One Year Later

"Serenity! No! Oh your going to be the death of me little girl." Pony said exasperated. He grabbed said girl before she could get near the stove that was on and baking a new cake for the house.

"Not funny Pony!" Darry grunted out. Pony chuckled as he turned to his brother and his nephew. The little boy was almost 10 months old now and as cute as a button but wild just like his daddies.

"When you gonna get over that Dar-bear? It was over a year ago. Hell me and Serenity are healthy as horses." Pony said with a smile.

"When pigs fly and hell freezes over." Johnny said as he walked in and took the squirming baby from his lover.

"Oh great so never!" Pony said rolling his eyes at his brother and honorary brother-in-law as they both laughed at his antics.

"What's never gonna happen?" Soda asked entering the room. Soda had been seen by three different doctors and went through four different medicines before they found one that worked for him. Now he seemed to be doing a lot better and the doctor was slowly pulling him off the medicines.

"Darry! I just said that one of these days this little girl that loves her Uncle Soda so much is becoming such a terror that my days on this earth are being cut short every time she tries to become curious." Pony said in a monotone clearly annoyed at both his brothers laughing at him.

"Well he does have a point Darry. This little terror is quite the curious being kinda like someone else I know." Soda said looking directly Pony. Pony smiled and shrugged his shoulders and Darry nodded at him.

"Yes she is!" Steve said coming in holding one shoe. "Now little one where did you hide my other shoe?" Steve asked the little girl in her uncle's arms. She giggled and held out her hand for the shoe happily gurgling. Pony was amazed at how the little girl had only made their group tighter and now with Carter they were even more blessed.

"So where have you been Soda?" Pony asked taking the little girl in his arms.

"Well actually I was at the doctor's office." Soda said as Curly wrapped an arm around the other's waist. "It seems miracles do happen even after all the crap we've been through and how many doctor's telling me my body would never be strong enough. I am pregnant with my own little one. The doc said I'm good for the pregnancy I will have to be careful and relax a lot but I will be okay." Soda said happily.

"Really Soda! Oh Congratulations!" Johnny said happily as he wrapped him in a hug. Curly shook Darry's hand knowing that the older man was clearly worried but he honestly won't be happy if it wasn't safe for Soda.

"Hey what's everyone celebrating for?" A voice boomed out. Everyone turned to see Dally and Two-Bit with their little one in Two-Bit's arms.

"I'm pregnant." Soda said.

"Awesome looks like our kids won't be that far apart then." Keith said to the group.

"No they will all be about a year apart how is that close?" Steve asked. Wondering how this boy had gotten through school sometimes.

"I said our kids won't be too far apart I never said all of our kids would be close, Steve. I do know math asshole." Keith said annoyed at the other man.

"Oh I get it!" Pony suddenly burst out. He immediately hugged Keith tightly. Everyone around them was looking at Pony like he was nuts no one catching Keith's underlying meaning to the conversation.

"Oh you numb nuts Two-Bit is pregnant too!" Pony said with laughter. Everyone looked shocked for a moment before the tension cut and everyone started congratulating both parties.

"How far are you Soda?" Keith asked.

"About a month and a half, they have been keeping such a close eye on me that it was hard to miss." Soda said sitting on Curly's lap.

"Yeah our kids will be about the same time. I think I'm only about two months. I told Dally though that if I have to go through another pregnancy that he has to get tied. I don't think we will do it right away but I'm not sure I want any more than two." Keith said looking tired.

"I know the feeling. Darry and I were talking about it. We don't want too many but I'm not sure if that means anytime soon or not." Johnny said as he sat down at the table.

"Steve's afraid to even talk about it. I think we will just let it happen and if it does then it does if not it wasn't meant to be." Pony said sitting down next to Johnny. All the other guys had slipped into the other room at some point, now sitting around the table was Soda, Pony, Johnny, and Keith. They sat there swapping stories as the children either climbed on their laps or played on the floor.

"Can you believe it's been almost two years since all the drama happened in our lives? Can you believe most of us are celebrating three year anniversaries or longer? It's just so surreal. I never thought any of this could happen especially after all that stuff with the church." Pony said thinking back on the hell that was their lives for a while.

"Yeah who would have thought I would survive that fire to have a beautiful baby boy with a man that drives me crazy and yet I love him more than anything. I'm at a loss some times to just understand how lucky we all are." Johnny added in.

"There is no luck about it. We earned everything we have now. It's not like it was just handed to us guys. We had to work for it. It was never easy to get it all." Keith said. It had amazed almost all of them to see how much Keith had grown up over the past couple months since his child had been born. In the turn of events maybe that was all it would take is another child relying on him for his life, to make him realize he was being a child.

"Yeah well I'm just hoping all the drama is behind us from here on out. I don't think I can take much more of this life. I want a calm pregnancy and this baby to join us and our extended family. I'm glad that we have the commitment ceremony done though. I love him and always will but that was stressful." Soda said with a laugh.

"When are you going to get in the mix of commitment, Pony?" Johnny asked.

"Ha, not anytime soon. I think we are comfortable with the way things are. If we decide to now I want to wait till she is older so that she can be there and remember it. Steve and I are unconventional, I mean look at our relationship before our angel came into our lives." Pony said with a smile.

"Whatever you want my dear. I'm not pushing you two are my family no matter what." Steve said stepping into the room. "I have to go, though."

"Alright be careful and I love you." Pony said kissing his fiancé. Steve left for work as the men went back to talking. Pony recalled his brother's commitment ceremony. It had been one hell of a ride but they had finally gotten to the "alter". It was simple and casual only being in dress pants and dress shirts the entire gang had been there to support the two. Pony was so happy to be there for the day and would never forget the moments before the ceremony. All three brothers had connected on a deeper level than anyone could understand. Darry had given him away and Pony was standing as his best man but beforehand the brothers had sat together and cried. Knowing that fate could have had a very different outcome for the three, Soda had been overly emotional knowing that Pony very well may not have been standing there that day but he was and they all felt overly happy to that fact.

The ceremony itself had been a quick affair and everyone went back to the Curtis home for some food and fun. Their fun had greatly changed from the past. Beers were passed around but not in the amount that only a year earlier would have been. They had decided that a feast would be made and Darry, Steve, and Dally had come together to buy food that no one would have had otherwise.

Now though they were going to have a baby and Keith was going to bring another into this world. Their family just kept growing and Pony was all too happy to allow this all to happen. He had missed being part of a happy family. Nothing was the same after the accident but now things were turning out to be better than he ever dreamed.

Pony must have really been out of it for a while because he jumped when a set of arms in circled his waist.

"What are you doing home?" Pony said to Steve.

"Well this is where I live, not my fault you were dreaming most the day. Darry always told you to get your head out of the clouds." Pony chuckled and nodded. Both men stood together watching as everyone in the house was busy with something or someone. They watched them interact with the children and the chaos that had become so customary to their lives.

"I love you Pony Boy Curtis you are every bit the love of my life" Steve whispered as he looked straight into Pony's eyes.

"And I love you Steven Randall Curtis" Pony said leaning up for a sweet kiss that of course turned passionate. They were everything to each other and they had taken a very long road to get here. Yes sometimes they had made bad decisions or put their lives on the line, but when all was said they were a family and no one was going to change that. They were every bit of love to each other.

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