Reba: Her story

by: Leslie

description: the trials of Reba Hart's life

Note: at some points in the story I will refer back to Reba McEntire's autobiography

Chapter 1

'Reba McKinney,"Mrs. McCluskey, the principal, announced

this is it, I'm finally graduating Reba thought to herself as she walked on stage to recieve her diploma.

"Reba!" Brad Warner shouted. Brad was ten years older than she. They were dating but she caught him cheating on her so she broke it off

"What are you doin' here?"Reba quietly exclaimed

"I'm sorry but I just.. I can't live without you," he apologized

"well I'm sorry you took the time to come because I don't care," Reba told him

" I am! I..I'll prove it!" he told her, getting down on his knee "Reba will you marry ,e?"

" that my grandmamas ring?" Reba asked

"Yea they gave it to me after I got their approval,"

Reba threw her parents the "you'll hear it later' look. She was so embarrassed!

((later that afternoon))

"I can't believe y'all pulled that!" Reba exclaimed

"Honey if it's any constillation he talked to your father not me," Helen told

"thanks alot," Jv muttered

"Daddy I can't believe you really would want him to marry me!"

"I thought he said decompose," Jv reasoned

"so you gave him a ring to do it?" Reba pointed out

"Oh , alright I knew you wouldnt say yes so I said go for it, no harm no foul,"

"There is harm," Reba insisted

"how so?" Helen asked

"Hello weren't you there when he proposed in front of practically the whold county?"

"Yea and?" Helen questioned once again

"Mom! he embarrassed me!" Reba exclaimed

"Actually the onl;y person that should be embarrassed is poor Brad," Helen said

"Are you takin' his side?" Reba asked defensively

"no, of course not, but I don't see why you dumped him in the first place," Helen told her

"Mom..."Reba muttered" he cheated on me,"

"well you didn't tell me that," helen pointed out

" I was mad but i didn't want him shot,"

"well Reba I think you have the upperhand in this situatuin, plus you got your payback,"

"I guess I did," Reba smirked

((Two months later...))

Reba had finally given in and accepted Brad;s proposal. Now it was her first day on campus.

"I still don't understand why you couldn't just move in with me," Brad whined as they walked into Reba's dorm with boxes

"I told you I promised Lori-ann I would move in with her,"

"Still Im going to miss seeing you everyday," he confessed

"No your going to miss me cooking your breakfast everyday," Reba quipped

"That is a plus," he laughed

"yeah, yeah, yeah," Reba muttered

"well I got to go I'll see you later," Brad said, hugging her

""ok," Reba somewhat smiled when he finally left.

Now Reba had to set her room and the kitchen up. Hopefully Lori-ann would get there soon.

In all Reba vacumed,put up dishes, mopped the kitchen and bathroom,hung her clothes up, and made her bed, Lori- ann could do the sat there for the next half hour, Lori-ann had still ot shown and soon Reba was bored out of her mind so she decided to take a walk around campus.

Reba met a guy while she was walking, they literally bumped into eachother, knocking Reba down. The guy had a funny name but he was so gorgeous.

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