Won the Battle Never the War

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Thea glared at Achilles as he stood and walked out of the tent she hadn't moved since he had brought her back and she didn't plan on it. Not until he took her back to the walls or she figured out a plan to escape for real this time. Achilles returned with a platter of food Thea curled into herself more as her stomach growled.

"Eat." Achilles commanded, no one had spoken to her like that since she was a child commanding her to do something. She was a Princess! And captured Princess or not she would not listen to him. And so she turned away from Achilles facing the tent. "As you wish Princess." Thea stiffened she had told him herself she was a Princess-escape attempt or not-and yet he wasn't dragging her to the "King" of Kings saying how they could use her.

"Aren't you going to take me to your King?" Thea questioned contempt flashing in her eyes, Achilles eyes narrowed.

"I have no King least of all that man." Achilles retorted Thea looked down then back up at Achilles.

"You're really not going to take me to that pig?" Achilles laughed and shook his head smirking at her.

"No little Princess I think I'll keep you for myself a while longer." Thea bit her lip unsure how to feel about that, she should try to escape again though as she looked around the tent now she couldn't spot Achilles knives. He had gotten smart moved the knives probably left them with his cousin with the simple explanation of he didn't want her to kill herself. "Am I really that bad Little Princess?"

"You're a Greek you came to invade my homeland. Do you really wish me to answer that?" Thea sneered glaring at him Achilles smirked unaffected by her glare.

"Come now Little Princess it could be a lot worse." Thea paused her immediate retort, it was true Achilles had not laid a hand on her and his men in fact had defended her, he had found her trying to escape and had done nothing but bring her back to his tent and knew she was a Princess. And yet here she sat as safe as possible in a camp full of soldiers unharmed other than a few bruises from Agamemnon's men.

Hector stood on the wall watching the beach he hoped Thea if she was dead-the thought pained him- had been given the proper burial she deserved. She was just a young girl foolish enough to leave the safety of the walls. Briseis was inconsolable the poor girl blamed herself and thought everyone else did as well, if she hadn't been at the Temple of Apollo Thea would have never left the walls. But it was Hector who truly blamed himself he should have returned to Sparta and gave Menelaus Helen and Paris when he found Helen on board. Paris was his brother but he loved his sister all the more, it was Paris's fault they were in this war and Thea was captured or dead.

Andromache watched her husband carefully finally deciding to pull him from his thoughts she wrapped her arms around his waist. Hector looked at her smiling faintly brushing a strand of her hair from her face.

"Let's go to bed husband." Hector nods and allows Andromache to lead them back to their bed.

Paris sat up looking out at the beach he felt responsible for Thea's capture he knew the whispers if he hadn't brought Helen to Troy none of this would be happening now. They would have their truce with Sparta and all would be safe. Which was why Paris knew he needed to devise a plan to get Thea back and quickly at that. She had to still be alive she had to.

Thea looked up as Patroclus entered the tent Achilles had left mere moment ago though Thea doubted he was far from the tent. Patroclus smiled at her setting down across from her. He may want glory from killing her Countrymen but dammit they boy was sweet and pleasant.

"Achilles told me you almost escaped." Patroclus said Thea sighed glaring at the boy only half seriously.

"Hardly didn't get past the beach." Thea replied she liked Patroclus he reminded her of her brothers and cousins, he was friendly enough.

"Are you hungry?" Patroclus asked Thea was starving in fact she had refused to eat the food Achilles had offered and was suffering for it now. As if with a mind of it's own her stomach growled loudly. Patroclus laughed replying. "I'll take that as a yes."

"Yes." Thea took Patroclus's hand allowing him to pull her up and lead her out of the tent in search of food.

Achilles watched as Patroclus lead Thea out of the tent he trusted his cousin but he didn't trust the Princess. She was a wily one someone had gotten it in her head that if she was ever captured to escape at all costs. Then they were on here home beach she could probably navigate it better than all the Greeks combined. He didn't doubt that if she did manage to escape the Greek encampment that she would be back at the walls of Troy before he could recapture her.

Thea fought a grin as Patroclus led her to a fire she could already smell the fish cooking over the flames. The men surrounding the fire looked at them but didn't say a word. Eudorus she thought his name was stood offering his seat to Patroclus and Thea elbowing the man who had been sitting next to him. Patroclus sat pulling Thea down next to them they were both handed plates laden with fish and bread. A wine skin was passed around the fire each man taking a drink. When it reached Thea she hesitated only a moment before taking a sip of the wine passing it to Patroclus. The men were talking they weren't happy about Achilles ordering them off fighting which was understandable they were soldiers it was what they did. Then again Thea felt all the better if the Myrmidons the fiercest warriors in all of Greece weren't fighting her countrymen stood a better chance.

"Here." Patroclus said handing Thea the wine skin it had made a second round around the fire Thea took a bigger sip this time before passing it to Eudorus.

"What do you think they chances are?" One of the men questioned Thea suddenly she blinked she hadn't been paying attention to the conversation.

"Of what?" Thea questioned the men around the fire chuckled Thea scowled feeling her cheeks burn.

"Of the Greeks chances of getting behind those high walls of Troy."

"As long as Prince Hector lives they don't stand a chance in hell." Thea said she stood and walked back to Achilles tent he smirked at her as she passed. She rolled her eyes going back to her place he and Patroclus may have one this fight but she would win the war and she would get back to Troy if it was the last thing she did.

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