When Love Goes Wrong

by leslie


"I do," Reba announced, smiling as she gazed into her soon-to-be husband's deep blue eyes

"I know pronounce you man and wife," Brother Harold told the couple"you may kiss the bride,"

Jim Mortin lifted the veil over Reba's flawless face, kissing her gently. The newlyweds then ran down the aisle, eager to begin the rest of their lives together.


"Jim get your dang feet off the coffee table!" Reba fussed at Jim, who was in old sweats and ,by far, drunk.

"Will you stop naggin'!" Jim shouted

"yea, as soon as you stop gettin' plastered before noon!" Reba fired back

"I'll stop when I want to,"he yelled

"Well, then I guess you got your answer," Reba told him, walking upstairs

Reba and Jim had been married for 6 months. About 2 months ago Jim finally ripped the mask off revealing his true colors. All Jim really was, was a controlling, agressive drunk, but Reba had no intention of admiting that to herself.

When Reba first met Jim he was a completely different person: he never had more than a sip or two of wine, he was always so sincere and careing. Reba was now beginning to miss the man she had fell in love with..

"Lord, what have I gotten myslef into?" Reba asked herself as she undressed to take a shower.

While Reba was in the shower the wall she had built around her collasped, Reba finally dropped the tough act she had sported for some time. Reba wept until long after the water had turn cold. Soon, the anguish Reba had felt was somewhat disapeering. She dried her self off, wrapping the towle around her before she left the bathroom to dress for work. Funny how she never felt the urge to cover herself when she was married to Brock

"Snap out of it !" Reba exclaimed in her thoughts"you made your decision, there's no turning back now"


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