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Summary: Alternate Universe. In a supernatural world so focused on social class, a few souls dare to break away from stereotypes and labels. Beta'd by Warrior Nun- thank you!

Contains: Yaoi, sex, smut, cursing, violence, minor character death.

Social Classes: Perfects- beings of no notable blemishes, disfigurement, or weakness. They are powerful both magically and physically and their powers are centered on the creation of life.

Imperfects- supposedly defective, faulty and incomplete versions of Prefects. While they may have magical and physical power, something is wrong with them to make them 'imperfect.'

Humans- Beings without magic. Not a lower life form, considered to be middle class.

Mongrels- Perfect-Nocuous hybrid. While they may not be treated as badly as a pure blooded Nocuous, they are still avoided in fear. Their skills and weaknesses may vary.

Nocuous- Their presence and very self are considered to be morally harmful and corrupting. Even Nocuous who attempt to do good deeds are shunned. They have similar powers to Perfects but Nocuous' powers are centered on the destruction of life.

On Genetics: If a human and a Perfect or a human and a Nocuous have a child, then the child would either be a Perfect or a Nocuous. However the Perfect and Nocuous gene is co-dominant, so a child between them would produce a Mongrel.

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Stained: Chapter 1

"Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction." Pablo Picasso

When Ichigo was nine years old, he was Perfect. He was beautiful, happy, in love with life and living. But as abruptly as a tea cup shattering on the floor, his legs were knocked from underneath him and everything he thought he knew changed.

"Give me your money, bitch!" The man waved his gun at Masaki who stood protectively in front of her son. With his sharp eyes, Ichigo could see the dark aura surrounding the man and knew he was Nocuous.

He whimpered and buried his face in his mother's skirt to try and get rid of the oily, slippery feeling he got from the man.

"Please, this is all I have!" Masaki threw her purse at the man who caught it and then narrowed his eyes at Ichigo. There was no mistaking the soft glow that surrounded him that was strong enough to even envelope his mother.

"Tch, fucking Perfects. You think you're better then everybody else!" The man screamed and pulled back the hammer of the gun and his finger tightened around the trigger. "Well you can die just as easily as the rest of us!"

Masaki shoved Ichigo away and the shot pinging in the alley, the silencer blocking out most of the noise. Blood darkened Masaki's crisp white blouse and she staggered back, falling against the wall. She looked over at Ichigo who was staring at her in horror.

"Run…" She mouthed and then another shot sounded and blood began to spread steadily underneath her as Ichigo could no longer discern her face from her skull and brain. He screamed; his eyes wide and his mouth even wider.

"Shut up you, fucking brat!" The gun leveled at Ichigo and the man smirked. "Your kind deserves what's coming to you."

He fired again.

Ichigo may have been a young Perfect, but he still had some of the abilities. He forced his head back as the bullet meant for his brain propelled forward, but he wasn't fast enough. It was just a scratch, but on such a delicate part of his body, it was scarring.

Ichigo shrieked in pain and clutched at his eye and face which was gushing blood. He fell back as he screamed and screamed. There was so much pain, too much of it.

"Fast little fucker." A boot came out of nowhere and kicked Ichigo in the side, breaking his ribs unremorsefully and Ichigo coughed blood. The strength of a Nocuous was not something to be laughed at. "You die here."

"Father…" Ichigo whimpered and curled in on himself.

"Hah! Your father can't hear you, you dumb little shit. No one is coming to save you."

The Nocuous raised his gun for the third time.


200 pounds of hard muscle and raging power crushed the Nocuous against the wall and instantly pulverized him.

"Daddy…" Ichigo whimpered again and shrieked as his father scooped him into his arms.

"Sh-sh, Ichigo, you're okay now." The normally easy going man sounded panicked as he smoothed his hand over Ichigo's face and pried his hand away to look at the damage. It felt like his ribs were broken too.

"Mommy!" Ichigo cried and clung to his father who turned to look at his wife's lifeless form.

Isshin said nothing and instead stood carefully with the precious bundle in his arms. It wasn't wise to teleport kids when they were as young as Ichigo, but Isshin had to take the chance. Without another glance at Masaki's body he teleported to Ryuken Ishida's hospital where he knew his son would get the best care.

Ryuken put Ichigo under immediately and went into surgery to see if they could salvage his eye at all. Then he called Urahara to see to Masaki. He didn't want to leave her to the rats.

After what seemed like forever, Ryuken exited the surgery room within the ER and made his way over to Isshin. Isshin leapt to his feet and rushed over, his face tense with anxiety.

"How is he?"

Ryuken gave Isshin a long look and then patted his pockets. He glared at the no smoking sign and motioned for Isshin to follow him. On the hospital roof, Ryuken pulled out a cigarette and curled his hands around the end to protect it from the wind as he lit it.

"I don't know how to tell you this Isshin."

Isshin stiffened. "What's wrong with my boy?" His voice quivered on the edge of hysteria.

"He hasn't come into his full powers yet, has he?"

"He's only nine, Ryuken." Ishida said. His voice wasn't exasperated or impatient, just very tired.

"Then his healing powers aren't fully functional."

"Even I can't heal a fatal wound." Isshin said slowly and wondered where Ryuken was going with this and what was so important that he didn't say outright.

"He won't be able to see out of his left eye."

Isshin nodded, he expected that.

Ryuken took another long drag. "When he comes into his powers, he won't be able to heal it."

