Troy is estatic when her brothers come home and intriqued when she meets Helen of Troy. In a desperate attempt to save her cousing Briseis she is captured herself. Can she stop what the fates have written and save not only her brothers life but the man she loves?

The streets of Troy were crowded with celebration as the Princes returned from their long peace talks with Sparta, Sparta was now their ally.

"Hector!" Thea squealed as she launched herself at her brother.

"What Thea you couldn't stand waiting just one more minute?" Hector asked setting his little sister down.

"Never brother never." Thea replied looking at Helen curiously. "Who's that?"

"That is Helen of Sparta." Thea blinked up at her brother before she rounded on the girl.

"If she's Helen of Sparta shouldn't she be in Sparta?"

"Yes she should go tell your idiot brother that." Hector said pushing Thea towards Paris slightly as Andromache walked towards him with his son.

"Paris!" Thea cried hugging her brother he returned the hug holding her at arm length.

"Dearest sister your beauty grows every moon." Paris said with a wide grin, Thea returned it looking over at Helen.

"Though I'm no match for her."

"Sister this is Helen of Troy my wife, Helen my dear younger sister Thea." Paris said lacing his fingers with Helen's.

"I'm glad to have someone my own age to talk to finally." Thea said with a smile, Helen smiled as well. "Brother I'll show her around so you can talk to father."

"And that dear sister is why I love you so much." Paris said he kissed Helen's cheek and then Thea's before he walked towards King Priam.

"Come there is so much to show." Thea said as she grabbed Helen's hand and lead the woman down the hall.

"The city is so beautiful." Helen said her voice strained.

"Helen what is wrong?"

"They'll burn the city to the ground because of me." Helen sobbed Thea wrapped her arms around Helen holding her close.

"You see those walls?" Thea asked once Helen had calmed down a bit, Helen sniffled and nodded her head. "No one has been able to get past them and a couple Greeks aren't going to now."

"You don't understand it won't be just a couple of greeks it will be hordes and hordes of them. They'll burn the city to the ground and kill everyone." Helen sobbed Thea sighed and ran her hand soothingly over Helen's hair.

"If those Greek brutes get in the city I will eat my sandals, trust me sister they'll never get in." Thea said, Helen looked at her smiling at Thea's comment. "Now no more tears please." Helen nodded swiping the tears away.

"Do you think they're done talking yet?" Helen asked Thea looked back down the hall and shrugged.

"There is one way to find out." Thea said taking Helen's hand and leading her down the hall again.

(This is just the first chapter it's actually a lot harder then I thought not using slang or swear words that weren't around back then. But it's an expierence and it's a good way to expand my writing I guess.) Read and Review and tell me what you think.