Isshin took the cigarette from Ryuken and inhaled before rubbing his eyes. "Where are you going with this?"

"Your son is going to be an Imperfect."

Isshin winced. "No, that's not…"

"He can't see out of one eye and he's going to be heavily scarred. There's no getting out of this, Isshin."

Isshin rested his head against the wall and slid down it until he was sprawled on the ground. Ryuken carefully sat next to him.

"I don't care if he's a Perfect or Imperfect."

"I know, but others will. They were willing to let the fact that his mother was human go because the Perfect side of him was dominant, but such an obvious flaw will make him the object or ridicule and pain. Even more so then that orange hair of his."

"He can go to a public school."

"An Imperfect amongst the humans? He will still be isolated and alone. You know that a Perfect needs to be carefully watched and taken care of during the delicate stage of maturity. He won't be happy or healthy."

Isshin closed his eyes. "I don't need to deal with this right now. Masaki is…"

His closed eyes clenched even tighter shut as he fought off tears. No, he wouldn't think about that. He had to be strong for Ichigo and his sisters. He had to be there for them.

"Can I see Ichigo now?"

"He won't be awake for awhile now and you need to let your daughters now what's happened."

Isshin grimaced and ran his hand through his hair. "You're right."

"Of course I am."

Isshin stood and continued to ignore the pain and grief inside of him. He could push it aside for forever if it would hold his family together.

Perfects have been called many things throughout the ages, Gods, angels, nymphs, stars. In a world filled with darkness and despair their beautiful, perfect faces and their beautiful, perfect bodies were a beacon of light. Even the rudest, bitchiest person was considered Perfect if they carried the right genetics.

Faster, stronger, smarter, more beautiful than any other being in the world. They were most recognizable by the shine that seems to surround them, a white aura that one can only see but cannot touch.

With the light, also comes the dark. It is unknown which of them first came into being, but it was the Nocuous that was labeled as the opposites of the Perfects. The bad ones, the broken, the inferior creatures that must be that way because they are the Nocuous. Even the sweetest, most charming person was considered Nocuous if they carried the wrong genetics.

The Nocuous were the dregs of society. Perfects and humans alike looked down at them for being inferior despite they fact they also had superior strength and intelligence like the Perfects.

Mongrels were only a step above Nocuous. They were mixed. Mutts. Hybrids. The product of a union between a Perfect and a Nocuous. In most cases the Nocuous was convicted of raping the Perfect whether the Perfect claimed they were raped or not.

So many were forced to adhere to their social class. To be Perfect and only Perfect. To be Nocuous and only Nocuous. Mingling outside their social class was looked down upon even to members of their own class. If by chance a Nocuous escaped prosecution for impregnating a Perfect, then other Nocuous would do what the Prefects couldn't.

Despite the rigid and snobbish society there was doubt, in all the classes, over whether this was right. Those with the independence to stand alone forged their own path and did not settle with what fate gave them.

"Look at the Imperfect!"

Ichigo ignored the whispers around him from the Perfects. In this small private school for Perfects, not much was kept hidden and rumors ran rampant. Ichigo was used to it. It had been a few years since the accident and he had gotten very used to not caring. At one point, he might have been an extrovert amongst the students, but now he preferred time by himself, away from the shiny people around him.


Ichigo turned to look at one of the few Perfects that he was able to call his friend. Rukia Kuchiki was everything a Perfect could wish to be, but she wasn't as uptight and prissy about her heritage as most of them were. This was odd considered her older brother was the snobbiest, uptight prick he had ever had the misfortune to meet.

"Hey Rukia." Ichigo answered almost apathetically as he waited for her to catch up.

"You're so stand-offish." Rukia commented with a frown and fell into step beside Ichigo on his blind side. He only allowed her to do that because that meant the other Perfects were less likely to attack him from that side.

Ichigo ignored the way shoulders slammed into his own and tried to throw him off balance, but a tall senior stepped in front of him, forcing Ichigo to stop. Ichigo glanced up and mentally sighed in exasperation as he saw Renji Abarai.

"Are you bothering Rukia again?"

"Leave him alone, Renji." Rukia commanded sharply but Renji wasn't in a mood to back down.

"I don't understand why the director would let an Imperfect like you even be around Perfects." Renji stepped forward; forcing Ichigo to back up until his back hit the lockers. Other Perfects began to join him now, glaring at Ichigo hatefully.

Ichigo narrowed his eyes as his single good one took careful note of their position and stances. Renji brought his fist forward to punch Ichigo, but Ichigo was already moving. The lockers crunched as Renji's fist slammed into them and he tried to recover to hit Ichigo but the Imperfect was too fast for him.

In a blur of motion he punched Renji in the stomach hard enough to send him flying into the opposite wall were he staggered and gasped for breath. The other Perfects went down just as easily. None of them were a match for Ichigo who had been forced to fight for most of his life because of the discrimination he faced.

In under a minute all the perfects that attacked Ichigo were unconscious on the ground and there were several holes in the wall as well as the lockers.

Ichigo heard a soft gasp and looked over to see Rukia covering her mouth with her hands and staring at him in horror. He allowed himself to feel the soft pain of regret for the lost friendship before the principal entered the scene.

"Kurosaki!!!" He pointed his stubby, thick finger at Ichigo who let his head roll back at the thought of more trouble. Yuzu was going to be so disappointed.


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